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What's New "Eternal Atake"

this might be uzi's best rapping performance since eternal atake
Apr-19,2021 10:04
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Doc Sportello
Got the keys to eternal atake but dis ain't the Uzi 'ting..
Apr-19,2021 10:00
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Not me staying up late af reliving bittsm and eternal atake 😭(this 8:00am schedule kickin my ah).
Apr-19,2021 06:57
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@kaiju_kam When Eternal Atake dropped
Apr-18,2021 23:16
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Eternal Atake still has no skips
Apr-18,2021 21:48
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Former President George W. Bush has called on Congress to tone down the "harsh rhetoric" on immigration, adding that he hopes that doing so will "set a tone that is more respectful" of immigrants and lead to more reform.
Apr-19,2021 08:19
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ash 💛 (he/him)
Biggest sales weeks of the 2020s

1.Folklore (846K)
2.Legends (497K)
3.After Hours (444K)
4.MOTS:7 (422K)
5.evermore (329K)
6.Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (291K)
7.Eternal Atake (288K)
8.Chromatica (274K)
9.Dangerous: The Double Album (265K)
10.SFTSAFTM (251K)
Apr-18,2021 20:12
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Jspence (+)
Nah don’t speak for me, I still listen to Eternal Atake gtfoh wit that bullshit

Apr-18,2021 20:08
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very epic bot
collaboration with sary eternal atake part 2
Apr-18,2021 20:01
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Your Daily Reminder That Eternal Atake Sold 288k First Week

Apr-18,2021 18:50
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“Can I Eternal aTake you to prom? Yessirski dude she said yes” 🤓
Apr-18,2021 18:36
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India added to “red list” of countries from which most travel to UK is banned amid concerns about coronavirus variant
Apr-19,2021 10:57
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i could’ve cried when i first heard 20 min by Uzi and all of Eternal Atake
Apr-18,2021 18:24
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Johnathan Kochis
'Eternal Atake' is always going to be linked in my mind to Steamboat Springs, and the first diagnosed case of COVID-19 in Colorado
Apr-18,2021 18:07
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Not Bruce Wayne (Team B.A.T)
i cant fw a girl who think ‘eternal atake’ had misses on it
Apr-18,2021 17:37
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Zyzi 🤖
@MPolgier I enjoy uzi, don’t get me wrong. But I mostly like his old stuff from 2015-16. His new stuff didn’t really hit for me. Eternal atake was so hyped yet so underwhelming. A lot of trash songs, a lot of mid, and maybe one or two good ones. I think he just has a cult following
Apr-18,2021 12:40
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@AyoMace Eternal Atake > Whole Lotta Red
Apr-18,2021 12:37
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@heymrjackson @BTGDropout LUVVTW2 was better than eternal atake
Apr-18,2021 12:11
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am i the only one who really likes eternal atake?
Apr-18,2021 11:50
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s HAHA n
still bumpin Eternal Atake like it came out a night ago. next level shit.💜🌠
Apr-18,2021 11:28
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i may not baby pluto, but i can eternal aTAKE you to prom
Apr-18,2021 10:18
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21st century bob dylan
I may not be baby pluto, but can i eternal aTAKE my own life
Apr-18,2021 09:46
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real juan☁️
@Eduardo04636277 @monolo_shakur @JakeAndHoops If u got eternal atake as ur pp ik damn well u 14 years old, mf screaming MJ the goat but more time he never even saw him play💀 man I’m done with Twitter lol
Apr-18,2021 09:03
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𝐓𝐉 💫
@olestrickyboys @BorusseJames Your bio say ms "Oleball💦 " do not eternal my atake
Apr-18,2021 08:54
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@33kpluto @rippopandkobe @STEVE_YSL @kkenngou u heard eternal atake ?
Apr-18,2021 05:32
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slatty 💚
@raptalksk 17, Luv is Rage 2, TLOP4, So Much Fun, Eternal Atake, MBDTF, 808s and Heartbreaks, MOTM, Die Lit
Apr-18,2021 04:46
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@PaydayTheNigga @GemRegalia He makes beats now a couple of them on eternal Atake but he still raps to just not as much
Apr-18,2021 03:53
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𝐕lonethugbambi 𖤐*
last time wen bein a uzi fan was cool he dropped fit pics on ig n we waited for eternal atake.... it was all before the white suburban fanz😑
Apr-18,2021 03:52
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@AstroBeanX Faith ( after hours) - The weeknd
Prices ( eternal atake) - uzi
Franchise - travis Scott

