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What's New "SWITCH ON D-1"

@KMurreh Even if he does, will he have any outlet for d ball? With Ferran Torres, city can switch to a false nine system where ferran can easily drop in to cause a headache for Jorgi and Kova, if on of James or Alonso can get past their man(sadly can't) then playing with Timo's dummy/1
Sep-25,2021 06:35
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BLM UNick | Stop Asian Hate
@LuxxyFGC @XmasArcana Bayo 1's also on Steam (how I played it) and Xbox 360
Bayo 2's only on Wii U and Switch
Unless the bundle saves you money I'd recommend getting Bayo 1 on steam because it's likely prettier than the switch version and it ran perfectly smooth on my low-end gaming laptop
Sep-25,2021 04:42
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Brendan Montgomery
@Conblob Right. Manchin can get elected regardless of party. He also understands that a party switch takes him out of power, as he'd be 1 of 51. Sinema, on the other hand...
Sep-25,2021 01:42
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VR Nima
@Chocobo_Burger @Replicant813 1. That doesn’t work on original hardware

2. For anyone who actually has friends in the real world, they’d know that there’s an infinitely higher chance that your buddy from college has a Switch and is willing to play MK64 online through that than set up an emulator with netplay
Sep-25,2021 00:06
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PikachuRocky MY Store

💜Outbox + DVD RM50
💜Photobook + Poster RM50
💜Postcard Set RM50

Each Set buy will get 1 random Switch On official PC

End: 1/10

Order in the form:

@astromartmy @astrotradingMY

Sep-24,2021 21:43
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Yo everyone I bought dadish on switch and it’s a fantastic platform we I’d recommend it. It’s only 1.99 right now so go spend your gold point on it. Trust @tommy_ill killed it
Sep-24,2021 19:24
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N64 and Genesis games on Switch with NSO is amazing.. though it'd be even more amazing if the leak was wrong and they weren't an even more expensive tier with no other added benefits or improvements to online stuff... Also I love how Bayo plays I should probably actually do 1 & 2
Sep-24,2021 12:41
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@AccountCum I’d switch between 1 and 2 depends on which way I’m swinging ;)
Sep-24,2021 12:28
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romania hoe
@gym_perfect10 why doesnt she just do a switch ring + switch 1/2 on floor i guarantee she'd eat that up
Sep-24,2021 12:10
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@Lonnie30johnson you’re ASS bruh 😂😂 why’d you switch your number to 1 again?? Boy ain’t did shit all season and you wanna talk shit on twitter smh, get good at football first like I said.
Sep-24,2021 11:04
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LOOK: Vice President Leni Robredo on Facebook denied rumors circulating online that a presidential contender asked P1 billion from her in exchange of running as her vice president next year.

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Sep-25,2021 07:47
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 Inquirer @inquirerdotnet

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My Nintendo Direct Thoughts:
- New 3D Kirby game actually looks great
- KOTOR 1 on switch is cool
- Metroid Dread still looks awesome
- Zelda OOT/MM coming to Switch Online is great, but I don't have the service. I'd rather just be able to buy them standalone.
Sep-24,2021 10:28
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Also ended up downloading Deltarune on Switch even though I haven't started chapter 2 on the Steam version, and I wound up playing through the opening part of chapter 1 again (just past going through the big door). I'd forgotten just how good that opening section is.
Sep-24,2021 10:21
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MJ The Mjagical Mjelody Mjaker
While I’m excited for N64 games on Switch, I’d personally pay Nintendo a thousand dollars if they did a Sega Master System collection with Sonic 1 and 2.
Sep-24,2021 07:04
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Champion Rey 👑
I'm excited Horror Land is back as its my favorite MP2 map, but god damn...MP3 getting only 1 map really hurt. Oh well, hopefully there are DLC maps.

Also even though I'd much rather play on emulators or even the XBox port, its amazing seeing Banjo-Kazooie on Switch. 😭😭
Sep-24,2021 06:44
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cain if dark souls 1 could barely run on switch what makes you think they'd be able to get 2 to run
Sep-24,2021 05:18
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@7luckydogs @DougCollinsUX @axurerp although the 1 thing I've struggled with lately with Axure is the publishing. It is very confusing on how to switch between business and personal accounts. It seems like It'd be easy, but spent a few hours this morning trying to figure out what was going on.
Sep-24,2021 02:33
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Since one of the #NintendoDirect rumors is an N64 Library for Switch, I'd be down for just about anything in there. My physical library for that system was Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, Pokemon Snap, and Star Wars Racer.

