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What's New "Greg Allen"

@CaddieNetwork Allen obviously didn’t tune into golf post Greg.
Nov-30,2022 21:11
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Jared Wenger
@alwaysthejake @JayRodz34 Who was it again in the deal for him? Greg Allen was one piece, but can’t remember the others
Nov-30,2022 21:08
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Big M
@mattrly Of course Lucroy went down hill quick and the “prospects” Cleveland was offering have been somewhat underwhelming (although Greg Allen was part of the Clevenger trade that did turn out well)
Nov-30,2022 20:16
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Greg Dulcich🔻23
Kenyan Drake🔻20
D'Andre Swift🔻18
Tony Pollard🔻17
Curtis Samuel🔻17
Tyler Higbee🔻15
Allen Lazard🔻13
Najee Harris🔻11
Drake London🔻11
Tyler Boyd🔻11
Nov-30,2022 19:18
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Blockchain Australia
It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new directors to the Board of Blockchain Australia.

John O'Loghlen - Coinbase
Rob Allen - The HBAR Foundation
Katrina Donaghy - Civic Ledger
Greg Valles - Valles Accountants
Jules Dickinson - BetaCarbon

Nov-30,2022 18:50
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Stat Padfford is my Super Bowl QB ❤️
@HoldenCantor Doing young player only. 1) Nick Scott + Greg Gains 2) Terrell Lewis + Brian Allen
Nov-30,2022 14:30
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Massachusetts and Oregon recently had their Medicaid 1115 waivers approved. Can they give us clues about where #Medicaid is headed next? HSG's Greg Allen takes a deep dive and shares his 4 takeaways.

Nov-30,2022 13:59
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Greg Allen
My newest! Let’s hit the dance club!!!
Nov-30,2022 11:56
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Jordan Elliott
Yesterday on KNBR Greg Cosell mentioned that he always likes to ask offensive coordinators around the league about which defensive coaches give them the hardest time

He said Saints HC Dennis Allen gets mentioned almost every single time
Nov-30,2022 11:34
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Andrew Stooke
@greg_price11 @Apple Allen Garfield, Charles Gregory, Anthony Causi, Terrence McNally, Adam Schlesinger, Floyd Cardoz, Mark Blum, Maria Mercader, Joe Diffie, Alan Merrill, Andrew Jack, Ellis Marsalis, Julie Bennett, Lee Fierro, Forrest Compton, Patricia Bosworth, Hal Willner, Terrence McNally,
Nov-30,2022 10:16
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Andrew Stooke
@greg_price11 @Apple On February 13 2020 Chinese artist Liu Shouxiang died of covid in Wuhan. Here are a few other public cultural figures lost to Covid whos lives could have been saved with China's approach to lockdown: Roy Horn, John Prine, Troy Sneed, Allen Daviau, Ann Sullivan, Tim Brooke-Taylor,
Nov-30,2022 10:15
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The Fantasy Football Robot

Miami Dolphins: 17598x
Denver Broncos: 14008x
Kansas City Chiefs: 13174x
Allen Robinson: 12490x
Elijah Mitchell: 10656x
Darnell Mooney: 10243x
New York Jets: 9424x
Indianapolis Colts: 8977x
Kenyan Drake: 8757x
Greg Dulcich: 7100x
Nov-30,2022 09:01
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@greg_price11 @JoeBiden

Only since 1982 --

Supply Chain was first coined and first popularized by Keith Oliver at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Nov-30,2022 07:32
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Utility Technologies
@darrenjohn89 @KevinMKruse Tim Allen
Norm MacDonald
Jeff Dunham
Jeff Foxworthy
Steven Crowder
Greg Gutfeld
Drew Hastings
Nov-29,2022 23:17
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@Jacob_Hamet @ravens4dummies Always liked him in KC. Bateman injury could be serious, either way need a much better WR room. Greg Roman should be kept as run game coordinator or let go, but we need a new and fresh offensive philosophy. Can LJ run a better pass game? Is he Mahomes, Allen or Burrow?
Nov-29,2022 22:08
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KIMA Action News
The Lakewood community honored four fallen officers Tuesday morning who were killed 13 years ago in the line of duty.

