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What's New "Early Voting"

Brahm Resnik
TODAY 1st & only televised & independently moderated debate for Arizona's Republican candidates for governor.
🔴Sponsored by @AZCCEC on @azpbs
🔴5pm AZ time/8pm eastern
Early voting for Aug. 2 primary starts in 7 days.

Jun-29,2022 11:17
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Ilhan Omar
Early voting for our primary has begun, #MN05! Cast your ballot to keep building our movement for bold, transformative change — in person or by mail:

Jun-29,2022 11:14
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Our Revolution
#Breaking: Union champion @Andy_Levin has been endorsed by @BernieSanders in the #MI11 race!
"He is not afraid of taking on powerful special interests, and I am proud to stand with him.” - Sen Sanders
Early voting is underway!

Jun-29,2022 16:05
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@dave_smith_to @paulaheal @gmbutts @JeanCharest_ @ScottAAitchison @patrickbrownont One only needs to look past what is claimed, and actually consider what is done (ie: voting patterns and bills introduced) to understand what the real agenda is.
As I have said before, Hitler tricked many into supporting his regime early on by including socialist in his party's..
Jul-01,2022 07:16
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Courtenay Rogers
Early voting starts in 2 weeks across Tennessee.
Local elections have the biggest impact on your daily lives.
We can create the community we want if we work together.
The last day to register to vote in the August election is July 5th.
Happy July!
Jul-01,2022 07:14
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Houston Chronicle
Texas GOP pushes lawmakers to limit vote-by-mail for seniors and cut early voting period
Jul-01,2022 07:10
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BTOB Info 💥
The Show Early Vote has started!

Remember to save 500 heart jellies for the live voting. Let's win this vote with a huge gap!

Jul-01,2022 07:07
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The Show Early Vote is now open! vote for fromis_9 and make sure to save 500 Heart Jelly for the live voting
Jul-01,2022 07:03
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🗳 THE SHOW Early-Voting has started!

Vote #fromis_9 on Star Planet app:

1. Open the app
2. Click The Show early vote
3. Choose @realfromis_9
4. Put the amount of vote you want then OK

☘️ unlimited vote (1 vote = 10 heart jelly)
☘️ SAVE 500 heart jelly for live vote!!

Jul-01,2022 07:02
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The Fayetteville Observer
Early voting starts Thursday for Fayetteville residents who will cast ballots for the mayor and members of the City Council.
Jul-01,2022 07:00
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  Latest News
Uber report details more than 3K sexual assault claims on platform amid pandemic
Jul-01,2022 07:25
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 Fox News @FoxNews

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Scott E’s Blog
Vote early and vote often...well...once per day through July 14th.


Jul-01,2022 06:40
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Kali 🇮🇱☦️ Old Skool Communist
@TheTennesseeGuy France requires 2 pieces of ID, in person voting
No early and no mail voting
No machines
Jul-01,2022 06:24
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@soobwhat I know it’s prediction not 100% sure but for me it’s better if they have a cb in early 2023 than nov/dec is such a hell for awarding shows voting and christmas/ending performance. 🥺
Jul-01,2022 06:22
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See you at youre voting stations dan ill be voting early just to drive 3.5hrs to get face to face with you . We all should be out in the thousands at dans electorate voting stations giving it to him
Jul-01,2022 06:14
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Elect Black Women PAC
Early Voting Fundraiser in Memphis on Fri. July 15 at Wise Acre Brewery on Broad at 6 pm.

To support:

Across the country, @ElectBlackWomxn is proud to partner with org. like the TN Women's Political Caucus to support pro-choice women on the ballot.

Jul-01,2022 06:00
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💧 Jackie
Voting patterns have changed. With huge percentage now voting early or by post, it's going to be the norm now for not getting a decisive result on the night. Sales is out of touch.
Jul-01,2022 05:43
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emma ✨ shop update next week date TBA
Joining early in the month is best to join in on poll voting and you'll also get a shop discount!
Jul-01,2022 05:41
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Kpop Votes by Boo

20,000 heart jellies available for early voting

200 hj = ₱20/ $0.36

dm me to avail!
mop: gcash/paypal
Jul-01,2022 05:40
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Leo 🐻🐿️🍀#Stay_This_Way
@syeoniee_124 Got it. But for the early voting it's start later? or tomorrow?
Jul-01,2022 05:38
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please take this as a lesson to participate in voting every once or twice a day. Every votes counts doesn't matter you're early or late :(( I'm really sad but i know i did well.
Jul-01,2022 04:41
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  Latest News
NOT RELEVANT: @JesseBWatters reminds the Biden administration the only inflation that matters to this country is its own.
Jul-01,2022 04:40
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 Fox News @FoxNews

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Susan Elizabeth
Early voting is now underway in Florida. I just finished and it took 15 minutes. I hope that my generation take the step to go out there and do the same. This election, as any, is so important!