(I was 8 and I used the N64 for Pokemon on a TV.)
Sep-24,2021 00:56
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@deelomas Depends on what you do. As a pilot I'd have flights longer than that & didn't use a phone when flying. As a video producer it's 'phones off' during shoots & occasionally that lasts a while; & when I have a heavy writing job I switch the phone off & leave it in another room.
Sep-24,2021 00:24
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@forestminish 1.Waluigi for smash (since people have been wanting this for a long time)
2.more info on BDSP
3.Windwaker for Switch (I'd love to play it but I don't own a Wii u or a GameCube)
Bonus unrealistic wish, GB games come to Nintendo online and some GB Pokémon games are included.
Sep-23,2021 23:04
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Cleveland Cam
I’d just like to say that @Fwiz makes YT Gaming look more attractive by the day for live streaming.

Haven’t made the switch, but as I approach 1,000 subscribers on YT, it is more and more intriguing. His transparency is unmatched.

Helps that he’s a Cleveland/Browns guy too 😏
Sep-23,2021 21:01
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Vice President Leni Robredo issued this message to answer both critics and supporters who had been speculating about the reason for her seeming reluctance to commit to running for the presidency in the 2022 elections.

Sep-25,2021 10:17
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 Inquirer @inquirerdotnet

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angel (they/them)
@MatiasPoyraz yes, but they may not have access :)
also seen as chapter 1 was on switch, it'd be nice if chapter 2 was too :)
Sep-23,2021 19:34
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Just Andre
@earthbound64 I'd love an option in future chapters to be able to ask Ralsei to put back on or take back off his hat so we're able to switch back to his Chapter 1 sprites if we want!
Sep-23,2021 18:11
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Harry // cp: Resident Evil 5 + 2
@Jamesco52777863 @SamusHunter2 @axlanian i don’t see the re in the direct being the same one as what’s in TGS. If it’s a 0,1,4,5 or 6 remaster then i don’t know how it’d run on the switch tbh. Maybe it could be a collection for switch? like the hd versions of the original games?
Sep-23,2021 14:31
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@forestminish 1. Pokemon D/P Remake and Arceus info.
2. BoTW2 info
3. Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars available on switch
Sep-23,2021 11:56
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🗣〽️S. 🔑to 🎂s💋
@humbleakh_1 Switch is good for family and kid play all n all it really depends on what games you’d like or want to play
Sep-23,2021 09:51
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Pauly Walnuts, Anti-Omnipotent Moral Busybodies
@GSWIndiana @HAv2RtrnVdeoTps @breakonthru234 Yeah for that OG setup, put the original handguards back on. White light flashlight in 1" ring that mounts to barrel under FSB, with remote switch velcro'd to handguard

Sep-23,2021 08:44
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@CeciliaSakura Genshin on the switch I'd want that lol. Xenoblade X I'd be down cause I played 1 and 2
Sep-23,2021 06:53
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Hunter 1
@Foone I'd go with Book of Games Volume 1; I have fond memories of playing that on the family Mac LC... and not so fond memories of having to change the video settings, because that game did not do 256 color mode and couldn't auto-switch settings.
Sep-23,2021 05:33
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Painwheelacta (Galacta K.)
@BolioArt BUUUUUT I don't think it'd be this timeline ...
I mean, even if the WHOLE FRANCHISE decided to come on Switch + 1 exclusive game ... will it just fit in CERO limitations ?
Sep-23,2021 03:33
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James Covach
@forestminish 1. GB games online, castlevania advance collection, more Zelda games ported over, final smash character, Splatoon 3
2. All 2-d Metroids shadow dropped on switch with Metroid prime 4 re-reveal as the one more thing
3. New breath of the wild 2 trailer with a March 2022 release date
Sep-23,2021 02:14
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𝔹𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕕ℙ𝕠𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕠™ is LIVE 💕 on twitch.
I kinda stream whatever game I'm fixated on. So you could see the same 1-3 games in rotation for a few months then I'll switch it up
Or a day to few weeks. Depends on my mood. I'd call it whimsical streaming.
Or musical streams if you will.

Second party coming.
Sep-23,2021 01:27
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🐇 Lucia, The Questing Bunny 🐇
I'd like a new StarFox please!
And Star Ocean 2! Since we got part 1, we need part 2!

