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What's New "Attack on Titan chapter 139"

reminder to check in on your local attack on titan chapter 139 reader
Apr-13,2021 23:58
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Just reading up on chapter 139 of attack on Titan and to describe it

139 = 🤕
Apr-13,2021 23:42
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Brother Charlie

i know that when this scene gets animated i will not stop crying it will break me actually

Apr-13,2021 21:53
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@ShingekiKyojin @ShingekiKyojin some Foreigners watch and read Attack on Titan illegally, and they complain about it hahahaha, they have no right to complain but they do because they don’t have brain sadly , Chapter 139 was amazing thankyou isayama and editor <3
Apr-13,2021 21:46
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Attack on Titan Wiki
Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Poll
Apr-13,2021 21:43
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HARE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW: World's biggest rabbit stolen from English garden
Apr-14,2021 00:00
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 Ottawa Sun @ottawasuncom

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Manga Mogura RE
The final volume 34 of "Attack on Titan" by Hajime Isayama will offer two specials editions.

1st : including a booklet with the draft of chapter 1 & 2.

2nd : including a booklet with the draft of chapter 138 & 139 (last).

Both (price : 1000 yens) will be out on June 9, 2021.

Apr-13,2021 20:38
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im a bit late but i just finished chapter 139 of attack on titan and i am in so much pain😀💔
Apr-13,2021 20:32
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Spike Uracil
do people actually believe attack on titan chapter 139 is an april fools joke? 😂
Apr-13,2021 20:09
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ᴀᴠᴏɪᴅɪɴɢ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 139 ꜱᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀꜱ.
Day 6 of avoiding Attack On Titan manga chapter 139.
Let's see how many days will go by without seeing any spoilers
Apr-13,2021 18:00
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just finished chapter 139 of attack on titan...haha😞
Apr-13,2021 17:41
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Why aren’t all grocery chains sharing the wealth with the workers who staff their warehouses, stock the shelves, and make sure we’ve all have access to food throughout the pandemic? #StarEditorial
Apr-13,2021 20:35
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 Toronto Star @TorontoStar

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I just finished reading Attack on Titan chapter 139 and I refuse to believe that this is how the story ended 😐
Apr-13,2021 17:35
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Enn Emm
@ackermanisabela Oh yessss
I want to see fandoms how the make attack on titan ending in 139 chapter it is going to batter than the original ?
Apr-13,2021 16:23
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Yamirah X
Attack on Titan Chapter 139 (2021 colorized)

Apr-13,2021 16:03
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Josh talks film
attack on titan chapter 139 is Isamaya's version of the 25th and 26th episodes of neon genesis evangelion
Apr-13,2021 13:59
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Jasmine Ho ✌️

Thank you Isayama for giving us such an unforgettable series. It was legit so sad to see it end and to see the characters we all came to love and hate go.
#aot139spoilers #attackontitan #snk139spoilers #aot #snk #EREMIKAWEEK2021
Apr-13,2021 12:14
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Comic Book Resources
How #AttackOnTitan Finishes Levi's Mission - and Honors Erwin


Apr-13,2021 11:25
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J.samurai X⛩🇬🇧⛩
If you have read chapter 139 of Attack on Titan, did you like the ending????
Apr-13,2021 10:12
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Fady | #ThankYouIsayama❤🕊
Current mood:
You rewatching Ending 1 from Season 1 after reading Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan.
Apr-13,2021 09:51
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Well, that said, here's an opinion on AOT chapter 139. Our writer @shatakshityagi_ takes a look at the highs and lows of the chapter from a neutral (?) viewpoint!
Apr-13,2021 08:59
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ᗰᗩᑎᘜᗩ ᕼOᖇᔕᗴ 🐴 The Horse With The Funny Accent
Bessatsu Shonen thanking Isayama for 11 years and 7 months of hard work 🙏

This was featured at the end of chapter 139 and it is the final page of Attack on Titan manga 💔


Apr-13,2021 08:17
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a girl has no blog
Bessatsu Shounen Magazine issue 05/2021 with Attack on Titan Chapter 139 to receive a reprint.

#Manga #AttackOnTitan #ShingekiNoKyojin #進撃の巨人

Apr-13,2021 07:53
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ace ace tea 🍵
Rewatching S3 of Attack on Titan hits so differently now after Chapter 139. The storytelling is exceptionally brilliant. There are so many details and double meanings that I didn’t notice during my first watch.
Apr-13,2021 07:39
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@Erendabird I hate chapter 139, eren character arc just got destroyed 😒 I can't read it again,i am sad that attack on titan is going to be forgotten, all because one f__ing chapter,may be it's a good thing that it is forgotten.but eren character arc was so interesting up until chapter 139😔
Apr-13,2021 05:55
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this mf gets few hours of sleep
I just read attack on titan chapter 139- wow- my eyes just peed themselves-
Apr-13,2021 05:21
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Itadori fan account
My top 5 (anime + manga) :

1. Hunter x Hunter
2. Attack on Titan (chapter 139 doesn't exist)
3. Jujutsu Kaisen
4. Erased
5. My Hero Academia
Apr-13,2021 04:42
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Post Attack on Titan Manga Review💔 (🚨SPOILER WARNING FOR CHAPTER 139 AND WHOLE STORY🚨)

Apr-13,2021 04:23
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Attack on titan chapter 139 spoilers ⚠️ i think?



