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What's New "Happy 1st"

Samira Sawlani
Happy 1st Birthday to @thecontinent_ - in just one year it’s become one of the best publications covering Africa.
A big congratulations to the whole team who work so so so hard - & the wonderful contributors.
Oh & I write a weekly column for it- I don’t know how I got so lucky.
Apr-18,2021 10:36
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Apr-17,2021 17:27
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Doug Yates
Happy birthday to my dad & hero. I will never forget winning the fall 2005 @TALLADEGA race. #RYR got its 1st and last win there. After the race we walked down pit road smiling, taking it all in. It was our last together w/ RYR and one of the most special. I miss him everyday.

Apr-19,2021 09:00
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Gaseous Clay
Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday to my baby boy Gideon!! Daddy's here, as promised...

Apr-19,2021 14:30
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Christina D.
@imgrund Just got 1st shot! Happy dance and thanking God 🙏😷
Apr-19,2021 14:29
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  Latest News
BREAKING: NBC News Special Report: Defense delivers closing arguments in Derek Chauvin's trial in George Floyd's death.

Apr-19,2021 12:39
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 NBC News @NBCNews

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purrdef🔗🌴albeom is coming
Happy 1st anniversary to one of the best album of GOT7❗❗👑 🐦🐦

#GOT7 #갓세븐 @GOT7Official

Apr-19,2021 14:29
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Showoff Swagga®
Today is a very special day! For the 1st time EVER im gonna celebrate my mothers birthday! 🎂
Apr-19,2021 14:28
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FLOW Art Competition
Thank you for all these wonderful artworks from our twin city Tuapse in Russia. We are so happy about the big participation in our competition! Wherever you live, you can also be a part of FLOW! Send us your artworks until July 1st!


Apr-19,2021 14:28
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Mommy R
Apr-19,2021 14:27
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Collectivists R Babies
@jane_gatsby I think one of the 1st things you must do to be happy is to look at your Expectations of what happiness is. I can tell you from somebody who is more or less in constant pain happiness for me is not a state of euphoria Or even feeling good. Will take feeling nothing
Apr-19,2021 14:26
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  Latest News
New Yorkers will soon be able to get Covid vaccines under the model of a blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday, as the museum is set to be one of the city’s newest mass vaccination sites.
Apr-19,2021 14:21
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 The New York Times @nytimes

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Isabelle Hyde
happy 1st birthday to my favorite discord

Apr-19,2021 14:25
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iju // SKZ x Gintama collab on pinned
Happy 1st anniversary GOT7- Dye EP
Apr-19,2021 14:24
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valar morghulis
I believe in wishing EVERYONE a happy birthday on the 1st of Jan. Take it or leave it
Apr-19,2021 14:23
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Happy birthday to Lady Pamela Hicks, youngest daughter of Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and first cousin of The Duke of Edinburgh, who is 92 today.

Apr-19,2021 14:19
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shaquille gregory
@MichaelBeck56 Would you be mad if we took him with that 1st pk, cause ik he just had surgery on somthing and people are kinda iffy on him, I’d be happy with that pk
Apr-19,2021 14:19
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mo 🍋
Really haven’t been this happy in so long! 1st day tomorrow @ 2pm
Apr-19,2021 14:16
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Corporate Sadhu 🇮🇳
@hussainhaidry Yes I agree maharaj is right,if you analysis wave 1st & 2nd
Public is roaming free like nothing will happen
Simple fever take it seriously it's Covid,
Hospitals are happy for making money, if patient die then due to Covid, hospitals playing both side.
Think above of poltics, H-M
Apr-19,2021 14:15
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Floofy got 2nd place in the game jam! Woot! 1st place in the categories 'fun', 'audio', and 'bug free'. Happy happy. #indiegame #IndieGameDev #itchio
Apr-19,2021 14:14
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Tb Yogi
@DonAdam68 @raravebles "00:00, let us be the 1st one who says happy birthday to Ayah" - Bunda @raravebles & Raul..

The background..😊..
Apr-19,2021 14:12
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L2 Writing Research Seminar
Just a reminder that early bird registration ends on the 1st of May. 👍

All information related to the #L2WRSeminar can be found at our website:

Also, feel free to DM for any enquiries, we are happy to help! 🖥️
Apr-19,2021 14:12
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On the lookout for a new promotion and online casino?

