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What's New "Sarkozy"

Greta Hansen
@CaliGamer @JustSmokey_147 Hahahaha

My most favorite prank call? The Montreal DJ pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy flirting with a very flattered Sarah Palin.

November, 2008.
Apr-19,2021 15:12
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The Famed Curmudgeon
This is funny because macron is actually taller than sarkozy
Apr-19,2021 14:38
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Chris-Let's Invoke Final Provision 8.
@Roblev0 @David19531501 @RuddsBunny @gil0607 @cathyby @LeftBehindPoet @JohnRya13591294 @Mac_Paddy54 @ConraddKonnrad @VeuveK @The_Leaver @NielsOckelmann @BeowulfSchaefer @brianbloop2 @Davidmetroland @Europhile123 @CarlsbadCharlie @MattFingersArni @susan04071 @viv_cooper @Wittgenstein016 @TyFreedomFight @markwh2001 @Opensout @Ciolfilicious1 @Chris_not_a_bot @BrunoTheBridge @Sir_Tom_Tucker @Swen_2017 @jeffreyxtc @geor97 @dw2essex @noomie525257 @BraisbyI @f505eb72b9cd493 @SamanthaFoxy1 @BonnieBlackmor7 @tripleGGGx @ron__west @afewpoints @Gazza41 @giles7452 @RRasgorshek @AnnaBritannia @hoddydod70 @David_Vaporium @missover123 @MattAdkin @davidjamesrobe4 Chirac & Sarkozy were French presidents. I'm talking about French prime ministers, the closest equivalent to the British monarch as head of state.
Apr-19,2021 13:59
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(((Robin Levett)))
@resiguru @David19531501 @RuddsBunny @gil0607 @cathyby @LeftBehindPoet @JohnRya13591294 @Mac_Paddy54 @ConraddKonnrad @VeuveK @The_Leaver @NielsOckelmann @BeowulfSchaefer @brianbloop2 @Davidmetroland @Europhile123 @CarlsbadCharlie @MattFingersArni @susan04071 @viv_cooper @Wittgenstein016 @TyFreedomFight @markwh2001 @Opensout @Ciolfilicious1 @Chris_not_a_bot @BrunoTheBridge @Sir_Tom_Tucker @Swen_2017 @jeffreyxtc @geor97 @dw2essex @noomie525257 @BraisbyI @f505eb72b9cd493 @SamanthaFoxy1 @BonnieBlackmor7 @tripleGGGx @ron__west @afewpoints @Gazza41 @giles7452 @RRasgorshek @AnnaBritannia @hoddydod70 @David_Vaporium @missover123 @MattAdkin @davidjamesrobe4 13?

Apart from Chirac and Sarkozy, who else is still alive?
Apr-19,2021 13:56
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NPR compared me to Nicolas Sarkozy because we're both so arrogant, apparently. What the #FakeNews won't say is that we're both so FORCEFUL too!
Apr-19,2021 13:41
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  Latest News
Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York may soon be subject to a criminal investigation over his misuse of state resources while writing his book about the pandemic.
Apr-19,2021 15:11
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 The New York Times @nytimes

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It's the Electoral System! #demanddemocracy #FBPPR
@AdamJSchwarz Hours spent in that Shepherd’s Hut, hatching money making schemes, has a lot to answer for. But one things for sure his relationship with Sarkozy may have taught him a thing or two.

Apr-19,2021 13:31
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Dhyan — Nothing is permanent —
@mortenmorland @thetimes Sarkozy is perfect to be Cameron’s chum.
Is Sarkozy in jail serving his 3 year sentence or is he fighting it?
Apr-19,2021 13:24
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Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve 🐼
18/ I’m also deeply grateful for the support of our investors since our seed and who believed us when we just had a 10-pager: among many amazing individuals @brenthoberman @pierrevalade @pauldthree Guillaume Sarkozy @RomainLavault Partech, CNP, @shak ...
Apr-19,2021 11:35
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@MarcoWaterworms @xNoobody @S18Alexandre @mohamedbouhafsi as in politics, they can do the worst swindles without ever being condemned. Balkany and Sarkozy are the best examples ...
Apr-19,2021 10:56
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Aquarius Sun Aries Moon gang?
Ellen Degeneres
Nicolas Sarkozy
Ed Sheeran
Virginia Woolf
Adam Lambert

