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What's New "Jane Hume"

@sofewcharacters @SkyNewsAust I was directing my message to jane hume
Jul-05,2022 12:19
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Raju Kimkb
@BenjaminCylus @Advaitsawant19 Cuz iran se mehenga padta hume so we decided pactan no wonder fir humne adha to iran se hi jane diya what will happen if india bans trade with pakistan wo medicines ka bhav kitna badega even chinais buying(small portion)
from india why you guys are not buying from china?
Jul-05,2022 10:32
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Peta-Louise Mary Cretin UnAustralian AO
Shadow Finance Minister Jane Hume says introducing a gender target may be the “better option” for the Liberal Party than a gender quota because she is a female and she is a Liberal, and says she will never go back when she is back in black.
Much Love
PC 🥰

Jul-05,2022 09:45
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Chris Bruce
@criprights @philmupp1 News flash Linda

quotas won’t help one iota when your party recruits women of the ilk of Hollie Hughes, Michaelia Cash, Amanda Stoker, Jane Hume, Anne Ruston, Katherine Deves, Susssssan et al.

people like this are the problem.
Jul-05,2022 09:05
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Vic Maz
@_themacdaddy_ @davidbewart @KymLouC Isn't that Jane Hume's advice too, " marry well" 😄😄😄
Jul-05,2022 08:32
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Sky News Australia
Shadow Finance Minister Jane Hume says introducing a gender target may be the “better option” for the Liberal Party than a gender quota.
Jul-04,2022 20:10
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01101010 01101111 01100010 01110011 01110100
@BrentHodgson They ALL have 'selective blindness' when it comes to choosing party members.

Jane Hume - or Reynolds for that matter - just fits the description of whatever goes on in those self-absorbed, greedy and misogyginistic heads of 80% of the #LNP.
Jul-04,2022 18:43
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Women causing strife again in Liberal Party?
Seriously they are slow learners! Go check the comments on the Australian articles. #Credlin
If those woke women keep dancing to that tune the Liberal Party are stuffed. Jane Hume is not a good person to talk about this issue. IMO
Jul-04,2022 18:36
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@MettaBhavana1 I think Jane Hume pays Hollie to be the stupid one ...
Jul-04,2022 14:01
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Julie Whittaker
@gregbrown_TheOz @rosieslewis Really? Linda Reynolds giving advice to the Libs, regarding women? 🤣

And just who would they want more of?
Holly Hughes, Jane Hume, Sarah Henderson. lolz.
That's the calibre of women drawn to the Libs.....that's their problem!
Jul-04,2022 12:02
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Opinion: Being alcohol-free doesn’t mean being sent to the kids’ table any more
Jul-05,2022 12:52
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 The Sydney Morning Herald @smh

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@BrentHodgson Hollie Hughes, Sarah Henderson & Josh's bestie, Jane Hume as well!
Jul-04,2022 10:47
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Jenny Frecklington-Jones 🇺🇦🌏🔥💉♀️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
@steele4hughes @BrentHodgson I'd love this to be the case but am not convinced about the type of female the Liberals are attracting today eg Amanda Stoker and Katherine Deves on top of Anne Ruston Hollie Hughes Jane Hume. None of these people are good people. IMO.
Jul-04,2022 10:42
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🌱🐝 Mel J
@SuxHypocrisy I’m sure Kitching never made a formal complaint. She was a seasoned & tough political operator. The Liberals co opting Kitching as a hapless victim diminishes her legacy. And deflects from Liberals’ real bullying issues.

