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What's New "Rex Manning"

roxane gay
Happy Rex Manning Day
Apr-08,2021 14:02
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
It's April 8th, so Happy Rex Manning Day! (if you know, you know) #EmpireRecords

Apr-08,2021 13:02
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Ethan Embry
Rex Manning and Save the Empire are both currently trending under the subject “Politics” as they should.
Apr-08,2021 09:26
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(((Bobble Head Lives believes in The OA)))
Happy Belated Rex Manning Day!!! #EmpireRecords #Superb #April8

Apr-13,2021 23:37
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Bee. 🐝
I’m so mad at myself that I forgot Rex Manning Day.
Apr-13,2021 20:16
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"I am very happy to return with new music and share this new experience with my fans" 🎶 @konnect_danielk is here with his brand new mini-album #YELLOW and shares the inspiration behind his latest project 👏🎤 #KANGDANIEL Full interview here:
Apr-13,2021 09:00
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 ET Canada @ETCanada

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Gregg "Cabe" Bond
It's recently come to my attention that I have missed Rex Manning Day.

I shall begin a period of quiet contemplation at my failure, and will not be taking questions at this time.
Apr-13,2021 18:27
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Hon. Don Gerard
@shikkaba @davetotheross I think Rex Manning Day was last week...
Apr-13,2021 15:17
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Rebate Offer

Apr-13,2021 13:20
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What's better than Rex Manning Day? BBQ food truck day at work that's what!
Apr-13,2021 07:34
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Jonathan P Hills
I know there's a few things going on in the world,

but I'm still surprised I missed Rex Manning day on April 8th 😱

Rex has had such significant influence on the world since 1995

So we mustn't dwell!
Not today,
Not on Rex Manning day


#RexManningDay #empirerecords
Apr-13,2021 02:09
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'Prime suspect' arrested in 1996 disappearance of California student
Apr-14,2021 00:15
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 CTV News @CTVNews

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Ignore this crab (vaccinated)
@MonocleMan1 Huh? Was it not just Rex Manning day?
Apr-13,2021 00:27
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Movieman Steve
#OddReasonsToHaveAParty it's Rex Manning Day!
Apr-12,2021 23:30
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@wondersmith_rae I know that’s the Rex Manning movie but I never saw it.
Apr-12,2021 22:21
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Matt Harvey
Live every day like it's Rex Manning Day
Apr-12,2021 22:10
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We went to a SB with a mid tier QB.

Peyton Manning won a SB during a season in which he threw 9 TDS and 17 INTs

Trent Dilfer

Rex Grossman

In my opinion the best QB in this draft will not be in the top 5
Apr-12,2021 19:27
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@HelaoSouse Empire Records since we just celebrated Rex Manning Day!
Apr-12,2021 11:13
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Lizzy Doxsey
@BeardedCaviar @AyoCaesar Is that Rex Manning? 😂
Apr-12,2021 07:30
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‘Empire Records’ Fans Come Out In Droves to Get ‘Rex Manning’ To Trend on Twitter
Apr-12,2021 07:25
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Jason Folger😷
@meidas_H @MuellerSheWrote Happy late Rex Manning Day..
Apr-11,2021 23:23
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Emily Harris
@sad13 It’s so close to Rex Manning Day!
Apr-11,2021 21:53
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Apr-11,2021 20:50
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♱ ᐱᑐԻլ ♱
@DJGlittertitts Fuckkk I missed Rex Manning day
Apr-11,2021 20:15
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@EmbryEthan happy belated Rex Manning Day.
Apr-11,2021 20:11
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Elsie Carlisle
“A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.” Words by Eric Maschwitz, music by Manning Sherwin (1940). Recorded by Elsie Carlisle under the musical direction of Jay Wilbur on April 11, 1940. Rex 9816.
Apr-11,2021 19:26
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Sam Hurst
@rhondablue84 @RStoned171 Because of Rex Manning Day!!
Apr-11,2021 15:03
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Shereen Seys Latvala
@RStoned171 Empire Records
Rex Manning day of course!
Apr-11,2021 13:54
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Aaron Patchell
I feel as though not having Rex Manning’s hit song “Say No More, Mon Amore” on the Empire Records soundtrack is a travesty. #rexmanningday #empirerecords #damntheman #savetheempire #cinephile
Apr-11,2021 13:46
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Han, Solo
@SYIMS_Podcast it was Rex Manning day this week and I’ve just watched Palm Springs.
Can you think of any other films that take place on ONE day and the date is mentioned? #challengeSYiMS