Lots of gays in the mix…
Apr-19,2021 10:46
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Hester Ford, who grew up picking cotton, got married at 14 and went on to become the oldest living American with more than 120 great-great-grandchildren, has died peacefully in her home, according to her family.
Apr-19,2021 15:37
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 NBC News @NBCNews

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Rim-Sarah Alouane
Don't get to excited and let me translate this for you: this won't be a debate at all. It will basically be another endless political show on national identity, a very French tradition right before a presidential election (remember Sarkozy?) Nothing good will come out of this.
Apr-19,2021 09:43
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Tom Dionne-Carroll
@kambrone64 France has fallen further than the US -the last good president was Chirac-against the Iraq war -since then Sarkozy Hollande Macron -the decline of a once important country-literature went from Sartre to BHL
must loose it's UN security council seat as it is Petain's
Apr-19,2021 09:36
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Tim Pearson
@SirBasilBrush If he had prevented Merkel and Sarkozy in doing a deal to over-ride Britain's Veto in 2011 or if he had offered Cameron some real concessions in 2015 - those were the ways he could have stopped it I guess?
Apr-19,2021 08:24
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Jonatan Bergström
@_Utd_15 @samkirby1 @unvraisaint @10ChrisLarson @RIPTOFOOTBALL @AnderHerrera Not necesarily, Qatar invested in PSG for the sake of relations with France (Sarkozy)
Apr-19,2021 07:24
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Oh. My. God.

How can guys that went through so-called Grandes Ecoles have such terrible English? Sarkozy's English was a disaster too.

Macron and Chirac are the only presidents with a decent English that I can remember.
Apr-19,2021 05:58
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celyn joy😊
@blackzil_13 I speak agood French more than Sarkozy 😂😂😂😂
Apr-19,2021 05:46
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Michael S
@boringdystopian @HornyNooting @bencsmoke Here he is making a show of anti-corruption strength by being photographed with a Saudi Prince (bin Salman), Sarkozy and former Panama president, Juan Carlos Varela, currently under investitation for multiple corruption scandals.

Apr-19,2021 04:53
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#WeAreSoF**ked💙😷 3.5%🇪🇺⭐🕯️ Fiery #RejoinEU
@JoRichardsKent Sarkozy should know!
Apr-19,2021 03:14
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Colin A 💙
Not sure the Sarkozy credentials over Libya play well in this!
Apr-19,2021 02:53
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Jazz Aficionado
Looks more like Sarkozy on the right!
Apr-19,2021 02:47
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Samuel Rag
@dwnews It’s a money issue Nothing else , Balladur , Leotard and Sarkozy didn’t pay commissions dues to Paskistani
Apr-19,2021 02:25
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Libya was bombed by Obama and Sarkozy

Ghadafi was dong just fine but because he was against institutions like the IMF and WB,he became a target

As long as we take those loans,the West are fine with us
Apr-19,2021 02:14
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@Marine K
@sarkozy est un facho qui a infiltre ma vie privee @TunisieDiplo 🇹🇳 Sorry to say that a former president of France has infiltrated my life guys! Welcome to 🇫🇷! @BarackObama @POTUS @lauhaim @BillClinton
Apr-19,2021 00:27
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Judah Grunstein
This video is really funny to watch with the sound off. His gestures in the first 20 seconds remind me of Sarkozy.

