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What's New "Bucks vs Hawks"

New tumblr post: "#NBA2K21 Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks MyLeague PS4 GAMES by..." ifttt, youtube
Aug-01,2021 21:47
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@ill_outsmart_ya I just feel like hawks finally have the pieces to make something happen to bring in another superstar that we need to go with trae and bogi collins Capela we need another scorer cause at the end of the day we going to need that vs the nets and Bucks
Aug-01,2021 12:00
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Ⓜ️r Nick
@MuzLM_Trader @lordgordon23 @NoRedDaysJim @Coach__21 Every championship team came down to depth the last few years. Warriors won with depth. Jj barbosa livingtston varejo, suns depth played a role this year, bucks depth won out vs the hawks. Cmon it’s not a super star vs superstar league anymore.
Aug-01,2021 10:26
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@Punitor_Xpo @FanMahome @Lowendtay445 @RAHEEM_heem Injuries aside let’s compare difficulty. So the nets with kyrie out and just KD were not really strong at all and with harden at like 20%. That isn’t much of a challenge. Bucks vs Hawks was heavily one sided imo Even if they took some games.
Aug-01,2021 08:37
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Dzemal Arem
Hawks vs Bucks live stream: how to watch game 6 NBA playoffs online from anywhere: #BigData #MachineLearning #AI #IoT MT: @motorcycletwitt

Aug-01,2021 03:51
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Young OGenius
Need that:
Hawks vs Knicks
Bucks vs Suns
Lakers vs Nets
On Christmas Day @NBA
Aug-01,2021 02:31
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@ClipsMindset @swaggypee2020 @_getyourmoney Yes totally ignore Trae fucked up foot vs the Bucks. Hawks won that game 7 at Philly. Did you forget Hawks were a 5th seed playing against the 1 seed? You won’t mention Trae clutch 3 and Fts to end the game. You also won’t mention Trae stop Simmons from scoring in the paint
Jul-31,2021 23:17
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@Pistol_Pete_ATL @swaggypee2020 @_getyourmoney i said elimination games not when the hawks were facing elimination but in the 2 games he faced elimination he shot 4/17 vs the bucks and 5/23 vs the 76ers
Jul-31,2021 23:13
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Yung Ree
@FutureNBA0wner I'm predicting the five NBA games on Christmas day
1. Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks
2. Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks
NBA finals rematch
3. Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Lakers on abc
4. Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies
5. Clippers vs Jazz
Jul-31,2021 13:01
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Top 100 Camp
Hawks vs. Bucks for the finals starting at 3:30pm ET 🍿

For rosters and livestream info, visit -

Jul-31,2021 04:39
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Premier Gladys Berejiklian says Sydney can start to emerge from lockdown on August 28 if vaccination rates hit 50 per cent | @AlexSmithSMH
Aug-01,2021 20:31
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 The Sydney Morning Herald @smh

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Here is the schedule for today's games at Hoyt Field 7/30/21

76ers "Royal Blue" vs Suns "Orange" 6:00 Court 1
Blazers "Gray" vs Nuggets "Navy Blue" 6:00 Court 2
Bucks "White" vs Nets "Dark Gray" 7:00 Court 1
Hawks "Red" vs Celtics "Green" 7:00 Court 2
Jul-31,2021 03:53
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Trae Caruso
NBA Finals
E: Bucks vs Clippers
R: Lakers vs Heat

E: Lakers vs Nets
R: Bucks vs Suns

E: Lakers vs Nets
R: Hawks vs Jazz

Bookmark this
Jul-31,2021 01:24
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@jasonskib @e_kuhn @Three_Cone The Suns vs. Bucks was a good series for sure, but if it was Suns vs. Hawks, the ratings would have been trash. No disrespect to the hawks, but Giannis is what made that series so good.
Jul-30,2021 22:42
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Wild Card
WCF Lakers vs Warriors ECF Nets vs Bucks and or Hawks
Jul-30,2021 14:18
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J.R. 🏆💍🦌
All this just for the conference finals to be Bucks vs Hawks and Nuggets vs Clippers
Jul-30,2021 08:55
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Akin Yucel
@BtnPiano @wojespn Agreed. But if you’re neutral in a play-off match up, it incentivizes you to support the more “organic” team like the Bucks, Nuggets, Hawks, Trail Blazers or Philly vs the likes of the Nets and Lakers. It’s similar to the joy of supporting the underdog. I kind of like it.
Jul-30,2021 07:43
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a place for thoughts
i’m ngl i was more invested in the knicks vs hawks then suns vs bucks 😂😂
Jul-30,2021 06:54
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@remixfaz3 @DANDAN1KPG @balldontstop No where near as bad as the nets.

