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AtinA 🍊🍊🍊
@GemmaWingrove Same with a kid called Roxanne. 6 years I taught her, twice a week
Nov-27,2021 04:22
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@Being_Humor He is the most lucky politician

Nobody heard name of Kejriwal till 2011 and by 2021 he is 3rd time CM with 6+years & counting

AAP in just 9 years already 6 years in power

Nobody in 2011 to rubbing shoulder with PM at 2021 & defeated him twice in Delhi

Kya Kismat hai BC ki
Nov-27,2021 02:35
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SRM | Ghost Of Lemshima 🍋👻
Oh shit forgot I almost committed suicide twice, sought out a psychiatrist, got diagnosed with clinical depression. Had to go on antidepressants for a year and have been off them for 6 months now.

It’s been a crazy few years for me
Nov-27,2021 01:56
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Amr Ali
@ahmdnj89 😂😂 well, no worries
Unless you didn’t receive “failure to send” msg, you dont have to send more than once
But honestly with my 6 years experience in the private sector I only got contacted for a physical interview twice and got many replies.🔽
Nov-26,2021 19:58
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Joséphine Lou
TB to when a girl this year travelled 6 hrs up north to tell me she had been in love with me for 7 years, I’d only been in the same room as her twice in that time and I had a boyfriend of 3 years. Never trust a Scorpio
Nov-26,2021 19:48
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@bigraceking @philhaigh_ Indeed. MvG emerges as a dominant threat over 20 years after Phil won his first world title! Taylor still wins the World's (+ twice runner up) 3 Matchplays, Grand Prix, UK Open, 2 Grand Slams and a host of other titles in MvG's era. Also wins 6 of his last 10 meetings with MvG.
Nov-26,2021 17:24
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Joel Barlow
@deadpan_badger On Quora, I'm ~3.1M view, 12.4k answers and since Sep2019 I've been proved wrong twice in religion & politics.

6+years on reddit, never proven wrong

You can't do shit but run your mouth with me.

Nov-26,2021 14:39
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Blinkue VOTE MAMA #COP26 (4)🔥
@hiribes @stfuplsdummy @kchartsmaster @JYPETWICE While your faves Twice entered hardly with an English single ,1456757877bundles , after 6 years, with1234667 remixes and 100000000 songs released + highly promoted yet can't chart for a week
Nov-26,2021 14:34
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Weren't we all just dismayed af about someone targeting people with their vehicle?

Fwiw, I've been riding for 6 years and targeted by PEOPLE IN CARS TWICE for doing jack and shit.
Nov-26,2021 08:12
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Ajay Manhapra
@garthmullins One pt was on around 200 MG+ methadone illicitly to treat his pain and OUD for 15+ years. We started with multiple times a day dose of methadone tablets. He’s down to methadone 30 mg twice a day now. It took 6 years and a lot work. a few missteps along the way. We worked thru it
Nov-26,2021 00:48
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  Latest News is honored to be part of this noble endeavor and is grateful for the continued trust and support by GMA of what we have been doing as a credible online media company.” | @MariejoRamosINQ
Nov-27,2021 07:15
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 Inquirer @inquirerdotnet

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Mr Guy
@PapiTrumpo @DEVINCIALOVELA1 I have paid mortgage late 2 twice in the last 3 months! 0 late payments under the previous 4 Presidents!! 6 years ago we started eating organic. That is completely over with the prices of everything! All I hear from the Left is this is ALL Ts fault.

4 the mid class my ass!
Nov-26,2021 00:41
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General (7-3)
@RyanSoccerAA It’s a 6 month deal with 2 years consulting. If they let him do his thing they will be a power in the game again. We spoke to him twice as well. 😭
Nov-25,2021 23:44
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Bertha Mason
@ZoeMontgomery66 @cjchrzanowski How tragic - I am so sorry. One of my friends has attempted suicide 9 times in 20 years, including twice jumping in front of trains. In all that time she has only been offered 6 x 1hr sessions with a psychologist. There is simply not the resource to deliver this policy.
Nov-25,2021 15:22
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@AmericanStr0ng I can’t go because THEY are NOT vaccinated.I am still recovering from my 2nd heart surgery after getting sick with the virus@ 58. I had my first open heart surgery in 1969 at 6 years old@Walter Reed Army Hospital. Americans-so nice you saved my life twice! I’m so lucky!
Nov-25,2021 08:03
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Charlie Wacholz
Since the pandemic started I've

