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What's New "Suns vs Jazz"

Aegon Crypto 🍀🍀🍀💰
Not so sure but I think winners for NBA today might be:

Lakers +2.5* vs Jazz
Wizards* vs Pistons
Bulls* vs Cavs
Warriors +5.5* vs Celtics
Bucks* vs Grizzlies
Suns* vs Spurs
Apr-18,2021 05:05
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Michael Wei
@advancedstats23 With the current rotation you might have a better shot at a likely matchup vs the Clippers but the team will be dead. If they extend the rotation you'd risk random variance in the play-in but would be fresher vs the Suns or Jazz which might not be all that worse overall?
Apr-18,2021 04:20
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Godzilla Sports
NBA Picks April 17
🏀Jazz vs Lakers
Piston vs Wizards🏀
Cavs vs Bulls🏀
Warriors vs Celtics🏀
Grizzlies vs Bucks🏀
Spurs vs Suns🏀
Apr-18,2021 03:12
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The Action Network
Today's Top Liabilities @PointsBetUSA 📊

⚾️ MLB
⚪️ Red Sox ML (-121) vs. White Sox
⚪️ Dodgers ML (-112) @ Padres
⚪️ Tigers ML (+112) @ Athletics

⚪️ Suns ML (-500) vs. Spurs
⚪️ Lakers ML (-112) @ Jazz
⚪️ Bulls (-2.5) vs. Cavaliers

Apr-18,2021 03:08
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Picks Ahoy

Lakers (-1) vs. Jazz ⚒️⚒️⚒️

Celtics (-3.5) vs. Warriors 🍀🍀🍀

Wizards (-5.0) vs. Pistons 🪄🪄🪄

Cavaliers ML (+120) @ Bulls ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Bucks (-8) vs. Grizzlies 🦌🦌🦌

Spurs (+9.5) @ Suns ☀️☀️☀️

Lets Ride 🍪🍪🍪
Apr-18,2021 02:37
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THREAD: PAGASA (@dost_pagasa) gives updates on Typhoon #BisingPH
Apr-18,2021 00:15
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 CNN Philippines @cnnphilippines

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NBA O/U Picks for today (4/17):

Jazz vs Lakers (o215)
Pistons vs Wizards (o226)
Cavaliers vs Bulls (u212.5)
Warriors vs Celtics (o227.5)
Grizzlies vs Bucks (u237.5)
Spurs vs Suns (u227)

Apr-18,2021 01:59
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Paola Boivin
"Only a game and a half behind Utah, the Suns could move closer by Monday, w Jazz playing back-to-backs at Lakers on Saturday and Monday." And now Jazz sitting Rudy Gobert, Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell, Derrick Favors vs Lakers. More from @ValleyoftheSuns
Apr-18,2021 01:06
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Alain Keith Cabardo Daguio
NBA Day 1️⃣0️⃣2️⃣ 🏀🏀🏀
Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers
Detroit Pistons vs Washington Wizards
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls
Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics
Memphis Grizzlies vs Milwaukee Bucks
San Antonio Spurs vs Phoenix Suns
Apr-18,2021 00:03
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@BleacherReport @wojespn Let’s go !!!!!!! Need that suns vs jazz matchup ( fully healthy)
Apr-17,2021 22:12
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Jason Pombo
The #Jazz have a 1.5 game lead for the top seed in the West. They do have a manageable final schedule:

@ Lakers
@ Lakers
@ Rockets
vs. T-Wolves
vs. T-Wolves
vs. Kings
@ Suns

#NBA | #NBATwitter
Apr-17,2021 21:52
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Active #COVID19 cases in the country now sits at 203,710 after the Health department recorded 11,101 new cases.
Apr-18,2021 00:00
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Nueva Generación
🏀 NBA:
17.30hs Lakers vs Jazz (📺ESPN 2)
21hs Bulls vs Cavaliers.
21hs Wizards vs Pistons.
21.30hs Celtics vs Warriors (📺ESPN+)
22hs Bucks vs Grizzlies.
23hs Suns vs Spurs.
Apr-17,2021 20:39
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Chase 'n' Waterfalls
Dream playoff scenario