The bucks shot 32% from corners and 23% from ATB vs the nets

Vs the Hawks they shot 42% in the corners and 30% from ATB

Vs the Suns they shot 47% in the corners 34% from ATB
Jul-30,2021 01:45
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Austin McAfee
(Waaaaaaaaay late tweet) Pregame of Game 4 of Eastern Conf. Finals: Hawks vs Bucks @RobDiRienzo
Jul-29,2021 09:48
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Trent Markwith
Bucks vs. Hawks up next on Court 2 at NBPA Top 100. Nate Oats, Shaka Smart, Porter Moser, Kermit Davis, Kelvin Sampson, and Jim Larrañaga, along with assistants from Duke, Baylor, Michigan, Arizona, Indiana, Texas, Stanford, Oregon, and Florida are among those here watching.

Jul-29,2021 05:40
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After a five-year battle, Australian citizen Troy Lee has won a landmark legal case against the Department of Home Affairs and is hoping for a seven-figure payout over the mistakes it made. This is his incredible story.
Aug-01,2021 09:38
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 SBS News @SBSNews

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@DrGuru_ You mean Lakers vs nets?
Or Lakers vs hawks or Lakers vs bucks?
Nets might make it but they only missed 1 star they still had harden griffin Harris kd
Jul-29,2021 05:17
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@CavsandBamaSZN Game 7 Hawks vs Bucks
Jul-29,2021 03:33
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Jim Hicks
Here are some serious TEXAS sized showdowns today 2:00 EST:
Terrance Arceneaux (Bucks) vs. Anthony Black (76ers)
Arterio Morris (Lakers) vs. Cason Wallace (Suns)
Keyonte George (Hawks) vs. Bryce Griggs (Clippers)
Vince Iwuchukwu (Hawks) vs. Lee Dort (Clippers)
Jul-29,2021 03:15
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5. ECF Game 6 vs Hawks
The Bucks played very sloppy in the first half, and the nerves of closing out got to them. Middleton had 5 1st half points, only to erupt for 23 in the 3rd and 32 overall. Holiday added 27/9/9. Bucks advanced to the finals for the first time in 47 years.

Jul-28,2021 17:48
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6. Game 3 ECF vs Hawks

Back to back? Back to back. Another #khrismiddletonisgood moment as the bucks went down 7 early in the 4th quarter with the series tied 1-1 on the road. Middleton erupts for 20 4th quarter points, Giannis dominated per usual and the bucks went up 2-1.

Jul-28,2021 17:44
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9. ECF Game 5 vs Hawks

Many doubted the bucks after losing Giannis to injury in game 4. But with the fuel of the home crowd, we get vintage Brooklyn Brook, and four bucks score 20+ to push Atlanta (without Trae Young) to the brink of elimination back home in ATL

Jul-28,2021 17:36
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14. ECF Game 2 vs Hawks

Can't say I didn't enjoy this game. The Hawks stayed in this one until about midway through the second, when the bucks went on a 20-0 run and led by 32 at half, leading by as much as 42, winning by 34. A good response after the game 1 loss.

Jul-28,2021 17:19
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17. ECF Game 1 vs Hawks

Contrary to other game 1s in this playoff run, the bucks came into this game with several days of rest. Started out hot, just to fall asleep for most of the 3rd/4th, wake up, then lose to a few questionable calls and get out hustled. Young also put up 48

Jul-28,2021 17:11
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22. ECF Game 4 vs Hawks

With Trae Young ruled out for this game, Bucks had the chance to go up 3-1 going back home. Things did not go to plan as the bucks played terrible, and Giannis got injured in what looked to be season ending (at the time)

Jul-28,2021 16:56
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@joshuaab313 @JrueDPOY @HesiiHarden @BullsGotNext Miami healthy or not they not beating the Lakers. Bruh so you tell me KD, Kawhi or Bron with the bucks vs hawks, injured Nets, and Suns they aint winning. It? Other guys were never that lucky thats why. Last sentence i call it being arrogant but ok thats fair let see next szn
Jul-28,2021 09:05
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Bucks Dynasty
@fockagay @proudLBJfan @BullsGotNext Bro Giannis wasn’t out vs the nets. He was hurt vs the hawks. This just shows me you are clueless.