#vote #earlyvoting #2022election

Jul-01,2022 04:28
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Sean Sivils
@LindseyGrahamSC Your side stole a seat, put a credibly accused rapist on the Court, then rammed through a bona fide Handmaid, while early voting was underway. What did turtle say about nominees in an election year? But yeah, it’s us trying to destroy democracy. Got it.
Jul-01,2022 04:23
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@Aal_Moalim Somali Parliament without any meaningful interference voted against Shariica in early 60s (voting on it was itself problematic ofc). 2009 TFG adopted a watered down Shariica. Can't blame the colonialists for this.

Anyways freedom from *direct* colonial rule was obviously a good.
Jul-01,2022 04:05
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Vote from Abroad
If youre thinking about #voting early this year, be sure to read this fantastic primer from @NCSLorg on #earlyvoting #absenteevoting #VFArecommends #knowyourrights

Jul-01,2022 04:01
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🗳NEW: Westminster voting intention

🌹LAB: 41% (+2)
🌳CON: 30% (-3)
🔶LDM: 15% (+3)

via, @IpsosUK • Chages w/11-17/05
Jul-01,2022 03:51
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@KinchCameron @BBCNews The problem is it often shuts too early when MPs are still voting.
Jul-01,2022 02:53
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The Rt Hon 'Eddie' Shaw
@ChrisPincher reading of your shenanigans reminded me of the late Sir David Lightbown (ex Deputy Chief Whip too - The Terminator - was known to sit on people to prevent them voting the wrong way). He created a by-election in early 1996 (by death) and so I got to canvas there.

Jul-01,2022 02:52
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@DigitalPockets @KariLake Voting in AZ's 2020 election stopped at 10 pm EST. Pre-counted early/absentee votes were released after polls closed. Fox News called AZ for Biden at 11:20 EST on Nov 3, w/73% of proj votes counted; no other network did so.

Every vote in prior to 7 pm MST was ultimately counted
Jul-01,2022 02:12
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@Gonzalez4NY Interesting.
No one progressive candidate rang my doorbell or sent me an email.
I searched up but didn't find, info on Queens' progressive slate.
Never saw 1 of them shaking hands at the subway or around the nabe.
Only saw a slate "ad" on Twitter AFTER early voting was done.
Jul-01,2022 02:00
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Crewe DO early shift voting Yes for a decent pay rise #YouClappedUsNowPayUs #CWUnews

Jul-01,2022 01:56
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⭕️Far Out - It's Me. I'm Auntie Far
@kmpayea @kimmeruwp I'm from New Zealand. Don't understand this business of having to register with a party. If you have to do that, what's the point of an election. In 2020 we had polling booths everywhere, early voting & people able to register on the day. You do seem to have a discouraging system
Jul-01,2022 01:51
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the show live voting has begun ! drop your votes as early as possible bc app may crash. but please always double check your votes and make sure you are casting your votes to the right artist too. let's go get that second wi
Jul-01,2022 01:14
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Steve Randy Waldman
@BreakItUp3 I think that’s bullshit, if there was solid evidence for it some of the many court cases would have succeeded. But I’m glad to have well resourced, long early voting window, convenient in-person voting to assuage integrity concerns.
Jul-01,2022 01:12
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@prof_tired2 @wsliger @Scotch_Rox @BarackObama Oh boy, I'm so glad that garbage article included GA... (I knew it would.) The state I reside in. Where early voting broke records and stuff. Stop believing everything the talking heads tell you.
Jul-01,2022 01:11
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@LeshThobs @AndiswaMadikazi It's called voting, protests will do nothing. We marched and got a worse president, nothing will change. If anything we should push for early elections.
Jul-01,2022 01:05
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🇺🇸Steve Rasberry🇺🇸
@MyDogSaysNo1 @jdkitkat129 @LaLB__ @KCx0 @Blaylock722 @jherrerx Ohio has a photo Id law. Even for absentee or early voting.
It's very strict
Jul-01,2022 00:57
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Justice For All
@JoJoFromJerz @HoltonCarla The objective is to make females economically and socially dependent on men, and keep them OUT of the voting booth.