Jane Hume attended that march.
The hypocrisy never ceases

Jul-03,2022 22:34
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Mo Foster
@SuxHypocrisy @SenatorHume The A to Z of Jane Hume is embedded in repugnancy or idiocy smh
Jul-03,2022 22:26
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@Lisa1artist @SkyNewsAust I think you’ve confused the previous one with Jane Hume. 🤣
Jul-03,2022 21:35
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Okay, so we all are going to Delhi. Sayu hume Delhi leke jane wali hai... Time for new clothes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #ShaheerSheikh #KriSa #WTHA @Shaheer_S
Jul-03,2022 21:25
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Carolyn Nulty
@SuxHypocrisy Jane Hume is not a nice person. I'll leave it there.
Jul-03,2022 16:23
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Senator Jane Hume proving Liberal women can be 'equally' as disgusting as Liberal men.
We must never forget.
Jul-03,2022 16:21
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@Calliope1925 @Smizzy777 @TheKennyDevine @TimSmithMP It’s amazing how VIC Liberals attract the trash of Australia:
Tim Smith
Richard Riordan
Bev MacArthur
Georgie Crozier
James Newbury
Sam Groth
Jeff Kennett
Henry Bolte
Sarah Henderson
Jane Hume
Tim Wilson
Alan Tudge
Michael Sukkar
Kevin Andrews!
Deplorable deplorables!
Jul-03,2022 11:25
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💉💉💉💉Dave L
@SteveOscarbravo @cranemary1 No, Jane Hume was a Canberra pressure relief vessel. Hey Scumbo?
Jul-03,2022 00:37
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SA laws to be changed to make it easier for shoppers to use own food containers
Jul-05,2022 09:29
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 ABC News @abcnews

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Su Mie
@Itsoverforus @6NewsAU Callous to use the untimely death of Jane Hume get your rocks off with political blame and abuse. Disgusting.
Jul-02,2022 21:49
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Bobby Singh
@sd78004 Jane do Hume kya bro
Jul-02,2022 20:10
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Steve Oscar
@cranemary1 jane Hume is a girlfriend
Jul-02,2022 16:31
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michael grove
@RonniSalt @simonahac @PeterDutton_MP Serious question where is Jane Hume these days, has the mantle been handed to Hollie Hughes
Jul-02,2022 09:35
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Sit Down Boofhead
@RonniSalt @simonahac @PeterDutton_MP Jane Hume has gone very quiet.
Jul-02,2022 09:23
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@trishgreenhalgh OMG they finally asked the mask question on morning news....Should we be bringing masks back? LNP politician Jane Hume,........"No I don't think so...people are over it!" Why are they asking her... why are they still putting these loosers on TV! What a nim wit!!!
Jul-02,2022 08:07
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💧John Mair QGM
Jane Hume likes him a lot 😜
Jul-01,2022 23:39
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Warren reardon
@thetopjob Hmmm ! Hope she doesn’t have a Hollie Hughes or Jane Hume demeanour ?
Jul-01,2022 20:51
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@srishtipatel Jane do yaar hume kya lena dena unse hum apne #TejRan pe focus karte hain itne payare idols hain humare. Fans to kya highlight karna fans ka to kam hi hain love spread karna for their idols jo nahi karte unko report & block karo. I m so proud of my #TejRanFam yaar. Love you all.
Jul-01,2022 15:25
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ferdi magellan
@YugNivek @shambolicgirl @fearpornvictim @sstockwe @SkyNewsAust Hollie Hughes indicated that she would contribute to the Liberal Party review conducted by Brian Loughnane and Jane Hume.
Jul-01,2022 12:45
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in search of integrity
@Peter_Fitz I'm assuming that with Jane Hume perceived as 'close' to Scott Morrison, Hollie has replaced her as a go to female voice for the Liberals. The content, however, doesn't reflect any mature processing of the election.
Jul-01,2022 09:20
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Phil Smith
@msjaneymac_jane @SickBagAlice I did vote for him. I think the rest of the Labour Party had a hand in some of these things as well, as did people like John Hume for the GFA, real courage on his part. However, Blair always supported the monied, Murdoch etc. Ordinary people need more than platitudes.
Jul-01,2022 08:22
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ProBiBly 🏖🏳️‍🌈💉💉💉
@FixatedUnits Anyone seen Jane Hume lately 🤔
Jun-30,2022 22:20
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Anthony Norman
@MyFirstCousin ... and Jane Hume walks in and drinks all the gin. #LNPNeverAgain 🔵📉🤮
Jun-30,2022 20:55
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Wh👀 Care💤
@Lifeofannu Allah jane kon hote hen ese elders hume to middle child hote hue b pisna prta ha 🥺
Jun-30,2022 20:21
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ausjbird446💉x 4 👍 🇦🇺🇺🇦🇦🇺❤️🐕‍🦺
@ThongLyn Delicious indeed!! Does anyone know where Jane Hume (brunette barbie) is. Hollie Hughes has been hauled out and Jane seems absent!

