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What's New "Dave Sharma"

Harsh Bindal
@SunRisers My Playing 11 for today’s game:
Abhishek Sharma

7 bowling Options, and batting abilities till Rashid-Bhuvi!

#SRH #MI #SRHvsMI #IPL2021
Apr-17,2021 21:39
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Verner Verass
Dave Sharma ~ insider share trade violator.

Apr-17,2021 20:20
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@Jansant @RonniSalt Haha. That would be hilarious. Are people in Wentworth sick of Dave Sharma and his CSL shares?
Apr-17,2021 19:10
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@jimmymalecki @SkyNewsAust Dave Sharma
Apr-17,2021 18:28
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SmudgeTheKitten 🐀
@jean15849180 The risks of taking AZ outweigh the risk of Covid. That's it. It is better to take it than not, but it's also because Morrison bought the cheap stuff so Dave Sharma's stock portfolio goes up a few points.
Apr-17,2021 16:11
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#ANALYSIS: The invisible threat that could have huge ramifications for humanity
Apr-18,2021 05:18
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 ABC News @abcnews

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Danielle - Prime Minister of Keeping It Real
Just so you know Australia ordered mainly AstraZeneca because it cost them the least BUT ALSOOOOO Dave Sharma (one of scomos MP’s) bought shares in it, which is why they’re so hesitant to just scrap the entire AstraZeneca vaccine. CSL is manufacturing AstraZeneca #auspol

Apr-17,2021 14:36
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Thorn Bush ⚽️
@bad_bec That’s in the India DNA isn’t it. Modi is an Israeli arse kisser. Most Indians like Devanand Noel "Dave" Sharma even though live outside their mother land will always embrace its ideology wholeheartedly.
Apr-17,2021 13:25
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Apparently Christine Holgate was removed to make way for Australia Post to be privatised so Dave Sharma could add Australia Post shares to his portfolio. Makes sense. #auspol
Apr-17,2021 12:45
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Colin Page
@Bababooie42 What hasn't Dave Sharma got shares in Pfizer or Moderna
Apr-17,2021 12:20
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Vyvyan Basterd 🐀
@Smile__Petal But Dave Sharma’s shares!!
Apr-17,2021 11:29
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Helen McCrory swore friends to secrecy about cancer diagnosis
Apr-18,2021 06:25
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 Guardian Australia @GuardianAus

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Andrew Hayen
@SeanBradbery @oysta yep, that's right. It's why all the takes about Dave Sharma and CSL (or the AZ manager who used to be a Lib staffer) just add stupid noise and distract from the main issues.
Apr-17,2021 11:27
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@AshleyLeahy Don’t forget Dave Sharma buying shares
Apr-17,2021 10:59
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Kristian Andaway
Why was a SA vaccine manufacturer ignored to produce a locally made vaccine? Was it because LNP party members didn't own shares in it? Unlike CSL... Hi Dave Sharma and others
Apr-17,2021 10:34
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💧AntiFa SewerRat Alistair P D Bain 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
So the Govt and Dave Sharma figure they can still make profits from >50 AZ punters. Stands to reason.
Apr-17,2021 10:29
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Glen Murphy
Dave Sharma(Wentworth) bought shares in Astra Zeneca days before it was announced it would be the vaccine of choice.
Apr-17,2021 09:17
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💧On safari in the Dunning-Kruger National Park🌱
For the good of the nation someone buy some Pfizer shares for Dave Sharma.
Apr-17,2021 09:09
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Robina Chaffey
@AshleyLeahy With MP Dave Sharma, Wentworth snapping up shares for his "portfolio" by apparent ( euphemism ) "coincidence" ALORS !! ( fr )
Apr-17,2021 08:13
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@JmarrMarr Lots of them bought shares in AstraZeneca before Snotty’s official ‘announcement’ ... Dave Sharma certainly did, & then bought a very expensive house in the Wentworth electorate knowing he had a nice ‘little’ money earner
Apr-17,2021 07:33
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@kailaswild Because Dave Sharma (and god know how many others) were buying shares in AZ prior to them announcing they were buying AZ vaccines. The greed of this mob and audacity to profit from public office knows no bounds.
Apr-17,2021 06:44
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The Garden Island
Dave Sharma of the state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office Family Health Services Program said that, despite COVID-19, people should not forget the tradition of planting blue pinwheels that has become an accepted symbol in the fight against child abuse.

