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What's New "Angus Taylor"

Christine Milne AO
Snowy 2.0 is a monumental Malcolm Turnbull and Angus Taylor #VanityProject fail. It never had a business plan. It is forever their millstone dumped around the neck of Australian public. $6 billion and rising, 18 months behind schedule. #auspol
Dec-06,2022 12:27
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Paul Syvret
I've come across week-old road kill that smells better than this:
Dec-06,2022 07:31
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Guardian Australia
Stuart Robert told lobbyist not to donate to Angus Taylor fundraising group as ‘it will be declared and it will hurt you’
Dec-06,2022 07:23
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💧Bronwyn Clark 🕯
Never mind Matt fucking Canavan and Angus fucking Taylor
Dec-10,2022 19:19
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@PeterWMurphy1 What a ridiculous question
Alan Tudge
Karen Andrews
Sussan Ley
Jane Hume
Angus Taylor
Michaelia Cash
Bridget McKenzie
Barnaby Joyce
Not that it means anything.
I guarantee when Labor was in opposition, few would be able to name them also.
But I bet they knew the Mean Girls!
Dec-10,2022 19:14
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💧Baron Gotcha❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️
@MyFirstCousin Er ....would that be Angus Taylor?
Dec-10,2022 19:03
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Come_on_man 🇦🇺
@Bowenchris @PeterDutton_MP Angus Taylor had the price down at $6 before the election,if only you did some homework on how he achieved that,now 6 months you have achieved nothing

You came to Gov with NO PLANS and as cold as a wet fish
Like grocery & fuel watch,you watched #AUS
Dec-10,2022 18:58
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Ken Boyne
@murpharoo @Joe_Hildebrand I think Joe got the idea of 'whether the person has a plan to fix it' from Angus Taylor
Dec-10,2022 16:45
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Marlene Cameron @MarlsClayfield NO threads please
@JamesSpiropoul4 Jimmy the Coalition did zero about fixing things from 2015 , Turnbulls arrival till they were dispatched under Morrison, I blame Turnbull, Morrison & the completely useless Angus Taylor , & now the Energy joint is f****d
Dec-10,2022 16:38
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Alice Stewart 🦂
@jchimselfbigpo2 Angus Taylor organised Australia’s oil reserve stockpile to be kept in USA because it was easier to sell. OK where is the money from the sale?
Dec-10,2022 16:04
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Mark Tietjen
@macsween_prue We will always remember Angus Taylor who enhanced the mess left by his coalition predecessors
Dec-10,2022 15:44
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Julie 🌿🦈🐝🐨💦🔥 💉💉💉💉Blocked by AlanTudgeMP
@kellyjrogers @AlanKohler Like Angus Taylor's mysteriously #Forged City of Sydney Annual report that NSW police refused to investigate. Referred on to the AFP it too went away. #Clovergate #MickFuller Police Commissioner, Morrison's neighbour & fellow Pentacostal @sydcrimlawyers @Peter_Fox59 @vmp9
Dec-10,2022 15:24
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David Osmond
@EnergyWrapAU No, the $58b is not for transmission. It seems you've made the same mistake as Angus Taylor.

Dec-10,2022 15:23
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@LynneTownson @BilalCleland Angus Taylor future leader of the opposition maybe ???
Dec-10,2022 15:22
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@Catheri55732370 @AlboMP Angus Taylor's petroleum stockpile in the US has been wondered about many times but no information has been forthcoming. Does it exist? Where is it? Under what circumstances can Australia call upon it? Come on Angus, what's the story? Will somebody tell us?
Dec-10,2022 14:34
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NaturalSelection always wins 💉🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦😷✨🌏
@MyFirstCousin Are we talking about Angus Taylor?🤪
Dec-10,2022 13:49
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Dr Sally 🐨🐨
The last vestige of the Coalition era of pro-fossil fuel energy policy — Angus Taylor’s #Coalkeeper proposal — is officially dead. Instead, a dispatchable energy capacity mechanism focused on renewable energy will be introduced, similar to one already up and running in NSW.
Dec-10,2022 12:53
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Tim Fountain
@ellymelly "despotic cycle of criminality"
But Angus Taylor isn't a socialist.
Dec-10,2022 12:34
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Deb (aka Frida)
“We need a plan. Where is the plan?” — Angus Taylor.