Jun-30,2022 17:53
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Namslovekaran(Kksquad forever)
Agar x govt mai sushant ko justice mila hota to Hume bhe Bura lagta govt Jane ka....Karma ...hope and pray sushant get justice with new govt in Maharashtra. #SushantSinghRajput
Jun-30,2022 16:02
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Diogenes of Melbourne
@AngieTrianta I understand the point that you are making. But it’s not valid. Let’s sub in Amanda Stoker, Michalia Cash, Jane Hume, Bronwyn Bishop, Teresa May( I could go on). Would that make one iota difference? Your argument is just based on stereotypes. That’s a fail. We need good people.
Jun-30,2022 12:27
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Claire Heaney
Looks like Hollie Hughes is tag teaming with Jane Hume. Nary a peep from Jane. Very quiet around her Bridge Rd office. Is Jane overseas? Perhaps a world gin tour.

Jun-30,2022 08:55
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Daamon Parker (he/him) 🌏🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦
@thespecialbka They’ll draw from Young Libs, kids of Hollie Hughes, Jane Hume, Canavan and the like, Caleb Bond and his mates…
Jun-30,2022 07:44
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Comrade Dogboy
@tonyreeswoods @deblamb42 @4corners @LiberalAus Because Jane Hume is on holidays.
Jun-29,2022 23:55
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@ShiannonC Jane Hume has been very quiet. Must be hard work manufacturing a election review that will be palatable to the Libs.
Jun-29,2022 21:59
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TomB 🕯🐀 77 is a beautiful number
Just a pleasant thought I decided to share. I haven’t heard from Senator Jane ‘death taxes’ Hume since the election. Warned the cockles of this guy’s heart.
Jun-29,2022 20:17
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Can I Just say....
@katethekhemist Well I think she is tag teaming with Jane Hume seems one or the other
Jun-29,2022 20:13
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𝐊𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐤 𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐢🤍
💔Something never changes ..!! Missing old days 💔 - JANE KISKI HUME LAG GAYI HAI NAZAR✨
Jun-29,2022 17:38
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@kkundrra @itsmetejasswi Awwwwieee.Our Pyaarus . Listen na un toxic logo ko Jane do, don't give any attention to them. There's millions like us who love you guys a lot. Will stand for,by and beside you always and forever. 🫶🏻 Lastly AAP aur Apke baby kuch stories de hi sakte ho Hume please 🥺
Jun-29,2022 04:23
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@FAIZANN45 #MunawarKiJanta
Ek baat bolu...
Plz don't give me hate replies if u don't agree with me...
Par plz jane do ab guys...
Hume kewal M ke haters ko troll krna hai....
Target only haters...sare bure nai hain
Jun-28,2022 21:01
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@AnnieW1303 Buying Hollie Hughes for 40k you think she would throw in Jane Hume as well to sweeten the deal.
Jun-28,2022 19:37
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Mick Cowan
@GrogsGamut It may be a two horse race at least.
Jun-28,2022 19:05
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Julie Whittaker
@Peter_Fitz @Olfella56 It seems that they get to take turns.
When it seems that the public has had enough, the new one takes over.
She's now taken over from Jane Hume to spew forth her ignorant bull 💩
Jun-28,2022 18:03
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@Daysed4Dayz @matttburke That's Jane Hume
Jun-28,2022 17:59
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Julie Whittaker
@MikeCarlton01 Hollie Hughes thinks that Keynes is Marxist? lolz. 🤣