After that, the hand gestures...
Apr-18,2021 16:18
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He is still God
@silasjakakimba @steveogollaw Sarkozy is looking good, we need him back on the screens
Apr-18,2021 16:04
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Con Con
Sarkozy gives off big mad bastard vibes #ReelingInTheYears
Apr-18,2021 15:51
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M Naqvi
@00K3VIN @BBCWorld I think to be fair Bush Blair Cameron Sarkozy and others being the biggest mass killers of 21st century with their illegal wars will have to go first to be judged by Hague for crime against humanity and war crimes of most debased humanity in Iraq Libya Afghanistan Syria....
Apr-18,2021 15:45
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Huge fan of Noel. Guy just put his body on the line for the Knicks. Way to be 3!
Apr-18,2021 15:44
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@logical4ever Why saddle us with an also-ran politician or a superannuated businessperson - or worse, Trump, Nixon or Sarkozy? The present system gives the media a continuous string of stories, they are rich anyway so no dodgy deals. What's not to like?
Apr-18,2021 15:41
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Junk ana Po
@essenviews It's been 9 years since Sarkozy was President, 3 months since Trump was President.
Apr-18,2021 13:55
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@RafaelH117 They've been the most comfortable with the way UEFA treats them
Apr-18,2021 12:27
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I mean surely they are comfortable with the way UEFA treats them
Apr-18,2021 11:58
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Anna Marie YL Disarm the Police
@essenviews Sarkozy’s crimes were committed years ago. Come back in five years and make this point if T**** is still free.
Apr-18,2021 11:57
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Ana Marika
@DaphneBergsma @RauZbigniew @DutchMFA And maybe ask your lovely government why French judges could punish president N.Sarkozy for corruption but Polish judges did not punish D.Tusk who created in Poland paradise for criminals who robbed 250 billions zlotys (so there was no money for poor people and healthcare)?
Apr-18,2021 11:42
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Guillaume L’Hiver
Leo Varadkar
David Cameron,
Nicholas Sarkozy.
The 'centrists' 😉
Apr-18,2021 09:40
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Fecytherez Rwandema
That they did, but my Question is,what are you gonna do for what President @EmmanuelMacron is just correcting he's just trying to handle all the mistakes you did
What Francois failled, what Jacques chirake failled and what Sarkozy also failled to fix! And the other thing I want
Apr-18,2021 08:34
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Qasim Zaidi
The number of times Pakistan's been choked due to France, I feel like we're the fourth wife of Sarkozy
Apr-18,2021 08:11
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@tokwauluaena2 and he has an international license to kill without prosecution! Clinton, Blair, Kouchner, Rice, Pham, Macron, Sarkozy, Dallaire, Guterres, patrick de demon exupery are among his Illuminati supporters !
Apr-18,2021 06:38
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@frasermatthew Sarkozy is an interesting comparator

Apr-18,2021 06:37
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Godzilla vs Hororodora
@katy_wrathall Oh yeah, that's exactly what his government is doing, just like Sarkozy and Hollande before.
Apr-18,2021 06:15
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misa pb 🔻

like Sarkozy calling others thugs, racailles and criminals when he sthe one making felonies.

ah right-wingers 😐
Apr-18,2021 05:50
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@HPetrzljan @tiredgenerally People going from an extreme to the other are anomalies, the FN vote is strong in part because Sarkozy normalized their ideas in the 2007 campaign and it pushed right-wingers further to the right, no class barrier to this movement. Former commies stopped voting for the most part
Apr-18,2021 05:39
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@mak_nono Comparing a Royal ,British institution ..Funeral .. to at the time Nicolas Sarkozy love life Carla Bruni;))) 🤔oui
Apr-18,2021 04:57
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Bob Morlock
@ataraxie333 @UPR_Asselineau A lire
Apr-18,2021 00:53
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@washingtonpost Just like his mentor who criticized Israel while talking to Russians.
Apr-18,2021 00:25
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𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐡
Meanwhile, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced to three years in jail for corruption.

Is American democracy just a marketing phrase that means tyranny for the wealthy?
Apr-17,2021 23:04
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David Douglas
@summerbrennan Just ask them to imagine if Sarkozy got elected again, and again.....and, again....
Apr-17,2021 22:44
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@haldrix2 @Russ_Warrior That was Sarkozy amongst the French and Tony Blair globally.
Apr-17,2021 20:25
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Marco M.
@elibond15 @Noahpinion on this particular one, I mostly blame french interests... that were the one selling it to the US
Apr-17,2021 20:18
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Yoopla Pla
@ForeignPolicy He’s CIA spokesperson in France and as such he’s impersonated the US influence on FRA foreign policies with little results & only when Sarkozy was in power. He had zero I nfluence on the intellectual life of France though - no one at all takes him & his clown wife seriously.
Apr-17,2021 17:51
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 Sarkozy (Twitter)