End women’s education early.
Force women into motherhood.
Make women unemployable.
Keep women under control.
Jul-01,2022 00:44
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BMK Catholic Patriot
@TheTennesseeGuy Must show voter ID, in-person, on election day. Paper ballots only. Ban mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, & early voting; absentee ballots only for military & disabled. An 11pm deadline for poll workers to have all ballots counted & results reported, or face fines/prosecution.
Jul-01,2022 00:39
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Sergio Costa
6 out 7 #Democrats couldn’t be bothered to vote in #NewYork primary. That’s with early voting, too. Disgusted.
Jul-01,2022 00:21
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Mr Armageddon
@hutchinson We do it in Australia. Think the fine is a couple of hundred dollars. Each election sees record voting, so very few pay a fine. Its super easy, we have mail in voting, early voting centers and its always on a Saturday. Works really well.
Jul-01,2022 00:16
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Paul H.

Do it early. Do it OFTEN. Right up until Pol.

Remember, there isn’t ANYTHING they WON’T do to keep you from voting. NOTHING.
Jul-01,2022 00:08
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$psilobyte ☔️ PSB SSPO
Does everybody remember the debates early this year about the 500 seats in the senate ( and why it's important, etc... ).

Well, this is it 😉

Except, since it's by stake, currently we still won't have 500 senators with equal voting power...

Maybe one day 😌 #Cardano
Jul-01,2022 00:04
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EARLY VOTING IS HERE! Never voted in the primary before? Don't worry, we have you covered!

#huldahforsenate #strongertogether #yourvoicematters #yourvotematters #brooklynparkmn #brooklyncenter #osseo #sd38

Jul-01,2022 00:00
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Reverend Marie Siroky 🇸🇰
@ALT_uscis @sheri_scary States already regulate early voting, absentee, poll locations
Jun-30,2022 23:52
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@MsFLKate1 @mrddmia @January6thCmte Stick to topic. There was no fraud. 60+ judges said it. Mail in ballots & early voting are legal. Your demigod lost. Then he tried to overturn the election. Violently. Then scores of you dummies went to jail. Wise up. Pick a different dictator. And America will kick his ass too.
Jun-30,2022 23:51
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Dodgers Nation
#SDvsLAD End of the 5th Score Update:

Padres: 1
Dodgers: 1

ICYMI: Dodgers News: Tony Gonsolin Lands in Top 5 With Early Cy Young Voting for the NL
Jun-30,2022 23:48
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Erica Hopwood
@mikebmeade @GovLauraKelly Kansas can only do that if people come out and vote NO for the primary election on Aug. 2. Early in-person and mail-in voting begins July 13.
Jun-30,2022 23:47
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Chris Herstam
@yvonnewingett @KariLake This will be a huuuge boost to the @KariLake campaign during early voting.
Jun-30,2022 23:47
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Figment ⚗️,🌵, Patriots Wear 😷 & get 💉🇺🇦🇺🇦
@kimmeruwp @Tia_Arizona Just got our updated Voter Registration Cards with new districts since lines were changed do to census. With the notification came a statement that we are on the active early voting list and will get our ballots by mail! Just check often is all we can do to get our votes in.
Jun-30,2022 23:45
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Jennifer F Tseng 曽繁玉 MD MPH FACS🇺🇸
Voting Day, Nov 2016. Spouse & I finished our work & happily waited to #vote early