Of course, I'd like Lunar to come to Switch, but that's just a little dream on my part.
Sep-23,2021 01:01
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Swear to god if it were possible to switch gender for just 1 day i'd fuck the shit out of everyone i know or see
I'd be a full on maniac cumslut for 1 day
Sep-23,2021 00:20
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Cranjis McBasketball
If the goal is a post mismatch, I’d run this with 1 and 3 flipped (which you can easily get into several ways) so 3 gets 1 on them down low via switch OR gets the layup via S&R.

Then stagger a pin weak to occupy help D first, w/a fan flare after for the post facilitation hammer.
Sep-23,2021 00:19
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Kaito 🌹 | Vtuber
A Direct on my birthday!? Let's go!!?!1

Anything you're hoping to see from tomorrow's Direct?
I'd love to see some Silksong news, or a Twilight Princess port for the Switch, personally.

I doubt either will happen, but I'm hyped nonetheless for any other news!
Sep-22,2021 23:53
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Live Tweets
SJ: I'd now like to move on please to Pt A if I may, With ref to Pt A chronology, are you able to access both or switch between? His starts in 2014?
Dr W: Yes
SJ: At that stage he was 10 1/2 or thereabouts?
Dr W: Yes
Sep-22,2021 20:59
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miu! :D
my first impression: GEMES..?
your nickname in my head: jena. :O
closeness rating (1-10): 6.5!! :D
do i like you: yezziesss. 🥰
you are my: switch bestie. ;D
ever had a crush on you: nouuu.
Sep-22,2021 18:49
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Giveaway 1.0 done and dusted✅
Giveaway 2.0 comes up tonight by 8pm on our telegram channel..Na so we go dey switch am.
Tomorrow, I'd run it on Twitter,most of my members can't access twitter.
3k each for 20 people⬇️⬇️
Sep-22,2021 17:45
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Seryn ✨catboy ear wiggles enthusiast✨
@TielWaters I prefer playing with custom keybinds coz I can react faster to things. My system's set up so every key is assigned to a specific use, ish, which makes it easier for me to switch between jobs. ex. DPS for healers is on 2, DoT on 1, basic AoE heals on D, Big AoE Heals on Shift+D
Sep-22,2021 16:28
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James Clark
@RealDeadhead I’m amazed with my CEM40 tracking. Unguided is excellent. Guiding almost always <1” rms. random photo just now.
It sometimes doesn’t talk to the ASIair Pro and needs a switch off and on when setting up but no big deal. I’d recommend it if you’re looking

Sep-22,2021 06:50
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Rhem is over the garden wall
@ynfernalis 💖All of my Undertale fic was much the better for you having beta'd it (especially when it came to avoiding embarrassing typos)

I think the Deltarune brainrot is finally creeping up on me even through the FFXIV brainfog - gonna replay it again from Chapter 1 on my Switch!
Sep-22,2021 06:30
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Moving onto Bayonetta 1 today on the Switch!! Very excited, but I'd be lying if it didn't take multiple purchases online to actually get the double pack with the download code and Bayo 2 Physical! Sheesh.

Sep-22,2021 01:22
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Patrick J. O'Connell
@IB_9trey @Lifesblessings0 @brgridiron Yah but then I have to open up a roster spot on my bench and loser a waiver wire pick up spot. I expect my team to perform and not rely on a defensive switch out. Tyson Williams could have gotten 1 more point. And I would be praised as a genius for keeps the ravens d in.
Sep-21,2021 04:31
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@Sharito742 The SNES was pretty amazing. I'd list that as my #1 from big N.

I think I'd give the Switch a tie for 2nd with the NES. Followed by the Wii, then Gamecube, then N64.