On Nov. 29, 2009, Maurice Clemmons walked into a coffee shop and shot four officers preparing for their shifts.
Nov-29,2022 22:00
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Pausing to remember the victims, police and community members stood in the snow to change the flags at the fallen officer memorial.
Nov-29,2022 19:30
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Gregg gonya
@espn Josh Allen Kenny Picket with Joe Burrows easily the winner up to this point.
Nov-29,2022 19:24
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@Bickley_Marotta Greg Dortch, JJ Watt, Hollywood Brown, Zach Allen, Zach Ertz, Eno Benjamin before they idiotically benched him, then proceeded to cut him for being pissed about it.
Nov-29,2022 19:16
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Card Nerd
Check out 2021 Allen & Ginter Chrome Mini Gold Refractor Greg Maddux /50 Braves 💎PSA 10💎 #eBay via @eBay
Nov-29,2022 18:42
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  Latest News
JESSE WATTERS: Mom who allegedly drove car through BLM protesters to escape knows deep down she is not guilty
Dec-01,2022 01:15
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 Fox News @FoxNews

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seattle newswire
Lakewood community honors fallen officers on 13th anniversary of their deaths - KOMO News
Nov-29,2022 16:55
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Michael Allen
We can beat the Dutch but we are gonna have to play two halves of soccer. Love these players but Greg’s subs were bad against Iran. What does Gio have to do to see the pitch? #USMNT
Nov-29,2022 16:11
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Charlene Hobbs
@biggameJames_36 Here is my list Corey Fuller & Sawyer, Clay Shiver, Larry Key, Marvin Minnis, Greg Allen Andre Wadsworth, Reinhard Wilson, Terrell Buckley, Ron Simmons, Dexter Jackson,Derwin James, Rashad Greene, Bert Reid, Kez McCorvey, Peter Boulware.
Nov-29,2022 15:25
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Jon Scott
Von Miller and Dion Dawkins DNP because of injury.

Quintin Morris DNP due to illness.

Outside a few vet rest days, the other players listed on #Bills injury report were full participants, including Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds, A.J. Epenesa, Mitch Morse, and Greg Rousseau.
Nov-29,2022 14:54
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Rosario Grillo
@bigtroubleBB @posedmaloneJRY @Bullock_B_BGU Okay well yeah if you hate Tom Allen fuck you. Also when is Greg ever not mad?
Nov-29,2022 13:55
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gerald davis
@whodatdish here’s a scenario how about the Saints rehire Greg Williams as DC fire Dennis Allen, and bring in Mike Martz as head coach.
Nov-29,2022 13:06
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Bobbie Ga’Noush
@greg_price11 @benshapiro @Lukewearechange Sounds fair. You wouldnt expect a man to watch the view? Not a real man🤣
He walked away from their delusion. Or was it his delusion?
Hard to know with Kanye.
But fact is, woody allen might hump his daughter, but he would never have dinner with Hitler!
Nov-29,2022 01:44
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bethany beach irredentist 🇺🇦🦑🐌🚂🏗🤠📈🐵⛓
@rebeccathenaeum jim jordan would be such an obvious one tho. it’s gonna be some random sicko who’s been in politics a long time but hasn’t distinguished himself in the house much. think brian babin, greg steube, rick allen
Nov-28,2022 22:36
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@jonnydels @Greg_Panelli @JNay_LSS Dennis Allen has adopted the Fangio split safety coverage scheme over the years.
Nov-28,2022 21:18
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Buffalo Bills 2021 Donruss Factory Sealed 11 Card Team Set with Josh Allen and a Rated Rookie Card of Greg Rousseau Plus ROH3ZQ7

Nov-28,2022 20:36
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@JosephMirabile6 @zrockityray @MarvinYNWA @DaKidGowie My point exactly lol I could imagine we would of traded for vante or sumn and he isn’t doing as good as expected oh it’s Greg roman their always unhappy lol f*** em
Nov-28,2022 16:42
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Sage Epstein
@MLBNetwork Matt Carpenter on the yankees
Or Yankee legend Greg Allen
Nov-28,2022 16:17
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Kevin Siracuse
Great to see Greg Rousseau, A.J. Epenesa, Tremaine Edmunds, and Mitch Morse back to being full participants at practice today. And of course Josh Allen.
Nov-28,2022 15:43
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Heather Prusak
#Bills injury updates: Josh Allen (right elbow), Tremaine Edmunds (groin/heel), A.J. Epenesa (ankle), Cam Lewis (forearm), Mitch Morse (elbow/ankle), Jordan Phillips (eye), and Greg Rousseau (ankle) were full participants today at practice.
Nov-28,2022 15:41
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Mike Catalana
Players being sick has been going through this team since the Browns game. The good news is Josh Allen, Mitch Morse, Greg Rousseau and AJ Epenesa listed as full.
Nov-28,2022 15:41
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Jon Scott
Josh Allen a full participant in practice for 1st time since suffering elbow injury 3 weeks ago.