Who in the Liberal party gives her permission to spew all of her bull 💩

She seems to have taken over from Jane Hume, as 'special' spokesperson.
Jun-28,2022 17:09
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Lisa McK58
@VentJana @tonyreeswoods @4corners @LiberalAus Plus they needed to give us a break from Jane Hume after the election campaign!
Jun-28,2022 17:05
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Cressida Dunnart
@mazt_t @tonyreeswoods NSW version of Vic’s Jane Hume
We are condemned to her particularly noxious ‘stylings’ for another three years
Jun-28,2022 15:24
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💧 Leigh Bentley
@Peter_Fitz She makes a nice change from Jane Hume...and much funnier than Anne Ruston
Jun-28,2022 15:06
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Paula Mavridoglou
@Peter_Fitz What has happened to Jane Hume ?
Jun-28,2022 13:27
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steve ross
@Antipodi21 @AngieTrianta @favfavalore So this is the ALP talking point? Maybe you should ask Jane Hume, who is being sued by SHaC, just how friendly things are.
Jun-28,2022 12:02
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Not Tim Wilson
@JoshDrayton4 Jane Hume was one of the early graduates. She was trained well in the art of self-importance while remaining ignorant of the effect of her ideology on the common folk.
Jun-28,2022 11:33
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Hollie Hughes is the Jane Hume of Bronwen Bishops.
Jun-28,2022 09:41
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WE Screwed Morrison
@winimwil She and Jane Hume are just vile.
Jun-28,2022 07:24
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Warren reardon
@kathy_skidmore1 Hollie and her entraining Adams Family gigs. She just needs to appear more with Gomez ( aka Dutton) ! They make a lovely couple ! Haven’t seen much of good old Jane Hume lately is she tag teaming with Hollie & Michaela ?
Jun-28,2022 06:56
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Austin Docherty
What is wrong with these people in the Information Technology & Services Industry that they want to follow Jane Hume.

What am I missing?

Jun-27,2022 19:46
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fatejo_ Lovers ❤
@PalakGo04237176 Jane do hume aab sub end ho gya 😭😭, sub move on karo
Jun-27,2022 18:31
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Sweta Chouksey
Understand kro kuch baat hogi hume kya pta bina Jane hi rest mat kroo
#Priyankit #fatejo #udaariyaan
Jun-27,2022 18:24
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Tom TheTabbyCat
@JonesHowdareyou On the plus side I haven’t seen Jane Hume lately, which is always welcome. She was getting to be ubiquitous.
Jun-27,2022 13:53
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💧Jimmy G🕯
@louiseadler @simonahac @australian @MonashPub @noeltowell @kishor_nr @theage @smh #GerardHerderson needs to go watch that Jane Hume interaction again. No aggression from Simon at all.
Jun-27,2022 12:47
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Ewart, Dave
@CeltPowell @Birmo and jane hume
Jun-27,2022 11:05
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Lee 🇺🇦🌻
@DawsonEJ @SenKatyG big change from Jane Hume saying that the proof they cared about diversity was when she got a bunch of her female corporate mates 'make work jobs' on various govt boards
Jun-27,2022 09:43
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Miro Jurcevic
@MikeKennedy1906 @australian @simonahac Jane Hume is a privileged wasp. The hardest work she has ever done is picking colours. Having to engage in a high stakes conversation with a quadrillionaire, she resorted to Using her black belt in Karen
Jun-26,2022 19:15
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Mary Porter
@louiseadler @simonahac @australian @MonashPub @noeltowell @kishor_nr @theage @smh Jane Hume is awful. Good on him…
Jun-26,2022 18:29
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@roobiefox I had horrible flashbacks of Jane Hume just then 😳 Enjoy!
Jun-26,2022 17:43
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joan kunze
@NatColeman28 @MrHunterSmith What a laugh that Brian, & Jane Hume are running the investigation into why the grotesquerie lost the election.

Jun-26,2022 11:36
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Chloe from Clovelly--Grouchy Marxist
@masondc886 Hello W
I know she is Jane Hume's mother, but who/what was the father?
Jun-26,2022 10:48
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Some serious Jane Hume energy here from Lowe …
Blaming Australia for his inadequacies as the Liberals do
Jun-26,2022 06:22
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 Jane Hume (Twitter)

Taylor Fritz   Kubler   Christian Eriksen   Joey Chestnut   Solo Leveling   F1   Alex de Minaur   Copenhagen   Novak Djokovic   Red Hot Chili Peppers   
#4Corners   Ukraine   Happy 4th of July   Hawaii   Gerald   #NAIDOC2022   Bette   Kyrgios   #Wimbledon   Albo   #WWERaw   Angus   #HighlandPark   Chicago   America   Littleproud   Estelle   Sarah Ferguson   Scomo   De Minaur   Show Up   Marles   Torres Strait   Daily Quordle 162   Alex Hawke   Taras   Independence Day   Garin   Perrottets   CPRS   AR-15