1 Suns
2 Jazz
3 Clippers
4 Nuggets
5 Blazers
6 Lakers
7 Mavs
8 Spurs

Battle for LA rd 1
Jazz vs LA winner in rd 2

Suns battle the Spurs demon.
Get and incomplete nugs/blazers
And a WCF vs a team that just had to battle to get there.
Apr-17,2021 12:53
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Dunzo (42-14) #1 in the NBA
Records against Eastern Conference:
Utah Jazz 23-6
Suns 16-6
Nuggets 17-8
Clippers 17-9
Blazers 15-9
Mavs 13-8
Lakers 14-11

The Jazz only have one game remaining against the East (home vs Raptors)
Apr-17,2021 11:16
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Joe “1st option” Ingles
@ralphamsden Except there are probably 20 current players who have better career averages vs. the Jazz, with better win percentages. Does Donovan own the Suns too since he has better averages than Booker does vs. the Jazz?
Apr-17,2021 06:03
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This definitely has implications for the Suns being able to make a run for the #1 seed. Not like #1 vs #2 matters a whole lot, but this will make the Jazz's upcoming easy schedule not quite as easy.

Glad he should be ready for the playoffs.
Apr-17,2021 04:58
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Pure Point Guard


Mavericks vs Grizzlies (vencedor é seed 7)
Warriors vs Spurs (vencedor enfrenta o perdedor do outro confronto pela seed 8)

Jazz vs Seed 8
Nuggets vs Lakers

Suns vs Seed 7
Clippers vs Blazers

Apr-17,2021 02:30
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Steph Bro 💦 (28-28) 😌
Damn. We might actually see Dame vs Steph in the Play-in

Jazz 54-18
Suns 50-22
Clippers 49-23
Nuggets 46-26
Lakers 43-29
Mavs 42-30
Portland 40-32
Warriors 36-36
Grizzlies 36-36
Pelicans 33-39

Apr-17,2021 01:28
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Colton Child 🦧
Kinda wanna see the suns vs Jazz in the playoffs
Apr-17,2021 00:22
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Ben Olney
@FTFonFS1 @getnickwright Nick do yourself a favor and watch the Suns during their east coast trip starting Monday and capping that off with games vs Clippers and Jazz. It’s about to be a new era in the NBA. LeBron, Kawhi, KD, Warriors eras are coming to end Suns got next. Heard it here first things first
Apr-16,2021 23:14
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Not a 76ers or Suns fan but I see the 76ers upsetting the Nets and the Suns upsetting the Lakers/Clippers.

So Controversial Finals Prediction:
76ers vs. Suns (and maybe Jazz)

or the more obvious conclusion:
Nets vs. Lakers/Clippers
Apr-16,2021 21:49
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@dleahy00 Warriors need to go 10-6 to hit the over.

Games vs Celtics, 76ers, Mavs, Jazz, Nuggets, Suns, Grizzlies. x3 vs Pelicans which neither team will sweep.
Apr-16,2021 13:16
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Ideal NBA playoff matchups:

1. Jazz vs 8. Warriors
2. Suns vs 7. Mavs
3. Clippers vs 6. Blazers
4. Nuggets vs 5. Lakers

1. Nets vs 8. Wizards
2. Sixers vs 7. Knicks
3. Bucks vs 6. Heat
4. Celtics vs 5. Hawks
Apr-16,2021 12:14
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@mike_yee1 @Juggwme WCF... Lakers vs Clippers if they see each other the lakers vs suns/jazz ....ECF Nets and Philly
Apr-16,2021 09:57
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David Meredith
@FutureNBA0wner I would say the Suns, because Jazz probably matched with Lakers in 2nd round, and Suns vs. Clippers... but I am liking the Clippers a lot more with Rondo.
Apr-16,2021 09:32
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Clay Putthoff
#1 Jazz vs #8 Warriors (experience vs best record)
#2 Suns vs #7 Mavs (Luka vs CP3)
#3 Clippers vs #6 Lakers (self-explanatory)
#4 Nuggets vs #5 Blazers (rivals)
Apr-16,2021 06:43
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@Tia_dubs @OvertimeCurry you see:
warriors 7/8th seed
sweep suns/jazz
second round vs blazers/lakers
sweeping the blazers/lose to lakers in 7
Apr-16,2021 00:56
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Tony Michael
@NetsForTwo If it ends up Nets vs Lakers, I’m rooting for the Nets.


