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What's New "Voit"

Bryan Hoch
Luke Voit (left knee surgery) is "doing really well," Aaron Boone said. Voit could resume swinging a bat on Tuesday and has been taking ground balls at first base.
Apr-18,2021 12:39
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Talkin' Yanks
Voit looking on like wtf is this

Apr-18,2021 16:00
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Eric Hubbs
I'm sure Jay Bruce is a nice enough guy, and I appreciate him trying out a new position, but you can't tell me Mike Ford or Tauchman aren't better options to try for the next month until Luke Voit is back
Apr-14,2021 14:25
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Bombers Beat
I’ll never understand why people didn’t want Stanton. He’s a top 5-15 hitter when he’s healthy. He provides elite protection in the lineup for Judge and Voit. The Yankees would be hard-pressed to find a better option elsewhere.
Apr-19,2021 11:29
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Matt Hladik
@ruscoop I think they could have done both and sold high on Voit for the best starting pitcher you could get...but then again they really miss Voit’s bat now so...
Apr-19,2021 11:28
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Rev. Al Sharpton and George Floyd’s brother, Philonise, arrive at the Minneapolis courthouse as the jury hears closing arguments in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial.

Live updates:

📸 Kerem Yucel / AFP
Apr-19,2021 11:13
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 NBC News @NBCNews

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@cdixon25 we need voit
Apr-19,2021 11:22
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Red Sox Nation Stats
Top wOBA vs #RedSox,
#MLB Since 2018, Minimum 30 plate appearances:

Brandon Lowe, .521
Rowdy Tellez, .511
Rhys Hoskins, .495
Carlos Santana, .480
Domingo Santana, .478
Jorge Soler, .473
José Iglesias, .461
Freddie Freeman, .459
Luke Voit, .457
Pat Valaika, .455
Apr-19,2021 11:19
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Sasha ❀
les sunwoo only on vous voit
Apr-19,2021 11:17
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@martinonyc I’d like to hear cashman paid Texas to take odor back and put wade out there for the remaining time voit is out.

If he doesn’t cut it, he can go to Texas with odor.
Apr-19,2021 11:16
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Apr-19,2021 11:16
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A year after Canada's worst-ever mass shooting, a ban on assault-style guns has already been in place for months
Apr-19,2021 04:33
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Mr. Roper
@j_nyy That alone makes this not a Cash problem. What is his and Boone’s fault is making out a lineup card that daily does not allow consistency to take place. Juggling players out of their natural positions and all because of one injury-Voit’s. The pitching would be in a much better
Apr-19,2021 11:07
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Realistically this is a Cashman "I'll take some heat, but tell you we're in a good place and excited for Britton and Voit and Sevy to be back" conference. But you never know.
Apr-19,2021 11:04
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Steve Coleman
@oldstuff19 @debbietaylor58 Really? Luke Voit has accomplished far more than Edman and isn't being touted as the next Lou Gehrig, so I would contest that. Definitely more hype in that market, but it's not as ridiculous as that statement suggests.
Apr-19,2021 11:03
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Dennis Glade 😷
@dglade @BryanHoch Obviously the reason for losing is Luke Voit 😂
Apr-19,2021 10:46
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@ZaWheelZ He is only at 1B because Voit is out
Apr-19,2021 10:38
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John Grilo
@Wuthrich24 I hope so maybe he can help give a spark before Voit is back
Apr-19,2021 10:37
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Kevin Kapfer
@Alexand39631439 @mbeezy2599 This is the dumbest tweet I’ve read since the season started. Every team has injuries and most with player much better then one dimensional Voit and constantly hurt Severino. Every starter not named Cole has a era of over 7. Tell me how Voit is going to produce 5 more runs a game
Apr-19,2021 10:23
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@sadnyfaninpain Yankees should trade Judge, Cole, Sanchez, LeMahieu, Voit, Urshela, Hicks, Chapman, and everyone else with value for prospects coming up in 2023-2024 so that by the time Dominguez is ready they have a team of super prospects read to to dominate the decade imo
Apr-19,2021 10:21
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Obi John Kenobi
@JarvFromOz @j_williams514 Maybe when Luke Voit comes back.
Apr-19,2021 10:20
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@RotoClegg @Fantrax Great stuff! Hey, I got Voit on the shelf. Do you like my current 1B man Walsh or prefer Votto instead? Thanks! 12 tm H2h categories.
Apr-19,2021 10:17
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@Yankees_Blue How’s Voit do w him in the 3 hole? 😂¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Apr-19,2021 10:02
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"Hicks has said that his elbow feels “great” when hitting and throwing this spring"
Why Hicks hits 3rd, according to Boone: "You really value a guy that doesn’t put the ball on the ground, but still gets on base a lot, especially ahead of Stanton and Voit"
Apr-19,2021 09:57
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@JLog @peterjwhite97 @JonHeyman DJ has ++ defense at 3/4 infield positions...he could probably also play + SS too. To the point where if they moved Voit and left DJ there he would likely win a unanimous gold glove