see link

Apr-17,2021 06:00
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@JmarrMarr I knew they’d choose the cheapest vaxx, because someone who now works for A-Z used to work for the LNP, and not forgetting the LNP politician who (in sheer coincidence) bought lots of shares in A-Z - Dave Sharma - yep good old Dave...
Apr-16,2021 23:31
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@AngieTrianta @SquizzSTK Because some of the LNP politicans bought shares in CSL after Astra Zeneca was touted as the preferred vaccine to be manufactured and rolled out in Australia! One of those politicians was Dave Sharma.
Apr-16,2021 23:05
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@patientsafe3 @ProudyMan1 Dave Sharma has probably done his dough . 😆
Apr-16,2021 22:31
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Rahul Sharma
@basedIITian @CricketDave27 In my opinion Jhye is more vulnerable than Meredith atleast in Wankhede because Meredith looks a yard quicker than Jhye. Although Dave knows better than me.
Apr-16,2021 21:33
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💧Georges St Paul
@ItsBouquet He means all Australians must insure against covid with one of Dave Sharma’s insurance companies?
Apr-16,2021 21:01
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@marielewsey @nobby15 @JmarrMarr Dave Sharma is one name that seems to pop up regularly when AstraZenica is mentioned.
Apr-16,2021 20:53
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Kyriacos (Charlie) Kyriacou
@Bababooie42 @JaneAlcorn Yair, but did you check with Dave Sharma's investment advisor?
Apr-16,2021 20:34
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Melissa Loew 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
That is not the reason. Its due to cost, stability and ability to manufacture locally. Dave Sharma bought shares in CSL last year- consistently one of the top 20 share buys.
Apr-16,2021 20:30
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🔋SydEV 🌿💧 #FSDBetaAU #FSDBetaOZ
@JmarrMarr @MSMWatchdog2013 Consider that @LiberalAus Dave Sharma purchased shares in CSL before the announcement, then yes. They do have a personal financial interest in only having 1 supplier in Australia. #auspol #corruption
Apr-16,2021 19:14
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@FannyFitch @Christi05571146 Dave Sharma had shares in csl so no go 👹👹
Apr-16,2021 19:14
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💧Geoff (On a War footing) Mason
@JmarrMarr @Darthspoog You DO know that "Diamond" Dave Sharma bought a substantial share portfolio of AZ shares, don't you?
Apr-16,2021 19:08
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@spectatorindex @jurylady5 Reaction from Dave Sharma
Apr-16,2021 18:59
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Anna13... Minister for Cats and the colour blue.
@rickardo_viti Well I do know at least Tim Wilson and Dave Sharma have shares in CSL, who produces the AZ vaccine.
Apr-16,2021 18:49
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Sir Geoff
When it comes to picking stocks, one Liberal MP always has his finger on the pulse
Apr-16,2021 17:05
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Gwyn Hooper
@ozrock67 #scummo called Dave Sharma to see if he had any shares.
Said no so no deal possible.
Apr-16,2021 15:37
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@PRGuy17 @davidbewart @normanswan Come on..... That would have been no good for Dave if they’d have done that... and you know it.....
Apr-16,2021 15:18
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Emma Bruty
@iampoopsmcgee1 No...I'm sure I've heard something about this. Dave Sharma and AZ, maybe? Hang on, I'll check.
Apr-16,2021 14:44
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@LukeSkystyler @KrispyOz31 @victorklineTNL @_fustian @oneda_woman @DanielBleakley @AusElectoralCom @MGliksmanMDPhD @simonahac @ProfSteveKeen @LiberalsRX @LNPQLD @acccgovau @Paul_Karp I am lead to believe that the LNP are in government and use this position to get away with this shit all the time. Angus Taylor can do no wrong. Tudge, Porter, Joyce are excused. The sick Hunt aids and abets Dave Sharma’s insider trading. Tim Wilson gives financial advice.
Apr-16,2021 14:10
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Anyone else heard that Dave Sharma has significant number of shares in the drug comp making Astra Zeneca ?
Apr-16,2021 14:06
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Andre, Sewer Rat 🎀
Dave Sharma is still having Savlon applied to his Sphincter after the AZ shares he bought crashed & burned!
So he's out!
Paul Fletcher or Dan Tehan?
Dan's certainly dumb enough!
Apr-16,2021 14:06
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Paul Fleetwood
Dave Sharma belongs to that group 😂 ?! #NewLiberals
Apr-16,2021 13:57
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💧Geoff (On a War footing) Mason
Or at least if "Diamond" Dave Sharma did!
Apr-16,2021 13:00
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@realandrewhorto My understanding is it is about 20% of the cost and Dave Sharma, and no doubt other inside traders, bought up heaps of shares in the company.
Apr-16,2021 12:43
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#auspol Everyone should refuse the AstraZeneca vaccine so Dave Sharma and other insider traders lose money.
Apr-16,2021 12:33
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💧Terry Serio 🕯
@the2murrays Pfizer contacted the Australian gov’t & our Prime Minister #ScottTheClot ordered some of that high quality vaccine for himself & his mates & ordered the crap CSL AstraZeneca vaccine for everyone else prob cos mates like Dave Sharma own shares in CSL #ScottyTheAnnouncer #auspol
Apr-16,2021 12:15
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ConFuzed67 Raving RATbag
@kailaswild Could've threatened Dave Sharma's CSL share values
Apr-16,2021 11:07
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Kyriacos (Charlie) Kyriacou
@jimmy_mac888 @BethanyinCBR @AustralianLabor And ASIC is investigating one of it's own, Dave Sharma.
The evil plan is working well.
Apr-16,2021 09:09
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Kyle Jacob "Bunny-Boy" de Boer 🦓🐰
GUARANTEED if they had have owned some stock in the more expensive vaccines, Australians WOULD have gotten them.
But Dave Sharma owned CSL shares, so we got AstraZeneca.
Apr-16,2021 08:47
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@FannyFitch And we said we’ll check in with Dave Sharma to see who he has shares with before committing.
Apr-16,2021 08:28
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Kerryn Scanlan
@PRGuy17 @normanswan We can blame Dave Sharma and any other map who has corruptly and immorally bought shares in the suppliers
Apr-16,2021 07:13
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 Dave Sharma (Twitter)