Mavs (several spots lower)
Apr-16,2021 00:17
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James Edrick
@LegionHoops Wrong. Wins vs pistons twice, sorry rockets, injured lakers, suns on a back to back after going to OT vs jazz the best team in basketball, vs Pacers. Only legit win is vs suns but like I said they were on the 2nd night of a back to back after going to OT vs jazz the night before
Apr-15,2021 12:47
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It could lead up to Lakers vs Nets eventually. But for now we also have 76ers, Bucs, Suns, Jazz and Clippers
Apr-15,2021 11:13
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🅽🅹🅲🆂 Nets(38-18)Giants(0-0) Wrld
@montgomeryflim @atrozolino @BullsGotNext i say it’s historic because a lot of games were won with just one of the stars playing like Harden vs the Suns or Kyrie vs the Jazz or Harden vs the blazers
Apr-15,2021 11:11
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Bronny 🏀
@lastominivert Lakers vs Nets
Lakers vs Jazz
Sixers vs Suns
Apr-15,2021 09:41
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@DillyDiIIy0 @FirstTake @maxkellerman Cause he can't gaurd them, he gets cooked every night even inside the paint by midrange shooters, I watched the suns vs jazz game yesterday and they just ate the dude
Apr-15,2021 04:07
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philly sports addict 🔔 🏀(32-14)
@Three_Cone The sixers vs jazz and jazz vs suns and sixers vs lakers were the closest we got to that
Apr-15,2021 01:49
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Mark Thompson
@Clippers24seven I disagree, you don’t sit everyone, every back to back if you are seriously trying to get the highest seed possible. Take the rest and the 3 seed vs hopefully Portland, and let the Jazz and Suns go all out for the 1 seed.
Apr-15,2021 01:22
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Thatcher Olson
If I had to bet, I'd say: Jazz, Suns, Clippers finish 1-2-3. It would be ideal for the Lakers to finish 6th but I'm predicting they finish 4 or 5 and face the Jazz in the second round. Suns-Clippers vs Jazz-Lakers for the WCF.
Apr-14,2021 23:01
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Stay Sharp Sports
Yesterday’s Recap:

#Nets v #Timberwolves u233 ✅
#Lakers v #Hornets u207 ✅
#Thunder v #Jazz u223.5 ✅
#Heat v #Suns u217.5 ✅
#Hawks vs #Raptors u225 ✅

WHAT DID WE TELL YOU. GET THE BROOMS OUT. 5-0 day netting +5.0u . Congrats to everyone 🤝
Apr-14,2021 20:31
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RESULTADOS, martes 13

Nets vs Wolves 127-97
Clippers vs Pacers 126-115
Hawks vs Raptors 108-103
Lakers vs Hornets 101-93
Thunder vs Jazz 96-106
Heat vs Suns 86-106
Celtics vs Blazers 116-1115
Apr-14,2021 16:18
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Jazz vs Suns Western Conference final, winner plays the @celtics in the finals 👀👀👀👀👀
Apr-14,2021 12:08
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Godzilla Sports
NBA Picks April 13
🏀Clippers vs Pacers
Hawks vs Raptors🏀
🏀Lakers vs Hornets
Thunder vs Jazz🏀
Heat vs Suns🏀
🏀Celtic vs Trailblazers
Apr-14,2021 06:50
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pr1mer Quarto
#Freepicks #NBA
@LAClippers vs @Pacers
Over 59.5 1Q (1u)