We can’t give up now on the 🇺🇸 experiment

Jun-30,2022 23:30
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Katie Pekel
This is the same Jeff who buys his iced-t from my daughter at the Coffee House in Austin, and stops in the RochesterFEST parade to tell me how great it is that she came to early voting. He really is ‘Just Jeff from Austin’
Jun-30,2022 23:25
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Sen. Susan Kent
This is frustrating! Want to be sure you're registered to #vote? Easy to check here...
(And early voting has begun for the Aug 9 primary in MN!)
Jun-30,2022 23:21
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People are planning to take paper early ballots to voting centers, not trusting ballot boxes and postal workers.
Jun-30,2022 23:20
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Kimberley Lovato
@Amy_Siskind Register. Verify you’re still registered. Are the new 18-yr-olds registered? Then— make a plan. Most states allow early voting days in advance. Absentee if possible. Carpool to polls. But make a plan— and vote!! #VoteBlue2022
Jun-30,2022 23:16
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@LynnSTeague We were here for the first but missed the runoff. Thought early voting was until 7 and missed our chance before leaving town.
Jun-30,2022 23:09
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Trish Lee
@AddieWoolf @LincolnsBible Regardless, plz register to vote (check your registration) & go vote early as possible. It will make you feel better. Then drive/take/walk or ride w/1 friend each early voting day (make it a fun game). We MUST ALL VOTE.
Jun-30,2022 23:06
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(Mrs.)Chiara Atoyebi Author
Montgomery County Updates: Ride On and Metro Bus Routes Available to Take Residents to County’s 14 Early Voting Centers During Primary Election: #voting #earlyvoting
Jun-30,2022 23:03
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Kpop Votes by Boo
Votes available today (07-01-22)

— 500 votes on Mcountdown ( ₱1000 / 17.46$ )
— 1000🌟 fan n star ( ₱80 / 1.39$ )
10,000🌟 fan n star (daily)
— 200 heart jelllies ( ₱40 / 0.72 )
20k hj avail for early voting

Dm me to buy/reserve 😊
mop: gcash / paypal
Jun-30,2022 23:02
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Ips Prez
@GovTimWalz Sir, it is time to clean up our elections. Voter ID, No early voting, paper ballots, no electronics, no drop boxes, one day to vote. This is not a R vs D issue, it is a transparency and fairness issue. Do you agree?
Jun-30,2022 23:01
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@MikeJoPro I wouldn't say no but I think it's a little early in her career. Regardless I'll be voting blue.
Jun-30,2022 22:48
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@GlennJacobsTN @VoteMarsha Isn’t that what cause you crazy bastards to ram sack the capital ? early voting?
Jun-30,2022 22:42
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Anna Rompage
@bdb1964 @bookshelfbattle @DrGJackBrown And since then, fewer early days of voting, more difficulty voting absentee & voting by mail, can’t give a bottle of water to someone eating in line for hours on end, fewer drop boxes

The GOP is doing everything they can to make it more difficult for the marginalized to vote
Jun-30,2022 22:40
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allison lehenbauer
@Reynolds_Live @Elizabe25405947 The voting part wouldn’t bother me if they would point out something like, “XYZ will be on the ballot. If it passes, no one’s kids will go hungry and everyone gets to retire early with a puppy”. Except that’s never what they do. It’s always attacking someone or manipulative.
Jun-30,2022 22:38
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Tweet URL

One of my favorite songs from Jagged Little Pill is "You Learn". I think the whole album is perfect for what it is. I can see the aversion to vote for "You Ought to Know" since it's been super overplayed. It's nice to see "Ironic" getting a lot of love during early voting.
Jun-30,2022 22:34
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Sarah Johnson
@PolitiBunny @Liz_Cheney Early voting for 6 weeks? What could go wrong? 🤔
Jun-30,2022 22:25
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Amy Gordon Bono, M.D., M.P.H
If you care about public schools&our public school teachers,I recommend voting ⁦⁦@jasonbmartin⁩ for TN Governor. Deadline for voter registration is Tue,July5. Early voting starts Fri,July 15& runs til Sat,July 30. Election Day is Thurs, Aug4
Jun-30,2022 22:22
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[FANPLUS]Get 2x Votes from Fyber Missions

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Use Boosters and Send 🎟 EARLY
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🔥September Voting Event Starts in 6 Days!