Mitch Morse, Greg Rousseau, Tremaine Edmunds & A.J. Epenesa also full participants.

Dion Dawkins and Von Miller only DNPs due to injury.

5 #Bills players still out with illness.
Nov-28,2022 15:41
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katherine fitzgerald
Josh Allen was a full participant today, the first time since he injured his right elbow on Nov. 6.
LB Tremaine Edmunds, DEs Greg Rousseau & AJ Epenesa and C Mitch Morse all also full participants:
Nov-28,2022 15:39
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Nicky T
NFL leaders
Josh Allen and Davis Mills 11 interceptions

Sam Ehlinger 69.7 QB Rating

Justin Fields 40 sacks

Justin Fields 238 sack yards lost

Trevor Lawrence 6 fumbles lost

Brandon McManus, Wil Lutz and Cade York 6 missed field goals

Greg Joseph 5 missed extra points
Nov-28,2022 15:05
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Greg Zumach
@beardown2022 “Never give up. Never surrender!”
- Tim Allen on Galaxy Quest
-Greg Zumach
Nov-28,2022 14:03
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Sosa The Locksmith
The Ravens got inside the 5 against the Bills in a tied game and JOHN HARBAUGH went for it…I doubt that was Greg Roman’s choice to keep the best kicker ever on the bench instead of giving your team a lead and putting pressure on Josh Allen…
Nov-28,2022 11:59
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  Latest News
A man seen punching an elderly Asian woman more than 100 times and stomping on her body in a surveillance video in New York has been sentenced to more than 17 years in state prison
Dec-01,2022 00:30
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NEN AllStar Football
Congratulations to the 2023 All Star Classic Football game Coaches!
WHITE TEAM: GREG WEMHOFF(H),Aaron Wilken,Landon Mackey,Scott Guzinski,Matt Euse,Kyle Kallhoff
RED TEAM: MARK BRAHMER(H),Jeff Bellar,Steve Heimes,Tom Allen,Carl Scholting,Tyler Legate
Nov-28,2022 11:38
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@NFLFantasy why is Allen Lazard now just light skin greg dortch
Nov-28,2022 11:31
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Jeremy Dombrady
@QuincyWheeler1 Pirates have had Kai Tom, Erik Gonzalez, Greg Allen, and Yu Chang each receive significant playing time over the last 2 seasons. Based on that, maybe Owen Miller and Will Benson get a Keller trade done? Haha
Nov-28,2022 10:19
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Kyle Rusie
@PatOlivares22 trust me ik greg roman did the same thing for the bills they fired him before they drafted josh allen and look what allen has done
Nov-28,2022 07:22
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@RealSkipBayless Even after bengals beat Chiefs Greg will still yammer on about the incredible Josh Allen Mahomes rivalry. We have been Chiefs assassins going back to 10-0 Vermeil Chiefs who lost to 4-5 Bengals and then lost out missing playoffs.
Nov-28,2022 02:08
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@sgellison What else is new. Greg out there with " purple lighting 54 zebra Edgar Allen poe post 49 dark bird go baby go" mf shorten it up
Nov-27,2022 22:27
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@RealGlenMacnow @RealGlenMacnow two simple moves would help Special Teams: elevating Allen for kick/punt coverage & Greg Ward for kick/punt returns. Also having Allen up allows a few deep routes a game to help stretch the field.
Nov-27,2022 22:23
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Tyler Smith
@FranchiseTuaa @skybgardner @Fins4life1983 @ProFootballHOF @Tua @bswhealth @HOFHealth How are you gonna sit here and say that you’ve been more injured than a team that has had injuries to von Miller, Micah Hyde, Jordan poyer, Mitch morse, Gabe Davis, Greg Rousseau, Kaiir elam, Christian Benford, tremaine edmunds and josh allen? That’s just the guys I can remember.
Nov-27,2022 20:23
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jets west
@ThomasBilello1 @brie0885 @greg_reiss1 @TrolledByWaddle always with the excuses. you guys keep winning against terrible defenses. at least we've taken down josh allen and aaron rodgers too. you guys lost to every above average defense, save for an injury riddled bills
Nov-27,2022 19:51
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Did we fire Dennis Allen or bench Andy Dalton yet? 🥴 #WhoDat

Nov-27,2022 19:21
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 Greg Allen (Twitter)

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