@ATLHawks vs @Raptors
Hawks ML 1Q (1u)

@utahjazz vs @okcthunder
Jazz -5.5 1Q -110 (1u)

@Suns vs @MiamiHEAT
Under 217 -110 (2u)

#gamblingtwitter #NBATwitter #apuestas #apuestasdeportivas
Apr-14,2021 06:46
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In the NBA tonight, it's the Pacers vs the Clippers, the Raptors vs the Hawks, the Hornets vs the Lakers, the Jazz vs the Thunder, the Suns vs the Heat, and the Trail Blazers vs the Celtics. #NBA
Apr-14,2021 06:01
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TeamUp Fantasy
The NBA TeamUp Fantasy Game of the Week goes to the Jazz vs. Suns on Wed night. These are the top 2 teams in the Western Conference&it sure looked like it. The Suns were up 3 when Jazz guard Mitchell splashed a 3 to send them to overtime. The Suns defense won them the game.

Apr-14,2021 05:48
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NBA O/U Picks for today (4/13):

Clippers vs Pacers (u233)
Hawks vs Raptors (u224.5)
Lakers vs Hornets (o206.5)
Thunder vs Jazz (o221.5)
Celtics vs Trailblazers (o229.5)
Bulls vs Grizzlies (o228.5)
Heat vs Suns (o217.5)
Apr-14,2021 05:46
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I think the Grizzlies concern me more than the Warriors if I’m being honest.

Unless injuries are a thing, I really can’t see the Warriors having any legit chance vs the Jazz or Suns.
Apr-14,2021 04:39
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@SunderousDunks Ideal would he #1 Suns vs #8 Grizzlies and we get winner of #4 Blazers vs #5 Nuggets. #2 Jazz vs #7 Mavs winner gets #3 Clippers #6 Lakers.
Apr-14,2021 03:32
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Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns 4/7/21 Free NBA Pick and Prediction NBA Betting Tips: Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns 4/7/21 Free NBA Pick and Prediction NBA Betting Tips The Phoenix Suns face the Utah Jazz in Wednesday's NBA Basketball action.

Apr-14,2021 03:06
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@lastminutenews Your Success is our Victory
Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns 4/7/21 Free NBA Pick and Prediction NBA Betting Tips: Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns 4/7/21 Free NBA Pick and Prediction NBA Betting Tips The Phoenix Suns face the Utah Jazz in Wednesday's NBA Basketball… #guestpost #america #usa

Apr-14,2021 03:02
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Predictions for tonight's NBA games-
Nets vs Timberwolves 4:00 pm Timberwolves -2
Clippers vs Pacers 7:30 pm Clippers -5
Hawks vs Raptors 7:30 pm Hawks -9
Lakers vs Hornets 8:00 pm Lakers -7
Thunder vs Jazz 9:00 pm Jazz -9
Suns vs Heat 10:00 pm Heat -7
Last game in another tweet
Apr-14,2021 01:49
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Pure Point Guard
21:00, L.Pass
Charlotte Hornets (27-25) vs Los Angeles Lakers (33-21)

22:00, L.Pass
Utah Jazz (40-14) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (20-33)

23:00, L.Pass
Phoenix Suns (38-15) vs Miami Heat (28-25)

23:00, L.Pass
Portland Trail-Blazers (31-22) vs Boston Celtics (28-26)
Apr-14,2021 01:01
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Sloan's Categorical Imperative🎺
Ringer Projected WC playoff matchups

1 Jazz vs. Play-in 3 winner
2 Suns vs. Play-in 1 winner
3 Clippers vs. Mavericks 6
4 Nuggets vs. Lakers 5

7 Trail Blazers vs. Grizzlies 8 (Play-in 1)
9 Warriors vs. Spurs 10 (Play-in 2)
Loser Play-in 1 vs. Winner Play-in 2 (Play-in 3)
Apr-14,2021 00:22
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 Suns vs Jazz (Twitter)