⚡Every Game is Easy to Complete
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#CHEN #첸 #김종대 #종대 #JONGDAE #엑소첸 #EXO

Jun-30,2022 22:21
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Weston Easton
@TruthTeller1943 @kseppi @AdamKinzinger @COUNTRY_F1RST Nothing is invalid about ID requirements, your argument saying it is voter suppression is invalid. Now you think it’s OK? Expanded early voting is done at the polls, so your argument there is invalid too. People can go to the polls and vote early. If it’s too far, mail it.
Jun-30,2022 22:14
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@AlvaroIM77 @ProblemModern That's why the Constitution says the states prescribe the elections with Congress to regulate as a backstop. Things like absentee ballots and early voting are up to the states and Congress should only step in for broad sweeping issues. Not issues affecting 6% of voters.
Jun-30,2022 22:14
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Laura 🌻 🇺🇦 #Resist
This is why I started voting early. Can’t do anything about on Election Day.
Jun-30,2022 22:01
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Tweet URL

nicely into trays to distribute all around the city on election day night? Why can’t anybody check the envelopes for dates & signatures like we do for every other ballot put in the box during early voting & on election day? This is criminal ballot stuffing done by none other(5/6)
Jun-30,2022 22:00
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Tweet URL

Tristan Tiedt
@FowlerKesa early voting is approaching. How can I help rally the women of Sumner Co behind you. Would you be interested in an event in Portland. 😉
Jun-30,2022 21:59
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Tweet URL

@BlackKnight10k This from the guy who wouldn't consider Garland in an election year but got Barret confimed 8 days before election day, while early voting had already begun.
Never forget, McConnell is the absolute worst.
Jun-30,2022 21:54
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Tweet URL

Andrew Chatterton
@nathaliejacoby1 This is from the first day of Early voting in Saratoga County, NY in the 2020 November elections after I proudly voted for Joe Biden. I waited 2 hours in line and did not mind at all.
Then I signed up to be an Election Inspector for the other 8 days of Early voting.

Jun-30,2022 21:40
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Tweet URL

Gov. Henry McMaster #age #black #business #cannabis #cash #covid #covid #democratic #early #health #marijuana #money #news #pandemic #politics #recreational #republican #southcarolina #tips #vaccine #vietnam #voting
Jun-30,2022 21:39
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Tweet URL

Weston Easton
@TruthTeller1943 @kseppi @AdamKinzinger @COUNTRY_F1RST It is literally the first point you made, “forcing Folks to prove who they are,”. Even if polling places have been reduced (and they have in places), early and mail in voting has been expanded. You don’t need to drive 30 miles or wait in line.
Jun-30,2022 21:38
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Tweet URL

Erie County (Ohio) Democrats
Check your registration: Need to register, change name/address? Erie Co Bd of Elections open Tuesday, July 5, 8am-9pm. Primary #2 Aug 2nd. Early voting starts July 6. If questions, call 419.627.7601.
@eriecountydems @ohdemchairs @OHDems

Jun-30,2022 21:35
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Tweet URL

@Angelx465 @Sherylbug6 @stevenmazie @Sifill_LDF Black people have a bad, very naïve habit of voting for people and reelecting people simply because they are black. I totally understand in the early years the desire to see black faces in high places, but we can’t continue this political naïveté! what are they DOING for us?
Jun-30,2022 21:34
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Tweet URL

Black Girl with Tools
@azfamily @12NEWSWEATHER @FOX10Phoenix @reginaldbolding There's a group at Fry's on Ray and Dobson scamming people into signing a petition to throw away the green envelope for early voting. They said they were trying to help disabled people vote easier.
Jun-30,2022 21:27
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Justbe Real
@Booker4KY Are you on the ground knocking on doors, registering voters, networking to get out your voters during early voting through Election Day? That’s what’s going to get you in the Senate come November.

Let’s Go Kentucky! #VoteBlueOrWeAreScrewed
Jun-30,2022 21:24
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RA 😷 🇺🇦
@JamilSmith @BabeKerm76 @MrWyzard @LindseyBoylan Time too short til early voting.
The changes proposed would give #PutinsGOP & media carte blanche to shred Dems & our agenda.
More will be convinced to stay home or NOT vote Dem than would join in.
Losing '22 gives '24 election to GOP House for certification & that's game over.
Jun-30,2022 21:18
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Don Don Da Don✨ 🔜 Dreamcon
also take advantage of early voting/mail in voting.