- gotten COVID twice
- started therapy twice and got burnt out on it twice
- written for four different publications
- reviewed 13 games
- turned 20 and then 21
- moved ~6 times
- celebrated 3 years with Liv
- beat 110 games
- survived
Nov-25,2021 01:22
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@nullvector @Wooly6Bear @aksfjh @H3KTlC I've been in my current role for ~6 years. First two in the office, last four remote. Not until *everyone* was remote would I be in meetings with managing directors more than once or twice a year. Now it's once or twice a week.
Nov-25,2021 01:21
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LISA is coming to end soloists career
@eaJaeparkcman @kchartsmaster @JYPETWICE blackpink have 7 hot100 entries the first entry is 4D the title track of Square up during their rookie days and with 0 promo not even a US contract

meanwhile twice 1 entry after 6 years of debut and with discounted remixes and US promos and full English singles 💀
Nov-24,2021 18:43
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@normanswan So true. Problem is, your concerns may not to be taken seriously. Has happened to me (a HCW) twice. My Dad died as a result. My Mum was admitted, gravely ill, to ICU with complications after surgery. 6 mths in hospital, then 3 years at home to recover. Devastating & expensive.
Nov-24,2021 12:18
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@MJBMST217 @grldnlsn @landiscarr @EdBouchette Hmmm,when the all pro,pro bowl , potential Hof defensive personel were available during past ten years ,3 consecutive post season games loses TWICE, loser of 3 of his 4 last home games games ,all as favorites ,only a 3-6 playoff ten year record with solid defensive personel .
Nov-24,2021 08:57
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Ernest Peters
@bigdogpistons @RP3natural @KendrickPerkins @stephenasmith MJ 3peated twice and at 6’4 dominated and dunked on anyone in his way. He took the long road 9 years before finally winning his title. He didn’t jump to another team he worked with what he had. Also he has a chip on the collegiate level.
Nov-24,2021 08:17
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  Latest News
The Philippines temporarily suspended flights from South Africa, Botswana and five other African countries until Dec. 15 amid the emergence of a new COVID-19 variant that was first detected in South Africa.
Nov-27,2021 07:00
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 Inquirer @inquirerdotnet

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@jjkdoIl 6 time Grammy award winner (over past three years)
Performed at the Grammys the last three years
Listen to the tracks. She is nominated twice for Song of the Year and other song is a duet with Alicia Keys.
Remarkable Voice
Nov-24,2021 06:30
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John Whitfield
@Toffeebluebloo1 @cjohno1001 Moyes is a good manager, he gets a bad rep with a lot of our fans even though he only dropped out the top 6/7 twice in the 11 years he was incharge of us, it’s just a shame 6th/7th didn’t get Europe back then like it does now
Nov-24,2021 03:58
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Eric Drews
Why would anyone want to coach the Bears? They fired Lovie Smith after a 10-6 season with a career record 18 games over 0.500. Now they've fired a coach who went to the POs twice in 4 years. This is a franchise that's been to the playoffs just five other times since Ditka left.
Nov-24,2021 02:44
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this man i hung out with all of twice, like 6 years ago.. adds me on snapchat every few weeks then deletes the request 😂 embarrassingggg
Nov-24,2021 02:09
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オタキング🇩🇪🇨🇺big tiddied oneesan
I've had "elevator talk" with my sister in law twice over the course of 6 years & she talked shit to me to my husband before I even met her so I was like...she's goofy AF but she's convinced that there is something between us. please make it stop. I don't know this bitch. 😭
Nov-24,2021 00:55
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susan crichton
@DorisVulva @fantasticpru I know it will and with dementia you loose the person twice, as the woman my Mum was has long gone. She has suffered long enough, over 6 years in a care home with her quality of life slowly disappearing. She is bedbound, can't speak, and is lost in a world of her own and its time
Nov-23,2021 23:32
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My mom ALMOST sold me to Mina
@girIbosstzuyu 6 years with twice and she still got a big ass crush on her you're right nothing can save her but me i can save her from this i mean what
Nov-23,2021 23:27
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Imperator Philippus Arabus
@EthnictwinkR I stopped viewing myself as liberal about 6 or 7 years ago.

I voted for Obama twice, but started to get disenchanted with liberalism during his second term, especially with DACA and TPP.

I started questioning a lot of my views and researching more.
Nov-23,2021 22:59
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@Claire_V0ltaire Aisha was only 6 when she married Muhammad
The only Arabian woman with bolls was Khadijah, she was 16 years older then Muhammad and was married twice before to other men and had children by them before she wiped Muhammad to submission.