I can't speak for the WiiU, because I've never owned, or for that matter even played on.
Sep-21,2021 04:24
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@PollyJayStone @AITA_reddit I have two friends named Garrett and we used to call them #1 and #2 and we’d switch who was which number depending on who was more highly favored at the time
Sep-21,2021 02:12
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Who Cares
@i_am_cunningham For me he can stay. They 1-1. It’s ok, for now. But, let’s switch shit up a little. I know the O is young. But, let’s gets some better play calling. Let’s not kick the O in the dick and punt on 4-1!!! Let the D take a damn breath for once.
Sep-21,2021 00:06
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Pro Wrestling Reality
Idk if its licenced but I'd love to see Army men Sarges Heroes 1 and 2 on #switch I remember watching the Korean War Vet grand father playing it like he was right back in the operations, and tured the game off because I killed my allys and he got pissed
Sep-20,2021 21:11
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Samuel Osler
@BalcazarJillian @soapparty411 I used to watch AMC too, where I lived in Philly, NBC put DAYS on at 12 noon and then I’d switch to ABC for AMC at 1 and OLTL at 2 and once in awhile GH at 3
Sep-20,2021 19:49
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Paper Jaryl 🏳️‍🌈🇦🇹 (💉 2/2)
BotW 2 is definitely gonna get a spot in there too.
Though if Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD will get Switch ports, I‘d have to take one of the other ones out…
I‘m kinda hoping for a „2 on 1 cartridge“ type release for those two now
Sep-20,2021 17:47
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💥 ♡ 🦐 ♡ 🧃
@angelxaura_ 3 months after chapter 1 released it was launched on the switch I'd maybe suggest waiting a little !!
Sep-20,2021 12:14
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@CorndogU Chapter 1 is free on switch!! It's a fun time but idk if you'd like it since it's a rpg/bullet hell hybrid, but it's worth a shot anyway bestie!!
Sep-20,2021 05:37
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@GutKamiI tuchel man, shit first half for y’all then u come out & dominate all based on one switch..fortunate goals i’d say but probably 1 or 2 more coming… it’s gonna be a race my friend
Sep-20,2021 01:05
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@Sillensillen @DANIELakaDEE @retroelin @ColonelFalcon @EllipseEnt @superjude81 @The_Top_Loader @swooper_d @RetroBoyJon @sincespacies @Muskelsmurf @radzero83 Better late than never! I finished 1 and 2 last month and started 3 bit got distracted by Deathloop on PS5, Eastward on Switch and just some random titles on XB1 gamepass like Flynn: Son of Crimson 🥴
Sep-19,2021 23:26
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Jeremy Williams 🐯☯️
@pcgamer If the Switch remake of Advance Wars 1&2 had this, I'd absolutely drop $60 on it. I'm not sure I'd want to play it without save states. The lengthy tutorials will really fuck you up. And that's with plenty of hand holding.
Sep-19,2021 22:16
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Ron B.
@xxnike0629xx @NintendoAmerica I miss compliations from them. You got so many games & lots of playtime!

I'd love a Zelda NES compliation (Zelda 1, 2, Link's Awakening & Link to the Past).

The good thing is that we can play those on the Switch online service.
Sep-19,2021 21:30
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Chris ガンプラ
For what it's worth, I would give it a close to 10/10. There are only TWO things I'd love to see added:

1 - Leaderboards using Switch profile name, display Heat level, weapon being used.

2 - Narrator playback on 'Entry Complete' sections of Codex etc. (2/2)

Art by @0jenzee0 🤩
Sep-19,2021 20:33
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🌿Year of Hy🌿
@MangleMan25 @Melodic_Lemons3 Whenever my switch used to do that I'd put it on the charger and leave it for 30 min - 1 hour, by the time I came back it'd usually work again

Otherwise idk how to help you lmao
Sep-19,2021 13:15
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Croc #NintendoDirect Oclock
State of Mind is on sale on Nintendo Switch eShop for just $1.99/ £1.59, an excellent deal and I’d highly recommend it! #StateofMind is a futuristic adventure game.

Sep-19,2021 12:56
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Mistress T 💍💎
@Dumily_Chambers Not until I was 30. And I cried bc it was so much nicer than anything I ever thought I’d get to drive. A Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’d still have it today if my husband wasn’t always trying to switch cars. Woke up 1 day & had a Yukon. Then a used Escalade we got a killer deal on.
Sep-19,2021 03:00
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Maddy 🍓
@FreshFreshSalad toby and nintendo seem to have pretty good relations now, i think it could happen. iirc the few people who helped put it on the switch are now just part of the team. all that'd need to be done is update the chapter 1 demo that's already out to be the new one, so saves carry over
Sep-19,2021 01:21
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シルバーマン - 🌹
i’d also say Dark Souls Remastered but the switch version isn’t the best way to play it, but if it was 1:1 with the Xbox One and Ps4 versions, then it’d be one of the best games on Switch
Sep-19,2021 00:49
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Cassandra Brandes (Cassie)
@keanan_joyner @D_Wiwad has been on Mint for several years, and he loves it! Our coverage is pretty identical, but he pays like 1/3 of what I do. I’m planning to switch!
Sep-18,2021 20:32
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Finished Vol 1 of Gimai Seikatsu, and I must say it was a pretty solid SOL. Nothing amazing, just pleasant and nice to read. I've heard volumes 2 and 3 get it going, but gonna hold on before I continue. Wanna continue the Re: Zero SS before I switch back to SOL. Enjoyable read.