it makes it easier for the citizens of states that provides it but if yours doesn't try to research election dates and make the time to go and vote if you can.
Jun-30,2022 21:10
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@jayblackisfunny @LindseyGrahamSC Actually, in person early voting started in 4 states on the day of RBG’s death, and on the day of ACB’s confirmation every state that offered early voting had done so. Millions of ballots had already been cast.
Jun-30,2022 21:04
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jade 🍓
like please please please keep up with local politics, & push for voter registration and participation during election season (early voting & Election Day)
Jun-30,2022 21:01
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Kitkatnip ❤️💋😻☮️
@PMAS70 @EvanintheHaus @ChndlrFF @JustJustalan @SCOTUSblog Wrong, it was DURING an election. There was early voting going on & I was one of them. That was unethical & lacked integrity.
Jun-30,2022 20:56
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Jeremy Humphrey For Maury Co. D7 Commissioner
Wrapped up at Duck River Estates just a little while ago.

We are very close to early voting - it arrives sooner than you think. July 15-30th.
Jun-30,2022 20:54
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Mr. Grey
@AndrewYang We have to stop voter suppression, the gerrymandering of districts, and support early voting. What side am I describing?
Jun-30,2022 20:53
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Christine Zevon
I’m in State House District 30 & voting for Alissa Mayhaus & asking you to do the same. We need state reps that will rep the the people & not their own agenda. That is why I’m also supporting Dani Isaacsohn for State house Rep in District 27. Early voting starts next week, 7/6.

Jun-30,2022 20:52
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Amy Flatt
@DeeDee_SmithTN @GovBillLee We have before. We picketed his home during the pandemic. Hearing from us has zero effect so he will hear our votes. Register to vote at Early voting primary 7/17. He is up for reelection in Nov.
Jun-30,2022 20:42
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Madison County Clerk's Office, KY
9/24/22-10/25/22: ( request a Mail-In Absentee Ballot.
10/11/22: Last Day to Register to Vote
10/26/22-10/28/22: In-person Absentee Voting
10/31/22-11/2/22: In-person Absentee Voting
11/3/22-11/5/22: Early Voting (8am-4pm)
11/8/22: Election Day (6am-6pm)

Jun-30,2022 20:41
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Jaime Castle
Westwood to Mt. Washington - @Isaacsohn needs your vote Aug. 2! Early voting starts July 5th! Tell your friends!!!
Jun-30,2022 20:39
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Vote Park Jungyeon in Bluedragon Series Awards
Oh the voting site for bsa is apparently close bcs of some issues?? it was working tho yesterday, when i voted like early in the morning (3am)
Jun-30,2022 20:36
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Kimberley USA11❌❌
@DineshDSouza Exactly right. Fox is avoiding trump and pushing noem youngkin desantis as potus 2024 not trump they know they lied Bret bair lied cslling Arizona too early and started the ball in fraud voting
Jun-30,2022 20:34
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19th century, banning discrimination in public accommodations and voting. Southern laws were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Southern Democrat–dominated state legislatures to disenfranchise and remove political and economic gains made by African
Jun-30,2022 20:33
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🃏Oh me saw🦀
The House of Councillors election will be held on the July 10th, but I'm supposed to have the Eiken interview on that day. So I'll go to the early voting tomorrow. However, honestly, there's no person who I want to vote for. I have to choose someone but how I should choose…🤔
Jun-30,2022 20:33
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Emerge Vermont
Primary ballots are mailing out now! You can request one here:

Jun-30,2022 20:32
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🌻Dr. Angela🌻
@JNAlexandratos @JoJoFromJerz Our early voting doesn't open until July 15th. I'm hoping they won't arrest anyone, and will just issue citations for a first offense.
Jun-30,2022 20:29
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Pastelle 🏳️‍⚧️
@anarchy_ape @Danny511CA @MatthiewBaker @KnowNothingTV Early voting exists because people have jobs and for some godforsaken reason Election Day isn't a national holiday. And it really doesn't matter -why- less black people have ids, the fact is that they do. So required voter id affects blacks more than whites. It's that simple.
Jun-30,2022 20:24
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Anarchy Ape
@RollofLeaf @Danny511CA @MatthiewBaker @KnowNothingTV So because people chose not to get their ID’s voting is racist? And yes, why are we giving people access to early voting? There’s a set date for when you’re supposed to vote
Jun-30,2022 20:22
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OC Mercuri
Check your voting registration now and again in early Fall.
Jun-30,2022 20:21
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 Early Voting (Twitter)

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