And don’t act like your lakers Disney ring wasn’t gifted. You got 4 months off to rest AD and Lebron while Giannis and the bucks lost all momentum. And played the heat lol.
Jul-28,2021 07:35
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@Adamkendama1 @smithtastic1 @wojespn And you saw the Bucks let Booker put up 40 twice and won an NBA Finals vs a fully healthy Suns team. The Bucks have been in this situation for the past 3 years just couldn’t get over the hump. They deserve it. This is the Hawks first run with Trae, they’ll win soon enough 🤝
Jul-28,2021 01:26
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NBA Pick – Hawks vs Bucks Prediction, 6/25/2021, Free Betting Tips and Odds
Jul-27,2021 06:16
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@WardellPlsWin Assuming all teams heathy

1) Bucks vs. 8)Hornets 5 Games
2) Nets vs. 7)Knicks 4 Games
3) Sixers vs. 6)Celtics 6 Games
4) Hawks vs. 5)Heat 6 Games

1)Bucks vs. 4)Hawks 6 Games
2)Nets vs. 3)Sixers 5 Games

1) Bucks vs. 2) Nets 6 Games

Nets ECF Champs
Jul-27,2021 05:51
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@WingStopBoys @NikolaVucevic @luka7doncic Basketball gods did everything you possible for the Hawks and choked vs Bucks at home without Giannis 😂😂😂
Jul-26,2021 19:06
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Martin Brian Ansah
4/12/58 Pettit 19-34 (50) points hawks beat @RealBillRussell Celtics 110-109

(63) yrs later

7/20/21. @Giannis_An34 16-25 (50) points. Bucks 105-98 vs suns

Combined (35)- (59) (100) pointers

Bob 2nd last mvp 19(59)

The man who scored (100) Wilt drafted (59) last 💍 (35)
Jul-26,2021 12:23
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Triple Threat Podcasts
Would the Hawks be making a mistake trading Reddish for a pick? Reddish was 6-7 from 3 with 21 points in game 6 vs the Bucks. Very similar to the James Harden trade in 2012

#reddish #camreddish # haw

Jul-26,2021 09:33
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Giannis Defender🛡🏆(NBA CHAMPIONS)
What are some Christmas day games you would like to see, I would like to see:
Bucks Vs Nets
Lakers Vs Clippers
Jazz Vs Suns
Warriors Vs Raptors
Sixers Vs Hawks
Celtics Vs Heat

How do those sound?
Jul-26,2021 08:29
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@Black_Thunder35 @StephRevengeSZN Did you watch the last hawks vs bucks game
Jul-26,2021 07:40
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David Nightingale
Bucks vs Hawks fan art

Jul-25,2021 10:50
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@BMoeKnows I was in ATL for 1 of the playoff games Hawks vs. Bucks. I enjoyed the choice of freedom in not wearing the mask during that game, and respected those that chose different. Me flying in for the game, and not familiar with Georgia laws I had a mask on for 10 seconds.
Jul-24,2021 23:56
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 Bucks vs Hawks (Twitter)

Emma McKeon   Olympic golf   Hockey Olympics   Friendship Day 2021   Boris Johnson   Bellator   Sean Strickland   COVID testing Brisbane   Alica Schmidt   Fremantle vs Richmond   
#7Olympics   #NRLKnightsRaiders   Peter Bol   #SurvivorAU   #AFLFreoTigers   #Athletics   Hayley   Starc   Joey   Liz Clay   Macedonian Jesus   Sky News   Richmond   Spain   Slovenia   Brayshaw   Brawn   Rohan   Eddie   Bruce McAvaney   Dockers   Bolton   Paris   Fremantle   Essendon   Parker   Stringer   Stewart   Luka   Penrith   Francis