Anyways !

It's 12:17 am and i have a bird outside my window singing and chirping really proudly... LIKE OKAY?! BUT I NEED TO SLEEP I HAVE SCHOOL !!

Apr-13,2021 00:16
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Attack on Titan Chapter 139: What did you think? #aot139 #AttackOnTitan #aotchapter139 #poll #aot #titan #anime #manga
Apr-12,2021 23:59
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Randy Aird
Attack on Titan has come to an end. It will forever rank in the same legendary league as Fullmetal Alchemist.
Apr-12,2021 23:57
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Arbitrary Persona
I've seen the hashtag asking MAPPA to make an anime-only for Attack on Titan in response to Chapter 139.

Does MAPPA have the permission to do so in the first place? Do they even want to change the ending?
Apr-12,2021 22:50
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Chrollo Milk Member
A moment of silence for all those that got Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan spoiled for them 😪 your hearts will not go to waste #AttackOnTitan139 #AttackOnTitan

Apr-12,2021 21:11
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Attack on Titan | Ending Analysis! Chapter 139: Fall of Eren via @YouTube
Apr-12,2021 21:10
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quin (akis s/o)
attack on titan chapter 139 is my eren yeager origin story..... I REALLY CANT STOP GETTING SO ANGRY EVERYTIME I THINK AB IT
Apr-12,2021 20:53
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KevinLamarSexland (ChoVertz=Generational)🐂🐺
Ok I can’t lie lie looking at chapter 139 attack on Titan I loved the ending but they did eren so dirty on thei mikasa scene I pray they fix it in the manga and fix erens image to retain his image much better
Apr-12,2021 18:24
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ᴀᴠᴏɪᴅɪɴɢ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 139 ꜱᴘᴏɪʟᴇʀꜱ.
Day 5 of avoiding Attack On Titan manga chapter 139.
Let's see how many days will go by without seeing any spoilers
Apr-12,2021 18:09
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someone who has read chapter 139 of attack on titan chat me bc i have such a painful realization about something and i cannot open up about it on twitter
Apr-12,2021 17:06
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Attack on Titan chapter 139: eren’s outburst is low key very cute
Apr-12,2021 16:43
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val aot spoilers
This is me taking about attack on titan chapter 139
Apr-12,2021 15:57
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Andrew Salhany
Isayama writing Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan via @YouTube...

This shit had me rolling but its sad how accurate it is🙃🙃
Apr-12,2021 15:29
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Prajapati Hardik
Chapter 139 was good enough to affect my mind. Ending was perfect.
Normies gonna say that Lelouch did it first, but i love Attack on Titan because of it's extraordinary journey not the Ending.
Apr-12,2021 14:06
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Nyatchuurizu ( ˘ ³˘)❤ EREN MY BELOVED MY DEAR
/ even uploaded that bullshit chapter 139.1 you are all disgusting. It’s you, not Eremikas or Mikasa stans , who don’t deserve Attack on Titan
Apr-12,2021 13:49
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@hajime_isayama Thank you isayama for making attack on titan maybe we can have an extra chapter to help the buildup for chapter 139 but overall I'm very grateful for your hardwork🤗
Apr-12,2021 13:47
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the makeup shapeshifter
i can’t believe the real chapter 139 of attack on titan is still not yet out 🧍🏽‍♀️
Apr-12,2021 13:07
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eren yeager ch1-122
@TheGamingClaw In chapter 1 of Attack on Titan, Mikasa throws Eren to the wall.

This is subtle foreshadowing for chapter 139 where 138 chapters of Eren's development is thrown to the wall to make Mikasa the supposed centerpiece of the plot.
Apr-12,2021 13:03
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normalize never shutting up about how awful chapter 139 of attack on titan is
Apr-12,2021 12:55
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Attack on titan chapter 139 spoilers


Head empty just gabi and falco’s reunion...

Apr-12,2021 12:37
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Attack on titan chapter 139 DONE... IT’S A FUCKING MASTERPIECE
Apr-12,2021 11:35
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Attack on titan 139 discourse in a nutshell
People who liked it: ‘nooo you cant dislike the chapter’
People who don’t like it: ‘nooo you cant like the chapter’
Apr-12,2021 10:55
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Attack on Titan chapter 139
Apr-12,2021 10:47
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they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Attack on Titan chapter 139 truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Armin's existential catchphrase "thank you, you become a mass murderer for our sake" which itself
Apr-12,2021 10:46
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 Attack on Titan chapter 139 (Twitter)