Betzest offers new players 100% up to €/$ 200 / NOK 3,000 for their 1st deposit:

Happy gambling! Play responsibly!

#onlinecasinobonus #onlinecasinos #onlinegambling #onlinecasinoreview #gambling4you

Apr-19,2021 14:11
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you dont understand how meaningful sunghoon wishes are. He put their trainee picture, then jay debut shooting and last jay picture for the 1st comeback!! He really treasure jay. Jayhoon for life!!

Apr-19,2021 14:11
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Charles McGhee
My 13 year old son Connor running that 40 at the FBU Regional Showcase. I gotta log in to get the results but happy for his 1st 40. Its Freshman Football time yes sir
Apr-19,2021 14:10
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RashBoy_MBE 1️⃣0️⃣
‘Modern’ football is a day old!!! Happy 1st day anniversary y’all 😏 #SuperLeague
Apr-19,2021 14:07
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Visit Vancouver USA
Some restaurant news: Happy hour is back at Smokin’ Oak (daily 2-5 pm), @RelevantCoffee has limited indoor seating (please read & respect the rules), & @rootscamas is open again for the 1st time in a year (reservations recommended)! 🍴☕️ #DiscoverVanUSA

L 📸: Andrea Hollenbeck

Apr-19,2021 14:06
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tenshi 🚧
Happy 1st A'TINversary sakin!
1st bias 💚 @jah447798
@SB19Official #SB19

My 1st fanart. My latest fanart

Apr-19,2021 14:05
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kevin cooke
@TatyanaMcFadden happy st patriots day tatyana 25 years ago ran this very warm the 100th 4h 22m 1h 55m 1st half 2h 27m 2nd half heartbreak hill did me in did ldn 6 days latter much better 1h 50m 1st half 2h 20m 2nd half 4h 10m hot as well bostons a mega place kev unite and hugs x
Apr-19,2021 14:04
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Alice Smithee 🌊🌊🌊
@guttedghost @nichoIasjones Yeah. MAYBE I'm biased BC I ship them, lol! But I noticed little moments like when the killer 1st calls Sid & she thinks it's Randy & she's all playful & the bit at the party where they're talking abt movies & she actually looks happy for the 1st time since the murders started.
Apr-19,2021 14:04
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🐼 - xP4Dx🎮 - Alexander Scott🦸‍♂️
@nmplol @xQc @djWHEAT are you happy with the way @Twitch front page looks?

Body paint streams.. When you paint certain parts of the body 1st. . why the chest? why not arms or legs where it is easy to write.. LOL its so obvious.

"Clean up on front page please"

Apr-19,2021 14:03
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Pakaji, Eve
Hello both of you, I feel beyond happy too that I could see both of you finally reunited each other. Happy 1st monthsary! Be blessed and may your relationship be surrounded by good prayers. Make it last! ✨

@kilaulaut @ahzaisar
Apr-19,2021 14:02
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happy bday our mood maker jay, rock chic jay🤩🤟🏻 on the special day of your 1st bday as enhypen member i wish you have the
absolute best day ever🙃❤️ you deserve every good thing that comes your way. thank you for bringing so much sunshine and happiness🎈🎂❤️
Apr-19,2021 14:01
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Continuing our 1st investigation in 👩‍⚖️DANGANRONPA: Transgender Happy Havoc!💀 Will we find the culprit, or die trying?
#Danganronpa #TwitchStreamer #LetsPlay #SupportSmallStreamers #TransTagNow #TransStreamer #GamerGirl #twitchtv
Apr-19,2021 14:01
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Temple Israel of New Rochelle
Let's get outside! It's Movie Night at Temple Israel. "The Mamboniks" is going to happen, and Sisterhood (along with co-sponsors Brotherhood) are crazy happy!

Space is limited. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Register NOW for Saturday, May 1st!

Apr-19,2021 14:01
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Colorado Tech Assn
Join us on June 1st for a Virtual CTA Member Happy Hour: Watching, Reading, & Listening: What are you consuming and loving?

