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What's New "#CovidReliefBill"

Kevin Jones
@ChangeAbout1 @mtgreenee Also along with ALL @gop did NOT vote for #CovidreliefBill
Apr-17,2021 14:50
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Promise the Children
Great news! Mental Health Counseling for students in school has received increased funding in the most recent #CovidReliefBill. There's also increased funding for #homeless #children in #publicschools.

Apr-17,2021 12:30
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Douglas Connors - Make Online More Human (he/him)
@Wheretonext11 @StevenDelDuca @tylerwatt90 RE: ⬆️

Biden recently provided a perfect example of that with the #COVIDReliefBill.

He gave the other side the chance to bargain in good faith, saw it wasn't gonna happen, and moved forward.

Americans are loving him for it.

There is similar public thirst for minimum income.
Apr-17,2021 11:59
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#BernieSanders #MedicareForAll #WearAMask
@JordanChariton @InevitableSound @RoKhanna Establishment Democrats are touting various parts of the #COVIDReliefBill such as bigger access to insurance through #ACA Sales Department aka MarketPlace, #COBRA, free vaccine partnerships with corporate America without saying it will be cheaper to enact #MedicareForAll.
Apr-16,2021 16:32
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DoD NR Program
COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, meaning it’s passed from animals to humans. The #COVIDReliefBill provides @USFWS funding to prevent wildlife trafficking & the spread of zoonotic diseases. Learn about DoD & @theCWS’s work to combat wildlife trafficking
Apr-16,2021 12:03
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  Latest News
A suspected poacher was killed by a herd of breeding elephants that he encountered while fleeing from park rangers, according to South African officials.
Apr-18,2021 19:03
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 ABC News @ABC

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Christopher Gebbie For President

Small businesses are struggling. I want you to give my half all things in the Network #CovidReliefBill #chrishalotek #WorkFromHome
#jeffbezos @WhiteHouse
Apr-15,2021 23:03
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@RepAdamSchiff 0 Republicans voted for COVID Relief.
They don’t give a shit about Americans!

To be CLEAR—EVERY REPUBLICAN voted NO on the #CovidReliefBill.


The DO NOTHING Republicans are back to doing nothing but COMPLAINING.
Apr-15,2021 14:00
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Shay M.
Still 0.00 from Joe’s “stimulus”. Below poverty, zero income but no 600 & no 1400. On SSD/I GOOD job @POTUS @VP #HispanicAmerican #AmericaFirst #DontWeMatter #CovidReliefBill Great job Mr. President!
Apr-14,2021 20:46
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Frances Moore Lappé
A step towards justice: @CivilEats article on #AmericanRescuePlanAct reveals the #CovidReliefBill includes $4 billion debt relief for Black farmers, a huge increase from prior @USDA legislation which almost exclusively supported white farmers.
Apr-14,2021 07:30
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@therecount Yes, @LeaderMcConnell We did NOT vote FOR #Votersuppression
We did NOTvote FOR #Insurrection
We did NOT vote for OBSTRUCTION of everything by Republicans.
We voted FOR #infrastructure
We voted FOR #CovidReliefBill
We voted FOR Protection of #VotingRights
We voted for CHANGE
Apr-13,2021 17:36
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Two men were killed in Texas on Saturday after a driverless Tesla they were in crashed and caught fire.
Apr-18,2021 18:35
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 The New York Times @nytimes

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@WaysandMeansGOP @RepKevinBrady @GOP flat-out lies about recent #CovidReliefBill raising taxes on middle-income tax payers

FACT: #AmericanRescueAct provides tax CUT to middle-income earners of up to $3,720 for this year

FACT: Biden pledged NOT to raise taxes on earnings under $400,000
Apr-13,2021 15:23
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Democrats Abroad
We think the better question to as is...who WON’T the #AmericanJobsPlan help? There are funds for job creation, increasing wages, and housing. Real plans to help real people. #helpishere #demsabroad #votefromabroad #covidreliefbill

Apr-13,2021 11:01
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GoTen Dropshipping
👀What will Americans buy after they get the third stimulus checks?🇺🇸
Here are top 10 best-selling items you must know!🔎

#dropship #CovidReliefBill #amazon #ebay #ecommerce #onlinestore #COVID19 #smallbusiness #goten

Apr-12,2021 23:34
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The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, P.C.
Ways the COVID-19 Relief Bill Might Affect Your Taxes
#taxpreparation #taxes #tax #taxhelp #taxtips #taxattorney #taxservices #taxreturns #taxpayer #covidreliefbill
Apr-12,2021 18:02
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☮ 🇸​🇲​🇮​🇹​🇹​🇾​
@GOPLeader The COVID relief bill is helping more than anything done under the previous administration. 🖕

Apr-12,2021 13:14
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Was going to share the other day but didn't get to. The relief bill is helping a lot of ppl. Let's check for you. Message us or give us a call. Glad to help. #CovidReliefBill #Healthcare #Insurance #MarketplaceSEP

Apr-12,2021 12:25
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Fahrenheit Advisors
NEED-TO-KNOW FOR EMPLOYERS: Here are critical provisions for your company to offer continuing health care coverage under the COBRA and recently passed American Rescue Plan Act-

#COBRA #covidreliefbill #covidrelief #HumanResources #ARPA
Apr-12,2021 08:30
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History will Record.

#BuildBackBetterWithBiden #CreateJobs #Economy #COVIDReliefBill #COVID19
Apr-11,2021 21:07
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Jen Q
@mgardunia1 @Out5p0ken This has got to be a joke..right?! Someone seeing your sons pillow?What is it that the Biden/Harris admin is doing that your sooo proud of? The #bordercrisis? Rising #GasPrice?
Or the #billions of dollars of taxpayer money sent to foreign countries through the #covidreliefbill?
Apr-11,2021 10:04
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@MichelleSteelCA Amusement parks are OUTDOORS. Also, you don’t gain any political points with your divisive science denial - EVERYONE in #CA48 wants schools open as soon as “safely possible.” And you voted NO for #CovidReliefBill, so I don’t even buy your staffer’s urgent tone in this text.
Apr-10,2021 16:52
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 #CovidReliefBill (Twitter)