Sep-18,2021 20:31
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💙💚Rei | lost in the Bridgewater Triangle
Really enjoying Eastward. Though I had a few performance issues on Switch. 1 crash on a screen transition, saves not loading (I was really scared I'd have to replay the game) and 1 boss fight were it crashed because the grass made the framerate go to shit.
Sep-18,2021 19:04
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Mi Wolf
@Kyrantt @solomongeorgio Awful!! I know dad was part of it so it’s no use saying it, but I would have (1)not let my kid ask you in the first place but (2) if you picked up on my kid wanting to look out the window, I’d make damn sure they looked out the *whole* time. Or switch back w you after takeoff.
Sep-18,2021 08:05
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I started replaying chapter 1 of deltarune yesterday because I have only played in on switch... It seems like imma have to finish that before I get chapter 2... D:
Sep-18,2021 07:48
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Jeanna Potts
@1c3B3rgMama Recently started ADHD meds at 44. Very positive affect for me. I take it on work days mostly. 2 complaints: slight dry mouth and had to switch to 1/2 caff coffee on days I take meds for heart racing. I made notes in my phone about my experience. I can DM those if you’d like.
Sep-18,2021 07:03
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Tweet URL

Zach Mulica
@LaurenKelb @SarahHosseiniUS @solomongeorgio I firmly remember (1 of 5 sibs) having to ask individuals to switch seats every flight on United. Funny thing was, if they didn't we'd wreak havoc, they'd regret it
Sep-18,2021 06:02
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Piper Jojo Stott
@NightCovetheFox I'd love to see some Switch games! There's some fun and chaos to be had on the likes of Mario Kart, Mario Party, Smash Bros., 1 2 Switch (if you like the simple party game style), and even that new WarioWare game! I enjoy playing these games with my Dad and my friends! =^-^=
Sep-18,2021 03:37
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Team 700k followers in the midst of less than 1k followers. 1 million followers on Facebook when others do not have an account there, team verified and 1 million followers on tiktok whereby others don’t even have an account over there were found Shaking😆😆

We flipped d switch!

Sep-18,2021 02:54
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Billion Dollar Brain
@ArloSmartHome Just got your email announcing that the camera system now works on AppleTV. Great. but would prefer you'd work on making the basic stuff work better. Like response times on doorbell and cameras. being able to switch doorbell camera off, like you can cameras [/1]
Sep-18,2021 01:18
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@BREEE_D Season 5 Episode 1 of the show is available on Catch Up. Please reboot the decoder (switch power off at the wall, wait 10 secs, then power up again). Let us know how it goes. ~NJM
Sep-17,2021 16:23
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shane | BLIND 💘 9/28
D-11 most rewatched youtube content

1.when they planted triipher and green onions on arbor day
2. 안꿀려 part switch

#Ciipher #싸이퍼

Sep-17,2021 16:21
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Matt Maran Motoring
(1/4) Dealer markups always annoyed me, but recently some Ford dealers have resulted to bait-and-switch tactics on custom-ordered Broncos and my buddy Pipsburgh Views had this happen to him sadly. His dealer told him at the last minute he’d have to pay a $10,000 markup
Sep-17,2021 09:46
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Bad man forward, bad man pull up
I'd switch 1 and 2 but other than that, spot on...
Sep-17,2021 04:21
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Reinier M 🐎
As for my Iroquois thoughts so far, I'd rather not trust Stellar Tap at short odds. He's 3-1 on the morning line, but is that realistic?

Major General is talented, but he's also green and didn't switch leads in his maiden win.
Sep-17,2021 03:54
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@WOOPOOPOPS I mean they still haven’t put Mother 1 or Mother 2 on Switch or any freaking game that will vanish from 3DS when the eShop goes away. As much as I would love N64, I’d rather see Murasame Castle first.
Sep-17,2021 02:40
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Trevor Luman
@FinalFantasy How did @SquareEnix imagine that there would be no demand for these legendary console games on modern consoles? I know I’d buy a Switch physical release on day 1
Sep-17,2021 00:02
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Liam O’Hare
@TwitterGaming 100% Pokémon just can’t justify spending a few hundred on a switch to play 1 game a year that I’d finish in like 2 weeks
Sep-16,2021 17:21
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