Child rape to you
To Gypsies tradition
Nov-23,2021 22:20
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An about 1.5 years after this post there are now exactly twice more papers (6'000) with #RRID citations to #Cellosaurus #celllines entries
Nov-23,2021 21:54
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Philip Allsopp. 🇺🇸🇬🇧
@Garydav37982807 Doesn’t surprise me given 4 years of Trump & the vile racist violence by heavily armed white supremacists that he stoked & enabled. Couple this with Trump’s domestic terrorist attack on Jan 6, & its little wonder that many are thinking twice about having a child.
Nov-23,2021 19:49
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mark daly
Boosters every 6 months? Would people really sign up to that regime, with Covid passes expiring twice a year, for the next 4 or 5 years.
Nov-23,2021 16:32
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CC & da Bee
@VicTafur Longtime my ass! I’ve been going starting as a 6 yr old in 1967! I went to two SB’s with them, season tickets in Oakland twice and LA. They’ve been bigger than life for 55 years in my life. All we hear is “It’s Carr’s fault as he’s responsible for 10 other OL positions?” Enough
Nov-23,2021 04:33
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You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
@witchofwapping @BBCNewsEnts Quick skim read through years of nominees, barely any female groups even nominated. Looking at International Solo Artist category before it was split by sex, and out of 6 awards, 5 of them went to male artists (with Prince winning twice). Yet most nominated artist was Madonna
Nov-23,2021 04:08
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WEBSITE & App Developer™👨🏽‍💻
@C_Promise1 From 2014 till now, Guardiola has won 17 trophies including 6 League title. 3 league titles in England in 5 years.

He started coaching in 2008, he has 31+ trophies already with 2 UCL and 9 league titles. Fergie had 3 UCL n 16 league titles. Both won Best coach 2 twice. So?
Nov-22,2021 19:51
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Moe 🇭🇳🇳🇮
JC Jackson pick machine .. Dolphins dropped the ball with Robert Quinn had double digit sacks twice in last 3 years .. and Hassan reddick was a no brainer after a monster year with cardinals (12.5 sacks ) and people still slept on him now got 10.5 with 6 games left .
Nov-22,2021 17:37
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the.stephanie.waters 🇵🇸
@IslandGuy4life @doughall55 @jeffreyatucker You're conflating the 10 or so years it takes to research and design a vaccine with the 2 - 6 months it takes to put it through quality, safety and efficacy trials.

Haven't you wondered how we put out a flu vaccine twice a year to coincide with each winter if it takes years?
Nov-22,2021 15:27
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Stan Frank
@TroyTerp @BigOtrivia In 33 years, with four majors a year. He won twice, runner up 6 times. Yeah, I have no idea, runner up boy.
Nov-22,2021 15:26
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Planing to upload this story on my Blog on 12.29 Sana's Birthday..

Please Help me Drawing Wonderful Moments of Ms. sana, Ms. Dahyun, and Ms. Momo..

