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What's New "reading your heart"

Shematologist, MD
Tired of reading about cheating spouses, anti semitic rappers, overflowing children’s hospitals and brain implants?

Take a break and make your heart happy by donating to those less fortunate. #HCWvsHunger
Dec-02,2022 09:20
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Brigid Russell
@naziarehman0876 @QulzamB @debsjkay @JS_Diaspora @michellemalon12 @adeleandmaddie @charlie_psych I love this, Nazia. And your messages yesterday about how it's all going for you with #SpacesForListening made my day! I was reading them in the freezing cold on my walk... and they warmed my heart ❤️ (if not my hands! 😉)

Dec-10,2022 16:28
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@monsterfoods i should have dedicated 20 tweets just to you; yours were so profound and my heart was so heavy reading the pages ten years later. mainly because your kindness juxtaposed his cruelty but it was normalized for me at the time. hard to look it in the eye today. but you are a knight.
Dec-10,2022 16:18
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Mrs. Believes in the magic ✨🕯️
@mishacollins @TheCW_GothamK @ACLU_SoCal @InspiringChldrn Oh, Sweet, Sweet Misha... In my own created world, just the other side of this reality, I am reading the poem you have written for me, and laughing pure joy!! In this reality, where money is an object, your poem is in my heart, and not framed on my bedside table. 🥰✨
Dec-10,2022 16:14
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Frank Harrison
@sunny_Nita_ Well, if you can't get off the naughty list, go deeper in. Be so naughty that Santa looks and has heart palpitations reading your naughty accomplishments. If you need help, DM me.
Dec-10,2022 16:09
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Oracular Satirist 🐚🥤
@LemonDeepfried @eigenrobot You will benefit from a reading fast, heart chakra activation, Pranic healing. Be clear in addressing your actual higher self and guides when you ask for entity removal during prayer and meditation. Be safe beloved
Dec-10,2022 15:53
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Roberta Kobler
@kelsieswrites My 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻go out to your dear husband. I was sick at heart reading this and I still believe in miracles❤️
Dec-10,2022 15:45
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@AGoldsmithEsq @KyrieAndrews @BadLegalTakes You must have poor reading comprehension, bless your heart.
Dec-10,2022 15:02
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@joysucex_ @TalentedFBG If you’re reading this post you’ll come back in the next two years with your heart full of gratitude because the true God would have granted you all your heart desires peace

Dec-10,2022 14:33
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Dani in Pursuit ᴴᴾ⁰³ 🌭🐺✂️
I love reading the thread. 💜
JOHN PAULO NASE you deserve to be known. Your works, your talents your passion and your heart. Yung tulad mo, hindi dapat pinagdadamot. Love you, my song, @imszmc 💜
Dec-10,2022 14:23
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Shraddha Nayak
@KanShubs My eyes welled up just reading this post. I can imagine how overwhelming your meet with GK must have been. I haven't meet him but indeed he is a unique person and really is a man with a heart at the right place ♥️ I feel so proud that he is surrounded by such pure blessings ☺️
Dec-10,2022 14:12
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@IshWainrightFan @kenzie_banks18 @PelicansNBA U think u did something in these tweets. Everything u said about my pels applies to the suns also😂😂 this why reading is fundamental so u can comprehend better. U need to work on that cause clearly your lost. Bless your heart. Enjoy your night.
Dec-10,2022 13:39
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He was special, 20 years reading and listening to him it just seemed like he’d always be there. A part of the game, shocked by his loss. @grantwahl thank you for sharing your heart and mind with all of us
Dec-10,2022 13:04
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Corn Pop was the good guy
@MuellerSheWrote Bless your heart. No one is interested in reading your DMs but @damintoell