I'm late 😑
Apr-18,2021 03:20
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@occupymarsbruh @Spade_OJ @ByDobson Eternal atake is even better...
Apr-18,2021 01:11
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loyal ray vs the world 🌍💕☄®
trapped in tv - joey trap
coloring book - chance the rapper
tlop 4 deluxe - pierre bourne
eternal atake - lil uzi vert
Apr-18,2021 00:24
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I remember i rap a freestyle to an eternal atake ablumtrying to sound like playboi carti and my parents call the next day like you sure been rapping and we live in different states
Apr-18,2021 00:13
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@raptalksk Nevermind,The Black Parade Eternal Atake
Apr-17,2021 23:59
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Whoresane ✋😙🤚
@andreboxxx It wasnt as bad as people said but aint no way its better than eternal atake and even close to competing for album of the year like tf?
Apr-17,2021 23:36
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@Beaner_mane @Xeenitsu It's gonna be the eternal atake of beaner mane art
Apr-17,2021 23:17
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normally suffer from this). The singles were far better than the majority of the album cuts and the only standout song for me was Proud of You, which was from OG Eternal Atake. Not the follow up to So Much Fun I was expecting and hope Thugger’s next solo project will be better.
Apr-17,2021 22:41
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H꧆wï¢k👼🏿 𝕭𝖆𝖙𝖙𝖑𝖊 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑
Why didn't anyone make me aware that my music sounds like Lil Uzi from his eternal atake album and I didn't even listen to it enough to remember the style... but this is exactly the type of energy I want to be on
Apr-17,2021 22:37
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1000gecs is FIRE. talk to a wall.
Top 10 most listened to albums of April (so far):

1. Growth & Development
2. The Blixky Tape 2
3. Whole Lotta Red
4. Finally Rich
5. Die Lit
6. Karma (G Fredo)
7. Eternal Atake (Deluxe)
8. 1000 gecs
9. Madvillainy
10. Some Rap Songs

How many W's??
Apr-17,2021 22:08
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mason 🎈
i may not be baby pluto but can i eternal atake you to prom
Apr-17,2021 21:57
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@blondedhht i may not be baby pluto but can i Eternal aTAKE u to prom?🥺
Apr-17,2021 21:49
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Raymond’s Manager💯🥷🏿🦅🥢💫𓆲
Idc Eternal Atake id great and I love that Album. It’s vibes tbh
Apr-17,2021 21:14
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@TraeTooIcy Can I Eternal aTAKE you to prom landen?
Apr-17,2021 20:46
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Comethazine Enthusiast
@SHREKRAP Welcome to Eternal Atake
Apr-17,2021 20:46
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@Spade_OJ @ByDobson i was talking about eternal atake
Apr-17,2021 20:32
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@SHREKRAP Welcome to eternal Atake
Apr-17,2021 20:16
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conner 🐣
@TPapa97 Can I eternal atake you to prom?
Apr-17,2021 20:05
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@TraeTooIcy Twitter user TraeTooIcy, I may not be Baby Pluto, but can I eternal Atake you to prom? (Read the shirt)
Apr-17,2021 19:52
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@TraeTooIcy Landen please let me Eternal aTAKE you to prom babe
Apr-17,2021 19:51
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@monolo_shakur @JakeAndHoops He got a mf Picture øf Eternal Atake as his pfp he got Ye in the back and has #Kyriemvp in his bio this boy is a basic demonstration of people that got nun to do w themselves
Apr-17,2021 19:45
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@raptvcom “I may not be baby pluto, but can i eternal atake you to prom”-🤓
Apr-17,2021 19:42
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"Can I Eternal Atake you to prom"⁉️💕

Apr-17,2021 19:41
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Maddox メ𝟶 💕☄️🌎 ⁶𓅓
i NEEEED to see eternal atake live
Apr-17,2021 19:21
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 Eternal Atake (Twitter)