it is about My 6 years of working as a film staff, How i began working in Twice Mv and also the moments of speaking with Ms.sana..
Nov-22,2021 14:55
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Corpulent Porcupine🦔
@Kastlgreyskull Up to 6 years to rear its ugly head. Most say 3 months to 3 years. I’ve had it twice for sure and possibly 4 times since the outbreak. I’m still here with compromised immunity. No jab ever. There are other ways besides an untested jab that includes zero liability for makers.
Nov-22,2021 12:14
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🌸 Saku._.flower 🌸
Twice arrived for the center 6 This is the largest demarcation with a mini album With smashing number Fifth Harmony I stayed for 7 years
Nov-22,2021 06:29
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@catcastletails I did the radioactive iodine treatment with Domino (1400 USD about 10 years ago) and was thrilled with the results. With Bear, we are doing pills twice a day and he’s great taking them and is doing well although his dosage needs to be monitored every 6 months. Given Henry’s age +
Nov-22,2021 03:43
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Naman Joshi
Great drive for Ferrari
Idk if it's a @Carlossainz55 factor
But he has proven twice in 2 years with 2 very different teams how consistent his drive and results are!!!!
He is on a 13 race points streak now with Lec only 5 points away and Norris only 6!
This is very interesting 💯
Nov-22,2021 00:02
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Marlo Garrett
@BarbieBecca3 @abdelkader251 @CNN And that treatment is twice as likely to cause liver cancer if they have cirrhosis. My dad went through the treatment. Was cured of the hep C. Diagnosed 6 months later with liver cancer and died 7 years after.
Nov-21,2021 22:28
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Mooseman New York
@revblackrage @Xena67385282 @EddieSi03409520 @blondi777 @gngrjc @LinaHidalgoTX @BetoORourke Fun fact. Republicans let more dangerous pple on the streets than Dems. Not even close. In Alabama if you are caught with an illegal gun you get out with a 200 fine. The same state will throw you in jail for 6 years if you accidentally vote twice in an election and are black
Nov-21,2021 20:27
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👑 👑
and in a 3rd world country where rights of women and children are seen with closed eyes, it took me 6 years of going to the courts and fighting for my rights and my sons rights, as he was kidnapped twice by my ex who had political influence.. did not draw for 10 yrs. trauma.
Nov-21,2021 19:45
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Omo K-Pop News
6 Years With TWICE: Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, & Jihyo, Talk About Their Journey With Young ONCEs!
Nov-21,2021 19:32
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@shortyseven twice focused on the korean market for 6 years and just now it started to expand to the west and are you all feeling bad about it? Do you want them to be stuck with just that for the rest of the years while the other groups continue to evolve? you all are ungrateful to girls
Nov-21,2021 18:27
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@venkatatweets @MazherArshad @TariqSaeed13 @BCBtigers More to do with the fact they travel down under like twice in 10 years, compared to us where we play a dozen in 6-7 yrs time. Take eg of 1998 oval test, Murali said after that win we started getting 2-3 match series
Nov-21,2021 18:02
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Abū Nakẖla&Abdul-Sitteer👑
He married a 15 years elder woman. She was married twice before. He didn't care about her past. She gave Him a beautiful future with 6 children.She helped Him in His most difficult times. He often visited her grave and missed her so much that His other wife was extremely jealous
Nov-21,2021 17:31
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N. Gray
@DASfxChicago I know several people who survived stage 4 cancer by deciding to live each day & fight it as best they can. I also know 2 "living with" cancer, one for about 6 -7 years, one twice over past 8 years, living well. Breathe, plan your course of action, find support, live each day.
Nov-21,2021 07:55
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@jemelehill My 1st experience with racism was at 6 years old when a black girl twice my age pushed me off my bike & called me a honkey and white girl.
Nov-21,2021 02:26
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Planing to upload this story on my Blog on 12.29 Sana's Birthday..

Please Help me Drawing Wonderful Moments of Ms. sana, Ms. Dahyun, and Ms. Momo..

it is about My 6 years of working as a film staff, How i began working in Twice Mv and also the moments of speaking with Ms.sana..
Nov-21,2021 00:40
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Just finished watching Twice's guesting on Turkids on the Block. The comment section is full of korean comments falling in love with Sana and wanting her to be on variety shows. 🥺💖

Please JYPE, it's been 6 years. Let Sana go on variety gigs! @JYPETWICE 😭
Nov-21,2021 00:12
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Weber (-.-) ..|.
Flood public service with the poor and hungry. Never vote for the same person twice. It is the ideas that matter. We have the tools to communicate quickly and we can replace the entire government, at all levels, in just 6 years.
Nov-20,2021 22:02
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grabe 6 years na ever since TWICE debuted and by watching i really felt how i grew with them as well.. there's just no way you wont know a TWICE song every year.. also, muscle memory na siya for me when i dance LOL

Kids review TWICE's career via @YouTube
Nov-20,2021 20:25
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i cant even talk about what happened during the last 6 years with twice without me getting sad 😭
Nov-20,2021 09:50
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Emm 💫
A year ago TWICE lands a #200 debut at BB200 with M&M and now here they're hitting a NEW PEAK(#3) in their 6 years of career 🤯! that's +197⏫ increased with two big artists at the top, we really did good! Good job US Onces🔥 !!
Nov-20,2021 08:44
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sivy 🇳🇿
@Abhinandan673 And with due respect, England’s record in recent years in home Tests is not too flash

Since June 1, 2014 at home they have:

Wins - 28
Losses - 17
Draws - 6

They’ve lost series to SL 0-1 in 2014 and to us 0-1 2021, drawn vs PAK twice & AUS 2019, and IND lead 2-1 this year
Nov-20,2021 05:56
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@KeithRusyn @PatrioticKitten @DreamweaverGal @TeddyTheEnby @TheRightMelissa In 4 years, tiki torches showed up twice? Each time with high production value cameras, with 6 digits worth of lighting equipment prestaged to show “Neo Nazis” that show up for one small town outside of an election cycle?