The shadow treasurer criticises the government over energy prices. You’d hate to be the most recent past Energy minister at this point – you’d look like a real dunce.

#auspoI #ENERGY @SatPaper
Dec-10,2022 12:29
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Taylor’s Auto Body Halftime: Charlottesville boys lead Wilson Memorial on the road 43-27. Aidan Yates and Angus Monroe making it rain from beyond the arc for the Black Knights.
Dec-10,2022 12:28
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Tram stop gardens part of plan to increase greenery in Melbourne's centre
Dec-10,2022 12:54
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 ABC News @abcnews

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Antivaxxers spout nonsense🌻
@MilanVrekic @stephen_taylor @CPC_HQ Naw.

Angus & co do this all the time.
No one's going anywhere.

Dec-10,2022 11:36
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Bernie Cox
@macsween_prue Yes we can start with Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce, Joel Fitzgibbon, Angus Taylor and that gutless Malcom Turnbull who didn’t “have the balls” to implement any of his Proclimate policies!!

The LNP truly own this disastrous situation!!
Dec-10,2022 11:35
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Mark dragonbuzzy
@PeterWMurphy1 Isn’t Angus Taylor the shadow minister for the Cayman Islands?
Dec-10,2022 11:05
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@PeterWMurphy1 No, but I know that rampaging Angus Taylor is Treasurer Jim Chalmers opposite.
Dec-10,2022 10:56
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Annette Spendlove
@Catheri55732370 @AlboMP This seems to have been an expensive announcement. No extra oil. Typical of Angus Taylor.
Dec-10,2022 10:49
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Dylan Gunter
Dutton claims a broken promise. I see a Liberal leader struggling for attention and conveniently forgetting Angus Taylor changed the rules to hide the projected the rise in power costs. Not a broken Labor promise but another dodgy and corrupt Liberal Government. #auspol
Dec-10,2022 10:40
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@JoshBBornstein Let’s not forget the 20% increase in power prices were covered up by Angus Taylor prior to the election so when Dutton refers to a 50% increase under labor that 20% was under their watch .
Dec-10,2022 10:18
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Andrew Lissiman
@PeterWMurphy1 Nup, don't know any of the Shady Cabinet, except the Shady Treasurer, Angus "Caymans" Taylor 🤷‍♀️🙆🏻
Dec-10,2022 10:13
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Not possible
@macsween_prue @australian @jkalbrechtsen The NACC will be so busy with Angus Taylor, Morrison and brother Stuart for so far into the future that the possibility of this happening is zero. $3m, which hasn’t even happened, is almost a rounding error in comparison to what they’ll be investigating. Albrechtsen fail, again.
Dec-10,2022 09:55
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Elaine McKay
Remember Angus Taylor had a large stockpile of crude oil Australia owns but is stored in the US? Do we know where it is? Do we know if it really exists? Can someone ask this would be treasurer?
Dec-10,2022 08:42
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💧 Allan Coates
@macsween_prue Yes who could forget Angus Taylor…
Dec-10,2022 08:36
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Decade in power; Angus Taylor had 12 energy plans that were not even put into place; typical #LNP incompetence. @AlboMP PM for 7mo & credible energy plan sorted & to be implemented.

#Labor - the natural party for govt. #auspol
Dec-10,2022 08:28
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💧Georges St Paul
@MayneReport @tanya_plibersek @AlboMP @MurdochCadell Would @AlboMP have attended were it not for Covid? After all News Corp did its utmost for Morrison and Angus Taylor and tried to destroy @DanielAndrewsMP by the most despicable means as well as promoting fossil fuels
Dec-10,2022 08:28
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Angus ian
the biggest twat to ever referee a game what a disgrace to the sport he makes antony taylor look have decent
Dec-10,2022 08:23
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@kangaroos991 Who is the dumbest?
Sssussan Ley, Pauline Hanson, Angus Taylor or Jacquie Lambie?
Dec-10,2022 08:02
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@DaveSinger24 Because they won't have Angus Young to cherish? They'll have to cherish themselves that's all the footage they'll have that and Taylor Swift.
Dec-10,2022 06:17
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#Math #physics #Books
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Dec-10,2022 04:39
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Akila whispering in my ear “let me make u famous” when she takes good pics of me 😭 it’s giving that lady who casted Aaron Taylor Johnson in angus thongs
Dec-10,2022 02:22
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@DanJCass I don’t hear them re-mentioning their beloved and corrupt “gas led recovery” scam either - headed by none other than Angus “the treasurer” Taylor….
Dec-09,2022 21:37
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Antonius Kenisovich
@macsween_prue Like Angus Taylor?
Dec-09,2022 21:20
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Sydney activist Danny Lim has spoken for the first time after his arrest in the QVB which left him in hospital.