Apr-11,2021 13:09
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Tim Williams
15 years and 364 days ago I thought life couldn’t get any better, I mean it was San Diego. But the next day, I met @JoeArnold412. Time sure does fly when you spend it with your best friend. Happy Rex Manning Day #16!

Apr-11,2021 12:50
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John N.E. Hill
@RStoned171 High Fidelity! Don’t tell my wife though, she takes Rex Manning day very seriously!
Apr-11,2021 12:01
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Justin Eastwood
Missed Rex Manning Day, damn the man!

Apr-11,2021 09:55
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🇺🇸 Rick Wright 🇺🇸
@RStoned171 The one with Rex Manning!
Apr-11,2021 09:17
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The Brodhisattva
It's #podcast recording day, and I feel like @LivTyler on Rex Manning Day! This is me promising not to awkwardly attempt to seduce my guest via zoom. #empirerecords #podcaster
Apr-11,2021 09:09
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@MarumPatrick Not on Rex Manning Day!!
Apr-11,2021 09:09
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KC the Accumulator
One of the parts I’ve never seen before is Rex Manning’s remark about blue cheese deserting dressing. That was a shock.
Apr-11,2021 08:11
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@IMDb Happy "Rex Manning Day"!,also to you.
Friends of:"Imdb".
Apr-11,2021 04:07
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No More Late Fees Podcast
@beckyattwood07 Don't fret! Rex Manning Day is every day!
Apr-10,2021 23:42
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No More Late Fees Podcast
@PlaylistWars There's no time limit on Rex Manning Day. No doubt you enjoyed your viewing!
Apr-10,2021 23:38
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Ashley Traughber
@Meg__Walker You’re not the only person who mentioned this Rex Manning. I have no idea what it’s in reference too.
Apr-10,2021 20:53
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James Thompson
Ahh man!! Just realized I missed Rex Manning Day!
Apr-10,2021 19:17
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Only 364 more days till Rex Manning Day!
Apr-10,2021 18:59
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Wallace M Landers
@titty_tornado Lol ! Rex Manning Its Gina(Rene Z)..All day everyday..Debra(R Tunney)...T Tornado..That movie Fits you to a T..Pun intended,You have a beautiful expressive face,Photogenic..Do local commercials Print and Film in your area..Correction,My Fine "OLD"!! have a great wkend
Apr-10,2021 18:59
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Joe Dunn
I’m watching EMPIRE RECORDS tonight, two days after Rex Manning Day, because FUCK Rex Manning. He’s a piece of crap.
Apr-10,2021 18:20
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@LBuckeye77 Rex Manning Day!!! 🤣🤣 loved that movie
Apr-10,2021 16:30
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can’t believe i missed rex manning day...
Apr-10,2021 16:11
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What I would give to hear Bono sing a chorus of of the age old Rex Manning hit Say No More, Mon Amor. Yes, yes. I know but that’s just how things look in my head. #thevirtualroad #empirerecords #saynomoremonamor
Apr-10,2021 15:52
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Joe D
@falselogic @ZefMex @Alixsar I know Rex Manning Day was a few days ago, leave me alone, nerds.
Apr-10,2021 15:34
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Hey, Never hesitate to start email marketing.

Rex Manning Rashford #2ndAmendment

#emailmarketing #retweet #personalcontacts

Apr-10,2021 13:00
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Sales !!! Etsy shoppers email list.

Diddy Second Amendment Rex Manning

#advertising #etsymarketing #etsyshop

Apr-10,2021 13:00
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happy rex manning day... SIKE fuck rex manning all my homies hate him
Apr-10,2021 12:49
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