And you believe that crap?
Nov-20,2021 05:13
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6 years with twice and more to come. Thank you TWICE! ❣
Stay warm and healthy!
#growingupwithtwice #twice
Nov-20,2021 00:24
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RIP BABY 👼🏽 6 years ago I unknowingly took my very last picture with my baby boy. Kiss your babies twice today and cherish what you have around you. All love ❤️

Nov-20,2021 00:14
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Did you know that occupational fraudsters who had been with their organizations at least 6 years caused
TWICE the loss of less-tenured employees? Learn more about the profile of a fraudster here -
Nov-19,2021 21:54
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Derek Mellor ⚡️
Let’s pump the breaks on “the Pats are back with the swagger of the Tom Brady years” and “this team is set up to win the AFC now” talk. Their 7 victories come against the following records: 2-7 (Jets) twice, 1-8 (Texans), 5-4 (Chargers), 5-5 (Panthers & Browns) and 4-6 (Falcons)
Nov-19,2021 21:37
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jichaeng supremacist🧪
mann it's been a long 6 years with twice, from my teen years through my transformation into adulthood... wow
Nov-19,2021 20:59
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🧪Oka🧪 O+T=♡
watching the video I was asking myself why they were acting like it's been such a long time since Twice are around but as they went through all the years it hit me it's been 6 long years full of difficulties and experiences for both Twice and the people growing up with them
Nov-19,2021 20:49
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Xsy 🧹🐾🐈🦄🌈🏖️🌊🧜🧚🌹🎸🎤🎭📸🎬🎨🍷☕💄👢👗
@She114r This literally happened to me for 6 years at a time twice in my 20's.They BOTH separately wasted my entire 20"s. Both leading double lives.Why don't they save you the time and say early on. I think it's because they don't want you but don't want you to be happy with anyone else.
Nov-19,2021 18:49
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Marion Leigh
@andre_byrne @CraigOndarchie Or maybe the 3 cross-benchers should have thought twice about negotiating secretly for 6 months with the Vic Govt on the Pandemic Amendment Bill.
Read the crowd and back down. Clearly they've never seen what's happened in other countries in years gone by.
Nov-19,2021 13:05
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Daniel Rentzer
@fkassela @AllenKessler @brianchastings Is that Razz? lol :) Scotty Nguyen called me down with a board just like that in a Razz event at Binions years ago.I had 2-4-5-6 showing. How he and Layne Flack both knew I paired twice is still a mystery to me.I have stayed away from Razz ever since lol Except mixed events. :)
Nov-19,2021 12:41
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Kyle Killian
I mean SKC only beat them twice in Seattle without Pulido and the second time without Salloi, is 7-4-1 in past 5 years vs Seattle and finished the final 6 Games with more points but go on tell us more about how Seattle matches up with Sporting...
Nov-19,2021 08:48
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Tonya Ganni
@Architectprod @AbortionChat @incompleteocean It's not just that. My son had surgery twice before he was 6 months old and an unexplained seizure years later. We have been dealing with a lot of issues. It's heartbreaking to be a parent. Only those who really want it, should do it.
Nov-19,2021 05:42
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An Autistic Academic
Advice needed!
Since I moved in with my partner of 3 years in recent weeks, my abusive estranged husband has decided he wants twice as much access to our son.

He's also suddenly decided he's interested in our son's education after me asking him to get involved for 6 years...
Nov-19,2021 03:57
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gidle comes from a flop company with only 3 years as a group
twice comes from JYP with like 6 years as a group

these are not comparable
Nov-19,2021 03:01
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@TWICE_Charts Just as we get angry with the company and ask for so many things if the fandom does not put its best effort it would be useless.
Just seeing what they have left SCIENTIST endl flop is a shame
I have been ONCEs for 6 YEARS
Nov-19,2021 02:06
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Notable jyp idols with long training period
Twice Jihyo (debut 2015) - 10 years
Skz Bang Chan (debut 2018) - 7 years
Itzy Chaeryeong (debut 2019) - 6-7 years
Jypn (?) Lily (debut 2022) - 7 years
Loud (?) Gyehun (debut 2022) - 6-7 years
Nov-18,2021 23:35
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Once you staring twice you falling in love! The main character of most magical yet exquisite perennially main lead of our endearing love tale is onces. It's 6 years already since we sticking with each other and I massively want to send gratitude about how lucky I am to have you.

Nov-18,2021 18:28
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