Bring your beverage of choice and join us for a virtual toast to the Colorado technology community!
Apr-19,2021 14:00
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happy 1st birthday to my baby lucas💗

Apr-19,2021 13:58
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Cory Stover 🍥
@BlocksSega They stopped producing the cartridges and 1st party titles for the Vita awhile back. It was thriving through the community though, I agree. I'm just so happy it's staying.
Apr-19,2021 13:57
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@Raptors won last three games which makes me happy. @AlphaTauriF1 did OK this past weekend in 🇮🇹, and JP beat Ben Askren in 1st round which made me regret buying PPV to begin win 🤣 #sports #thoughts #streamer #twitch
Apr-19,2021 13:56
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Avakin Night 💖
Belated happy 1st Anniversary Discord Fam 🥰❤ iloveyou always
@enwayexx @chmnjn_ @mhgabendan

Apr-19,2021 13:55
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Señor Piñata🐾Mind yours
Yall remember the bitch who introduced her daughter to a nigga in the 1st date & asked him to pay for a happy meal in McDonalds? They really bold now
Apr-19,2021 13:54
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Han’s F9 carburetor
@TheLexGabrielle YES! I’m so happy to hear! Those 1st season couples are a MESS!
Apr-19,2021 13:54
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🦅 enhypen border : carnival full cod ph 📌

I love you so much, Jay! Thank you for existing!! You are my 20th buddy!!! Enjoy your 1st birthday as an ENHYPEN member!! ♡♡♡


Apr-19,2021 13:54
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4G Dopin
ㅤ ♒︎ ⋆ ꙳ Happy 1st monthiversary ❣️

( I love you aby @pejabbat 💖 )
Apr-19,2021 13:51
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i spy.
@TomAFC49Wenger @falsedress Its her life at 1st , stop telling woman what to do what to not she is at happy place in her life. You ound so dumb i am embarrassed you will have a daughter some day my gawd
Apr-19,2021 13:50
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Kei 🔗 DAY6 You Make Me 💙❤️
Happy 1st Anniversary, DYE era! The era that saved the first half of 2020. The era that gave us a fresh reset in the kpop industry. 🎉 The era that gave us these ethereal princes looks of the sevens. 😭💚 Indeed, GOT7 could pull off any concept effortlessly.

#GOT7 @GOT7Official
Apr-19,2021 13:49
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Pavan Amarnath Duvvuri
@RinkiSharma @Drsarika005 @ChangeOrg_Hindi @ChangeOrg_India I am one of them who have signed your petition and it is happy ending now Rinki Hoping that enough doses of vaccine will be ready from may 1st. Thank to each and everyone who have signed the petition.
Apr-19,2021 13:48
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Ravencoin Robbo
@Indexinvest @DrMantisSR Ucl group stages are the biggest waste of time
The 1st leg of most ucl games are dead
Relegation is needed but I guess they want a core group
Not happy about that but uefa are crooks and corrupt
The less power they have the better
Apr-19,2021 13:46
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I know that Sehun was the reason that lead me to exo but believe me when I say that just like almost every exol out there- you were also my 1st love. In your 30s, 40s and as long as you're living, I'll support you. Happy Birthday to my lulu, I love you!!🥺♥️

Apr-19,2021 13:45
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Still Dead Fresh 🥶 If Da Feds Watchin👀 Happy Birthday To My 1st Born ❤️ #5yearslater‼️

Apr-19,2021 13:45
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Saving Suffering Strays 🐾🐶🐕
🎂🎉🐾 We would like to wish all the pups rescued from the underground tunnels in Sarajevo a belated Happy Birthday for yesterday. Some of our beloved tunnel
pups were lucky enough to meet yesterday to celebrate their birthday.Happy 1st Birthday pups
💕 #birthday #firstbirthday

Apr-19,2021 13:44
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1ST Clan
#1stfear 😁
We are happy to announce that we won @agroesports on the score of 10/9

Ggs to our players 🐐1st warko 1st sharky and 1st keiz

🎨 @bYsara.dzn

😈 #1stpower

Apr-19,2021 13:42
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 Happy 1st (Twitter)