The 78-year-old says he's still suffering and is now considering legal action against NSW Police. @AnnaliseBolt #9News
Dec-10,2022 18:20
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 9News Sydney @9NewsSyd

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Pete Hill
He just loves giving Angus Taylor a the stupid’s line ball 😳
Dec-09,2022 21:00
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Jim Leppik
@Askgerbil @marquelawyers He's a Hillsong man so obviously close with Morrison. My guess is Morrison leaned on the AFP applying political pressure. He was good at that. AFP didn't even interview Angus Taylor, re Clover Moore, but raided the AWU on flimsy evidence. Morrison leaned on a few Govt Depts
Dec-09,2022 20:51
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penny macdonald
@MayneReport @nikt50 @tanya_plibersek Oh ffs, one aFederal Labor Minister attends, she arrived late, probably left early. And yet you have no problem with Angus Taylor and irrelevant Sarah Henderson going? Grow up Stephen
Dec-09,2022 20:40
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Jenny Bradbrook
@BuddyEydtes @mcg63679777 Pyne was looking pretty hot under the collar, when Emerson pointed out Angus Taylor's failures with energy policies and actions. Not his normal cheery self.
Dec-09,2022 20:20
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Lindyloo of the Underclass
@mormorlady I hear Angus”grassgate”Taylor and wife were present. Makes me wonder if Lachlan has ordained Angus as new Liberal leader.
Dec-09,2022 19:47
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Question Legit
The crap that is spewing from the big mouth of Potato Head the fucking Dud Dutton is unbelievable. Angus Taylor the fucking assole responsible for Australia’s massive energy price hikes. The cunt that hid the electricity price increases. Dutton u are a fucking disgrace.
Dec-09,2022 19:43
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@jamesmassola @nevso Seems the AFP are working hard to justify there screw ups over this case. May I remind the of Angus Taylor and Porter ?????
Dec-09,2022 18:32
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💧 Jackie
Love the term "superficial reasonableness". Perfect description of Birmingham . Angus Taylor can barely comment after today's National Cabinet decisions saying (in effect) it was too complicated for him. I'm sitting at home and I can understand it.
Dec-09,2022 17:26
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Ed Hunter #AlboPM #IStandWithUkraine
Your Coalkeeper is dead, @AngusTaylorMP .

[Angus Taylor's] Coalkeeper killed off as Labor states embrace Matt Kean's auction and underwriting plan | RenewEconomy


Dec-09,2022 15:59
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Ed Hunter #AlboPM #IStandWithUkraine
[Angus Taylor's] Coalkeeper killed off as Labor states embrace Matt Kean's auction and underwriting plan | RenewEconomy


Dec-09,2022 15:58
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 Angus Taylor (Twitter)

Morocco vs Portugal   England vs France   Grant Wahl   Argentina vs Croatia   Tina Turner   Ebanie Bridges   Nathan Lyon   Pinocchio   NESA   India vs Bangladesh   
#NEDARG   Croatia   #WELvWSW   #brivadl   #DubZone   #CROBRA   Dutch   Neymar   Elton   Grant Wahl   Netherlands   Meghan   Messi   Zion   Brian Lara   Bill Clinton   Luka   Fiona Patten   Martin Tyler   Qatar   Suns   Hades 2   Queen   Modric   Randwick   Al Pacino   Martinez   Whelan   Elden Ring   Prince Andrew   Sandown