We already know your DMs are full of the same talking points all the other promoted DNC shill talking head accounts get. You’re not original. (Herp derp derp followers derp derp).
Dec-10,2022 12:55
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@Sonia117711 My heart filled up with so much warmth reading your comment dear Sonia 👑
Good Morning & Much love to you both my dear 🌷🌷😘❤❤
Dec-10,2022 12:53
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🌻Ms. Heref Oryou Mastadon @MsHerefOryou
@BCschoolCovid @freespiritus I’m very sorry for your loss. My heart hurts reading this. Thanks for taking a moment to share this with us…for reminding us to think of what this would feel like…so we make better decisions.
Dec-10,2022 12:50
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@GMillerTSN @GrantWahl I'm reading that he had COVID in August. Good time to remind everyone currently going about maskless that it spikes your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Dec-10,2022 12:08
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who a reading tweet this now may god give you the greatest need of YOUR heart
Dec-10,2022 11:56
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Mr McTastic Thank You For My $8 Service
@sunshines_heart @mtaibbi But you are here, reading it. Clearly it has your attention…. Karen
Dec-10,2022 11:35
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Jami, Part-Time Sapphic 🌘
I'd never mistreat anyone, but because I've been reading your books, I saw a little more of the racism that was at the heart of what he thought I saw of him, and I was able to tell him otherwise. THANK YOU. Your work matters.
Dec-10,2022 11:08
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Panatilihin Mo kaming ligtas, Panginoon.
Dec-10,2022 06:00
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Sinxerely Jack
@RBX_Coeptus I just hope you can understand where I'm coming from. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you I didn't use hacks. I just want to play the game and build like I used too. Find it in your heart to help me out man.. Thanks if you're reading this
Dec-10,2022 09:27
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@allthelinesdone Well, to me -a stranger, but a stranger that's good at reading auras- you do have a lot of worth, I mean, the way your sometimes express yourself (as i see in my tl) makes me feel some type of warmth in my heart which means that to me you are indeed a great person+
Dec-10,2022 09:25
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@kbaintt @LindaB31413409 @kylenabecker @eltonofficial Why waste anymore time reading up on you? You're a self deluded,drug pushing idiot.

Have a nice life.

Before your heart attack anyway.
Dec-10,2022 08:58
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Beth Hodgson
@caboken I've been hoping for many years that I'd see you two back in the gaming industry. When I started reading your book, I happened to google one of the games mentioned. Lo and behold,a YouTube video popped up of Roberta working on Colossal Cave. It made my heart incredibly happy!
Dec-10,2022 08:37
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Stuart Bannerman
@craigengler awwww Craig.. reading that tweet breaks my heart!! It really does. You are a legend Sir. and I look forward to the new chapters that you will have, and hope to see your name pop up on my feed, doing great things! Thanks for all you do!
Dec-10,2022 08:29
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Karen Kennard
@FoxNews Stiffman’s Syndrome is real. I’ve seen 2 pts with it. I pray Celine will look to God for her healing. If your not a Christian, then now would be a good time to seek forgiveness and ask Him into your heart and draw close to Him by reading the Bible, His divinely given word.
Dec-10,2022 08:12
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just had the displeasure of reading an article about @DefendingBeef . "I didn't want to be a weak female" but let a man change your entire world view and lifestyle 🤡 also conveniently never addresses beef giving you heart disease lmaoooo
Dec-10,2022 08:08
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Mama 🐻 Romans 1:16
@OhJuuzou @thedianhanson @PeterSweden7 Education failed me? 😂😂😂 I’m not the PhD candidate with no reading comprehension skills. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Bless your heart.
Dec-10,2022 08:06
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Linda B🐝
@steventod1 I’m already choked up and my little heart is sad just reading the first line.🥲

I’ll look forward to hearing little snippets of your WIP
Dec-10,2022 07:39
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arlene ⁷ ‎🐍
@remusmoonshine all trek faring lesbians have an eternal home in my heart also you are kind to kitties and I like reading your brain thoughts!
Dec-10,2022 07:35
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Richard Lawhon
There is no story worth reading, no art worth observing, that doesn't offend somebody. Find the courage to stand against the storm. Follow the dictates of your heart.
Dec-10,2022 07:23
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pawa kat 💙 and 2 others 🐀
i'm not reading all of that but thank you visual studio for pouring your heart out

Dec-10,2022 07:01
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Conservatism is the new black
I LOVE reading this. Thank you @elonmusk for doing this. I think you knew in your heart that there was evil running the media and you took a step unlike others. You have courage. More need to stand up and the evil will all be exposed. The other guy … he doesn’t know @jack 😉

Dec-10,2022 06:43
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Cindy Shirley
@Markmalachovsk4 Hmm I’m a Republican and I have a heart. You just sent me a PM but from reading your page I don’t think we will be friends. I’m everything you’re against. Have a great day.
Dec-10,2022 06:41
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@SandmanNews ALT text (5/6): second is the sigil of Desire of the Endless, a glass heart and the poster reads, “No one is above Desire”; third is a pendant ankh, a symbol of life, and the sigil for Death of the Endless with the poster reading, “Your time is up”;
Dec-10,2022 06:39
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@Trainyourmindd I only started READING The Bible the last few years.
This verse, and concept REALLY took me by surprise.