The only rotational player they need now is Dietrich who can also play 3 IF positions
Apr-19,2021 09:51
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@j_nyy That’s fine but where does Voit play? They’re stuck with Stanton at DH for years.
Apr-19,2021 09:47
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Kynan Vandenburgh
I don’t see any “don’t worry we were this bad in 98 and still won“ tweets anymore. Idiots need to stop saying that. Guess what it’s not the same team as 98, or 2019 or anything. We’re totally different. Mentally, athletically, all that. Voit needs to come back we need a spark
Apr-19,2021 09:41
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John Libretti
@JonHeyman Is Luke Voit the heart of the Yankees?
Apr-19,2021 09:30
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Jason Thorpe
@peterjwhite97 @JonHeyman DJ is not a 1b. Move odor to bench and out ford at 1B. They'll all platoon until voit is back.
Apr-19,2021 09:26
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Mike D
@mooretosay They have a below avg 2nd baseman @ SS, a DH @ C, a DH in LF, a DH @ 1B (Voit), an excellent hitter suited for DH in the minors, and a DH in Stanton. All right handed at that. Terrible construction by Cashman. When you have too much of 1 thing, trade some for something you need.
Apr-19,2021 09:05
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@bbqbaseball62 I disagree about the lineup unless it’s a philosophical issue. Torres, DJL and Urshela are traditionally good consistent hitters and Judge, Hicks and Voit are high OBP guys. The two combined if we get back to that brand of baseball, it should be a lot better
Apr-19,2021 09:04
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yankees in 4 #RE2PECT
Need Luke Voit to come back and spark this team like A-Rod in 2009
Apr-19,2021 09:03
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@PlayoffTanaka_ @jgatz864 I don’t know what the catalyst will be. Frazier needs to hit better. Gleyber needs to get out of his own head. DJ and Cole have been two of the only non disappointments. Maybe Voit coming back will help?
Apr-19,2021 09:02
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Pinstripe Strong
🆕 Pinstripe Strong 145 | Cold and Mad

• 3 games at home, left us cold and mad
• Yankees get SWEPT by the Rays
• Gary hurt, Jay Bruce retires
• German otw back. Andújar/Voit too?
• Seriously not serious fan therapy

Apr-19,2021 09:00
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@jsc2100 if things go sideways, all the Yankees can offer is the positional players with the big club, they have to keep the young starters because they might not have a rotation at the major league level now. is Voit or Urshela bringing back anything significant?
Apr-19,2021 08:57
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Brian Long
@TalkinYanks DJ and voit had mvp type seasons last year and they masked the problems with offense. This year voit is injured and DJ so far is more in line with his career averages, so nobody is carrying them
Apr-19,2021 08:56
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Jonas Kamber
@Julie_Voit You probably followed me because of LooksLikeGoodDesign, which I discontinued years ago. I plan to cut my follower list to people who are interested in User Experience (UX). Could you like this tweet, if you still want to follow me? Thanks!
Apr-19,2021 08:55
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@YanksMoviesUFC @DanAlanRourke Where would you play Harper with Stanton as your exclusive DH and Voit as your 1B?
Apr-19,2021 08:51
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@DPLennon Missing Voit who brings energy to the team just like Didi did.
Apr-19,2021 08:49
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ilyassine 🇩🇿
@lnstantFoot United on te voit
Apr-19,2021 08:38
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they’re going to be fine (Voit is back in less than a month, Clint and Hicks are wildly underperforming, Giancarlo’s getting extremely unlucky) but they are shallow and at this point probably need another SP
Apr-19,2021 08:22
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RaiderNationTalk #24
@TalkinYanks Been saying it for years RISP they can’t do without the home run ball ... a lot of this is cashman as well . In order to get out of this u gotta move guys u don’t want to .. u won’t be able to move Stanton for shit hicks unfortunately . But Frazier , judge , Sanchez voit u can
Apr-19,2021 08:12
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Daniel Kaplan
Like voit is the heart of the Yankees. Change my mind.
Apr-19,2021 08:06
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Brian Cashman’s thrift store adventures:

Jay Bruce - retired

Rougned Odor - sucks ass

Aaron Hicks - embarrassment to his family

Luke Voit - hurt, cant field

Gio Urshela - actually good

Giancarlo Stanton - lmao

Jameson Taillon - just not good

Corey Kluber - should retire
Apr-19,2021 08:01
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Real Legend 2
@InsiderYankees DJLH, Judge, Voit, Torres, Gio, Stanton, Frazier, Hicks, Sanchez, Cole, Kluber, Monty, Britton and Chapman. WS material. Cashman did his job. Players are not. If this team doesn’t win the WS it’s on them, not Cashman. I do agree Boone was a poor selection.
Apr-19,2021 07:58
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shell sheddy
@Yankees No hustle...and real sloppy play;maybe, give Hicks a break and bring in Tauchman; sit Gleyber, move Gio over and bring Andujar back ... Voit provided a spark that's currently missing
Apr-19,2021 07:29
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William Mark
@FrankGibney I think Voit could bring back a good player.
Apr-19,2021 07:23
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John Mannino 23
@rotobuzzguy Just got offered Blackmon and mize for voit and colome. Thoughts? Here is my 1 team in 10 th place. Can't add rest of my team for some reason

Apr-19,2021 07:14
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@CNycgy @TalkinYanks You want to keep Voit?
Apr-19,2021 06:15
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@renlentlessMV @yanksfan109 What big changes can be made? Stanton under contract forever, Hicks locked up, they won’t resign Judge and Sanchez, will they bring in a big a SS and move Gleyber to 2B? Now you have DJL playing out of position (1st) and getting rid of Voit which is fine I guess
Apr-19,2021 06:02
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@bgloreart @BillisyDa @Yankees voit? the mlb home run leader from last year? stfu
Apr-19,2021 04:23
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@DanAlanRourke Get me Rizzo and Haywood for Clint and prospect. Eat the salary the Cubs want to dump. Balances the lineup and when Stanton goes down Judge, Voit and Rizzo rotate the DH role
Apr-19,2021 03:59
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 Voit (Twitter)