Thought "follow your heart" advice was best practice. I was WRONG.

No wonder I found myself in relationships w/UNSAFE people over and over.

God's Word ✨Protects✨ Us !!
Dec-10,2022 06:36
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Atria Books
Enter for a chance to win a finished copy of THE KEY TO MY HEART by Lia Louis and make all of your holiday TBR reading list wishes come true! 💜🔑
Dec-10,2022 06:30
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Cosmic Latte
@KarlSmallwood I remember reading this when it was fresh. I'm sure the film will take a wild leap into fiction so the bar can kill someone before his heart gives out, but it's almost certainly your fault the filmmakers decided to do it lol
Dec-10,2022 05:44
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This is Ziggy
@SuperBlizzard Thanks for reading! No need to argue on the internet about it, I totally respect your love of the switch-out. It definitely has a place in my heart too.
Dec-10,2022 05:21
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Keeping It Kinky Erotica Publication
A kinky story to get your heart pumping today. Have fun reading. 💕
My Professor Taught Me What Hotwife Meant. Part #3 by GKGrayson
#erotica #erotic
Dec-10,2022 05:02
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@JMangaluzINQ The US Department of Treasury also reiterated that Quiboloy was on the FBI's Wanted List for sex trafficking, fraud and coercion, and more. | @JMangaluzINQ
Dec-10,2022 11:02
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 Inquirer @inquirerdotnet

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Shannel Black
Kim Taehyung Tarot Reading: Soulmate, Money or Your Heart? V speaks out via Tarot @BTSW_official  #BTSV #BTS #KPOP #kpoptwt #KimTaehuyng #TarotReading #Trending #TrendingNow
Dec-10,2022 04:50
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Cookie Boy
Reading old texts and feeling your heart sink >>>
Dec-10,2022 04:50
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My heart crushed while reading the messages you had with your friends, why did you cheat? I told you to tell me if you do something wrong, why hide? Why is that I always suffer in this relationship? Should I really just die? Or should I let you go?
Dec-10,2022 04:35
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As an editor and writer, Akaashi is used to reading between the lines. He catches what Osamu says. 

He's not sure why his heart clenches in his chest, but the faintest smile makes its way on his lips. 

"... I'll come back again, Osamu. Thank you for your hospitality."
Dec-10,2022 04:07
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Allison Leah | NEW ALBUM OUT NOW 👀
Passed a huge milestone today and I’m here to say thank you. 3/4 of a million streams. thank you for listening to this record, i put my heart and soul in it and i love reading your messages and learning your stories. next stop, 1 million 🤍

Dec-10,2022 03:45
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Dave Kellett
"You carry it in your heart!"
BTW: Patreon Pals™ are reading the story weeks ahead! Join us on Patreon for sneak peeks, early reads, art giveaways, and more!

Dec-10,2022 03:35
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Sabato. Y
@Chugaaadonut 😂 I see you ended the day without your fair share of violence huh. I stopped reading at “status core..” Bless her heart. I’m sure the message is pure.
Dec-10,2022 02:37
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Sarah Borland
@shitscaredmum Heart sank reading that. The whole brain tumour community are supporting you and your family and thinking of you. You've all done so much in getting the information out there for other people who are in your position and you deserve all the health possible. Keep strong Laura x
Dec-10,2022 01:49
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rani 🪷 happy ending peddler
reading amazing 'punch you in the throat and claw apart your ribcage to nestle around and fondle your heart' good fics vs finishing said fics and not knowing what to do with your life because surely nothing else could ever compare

Dec-10,2022 01:46
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She says to me “Now your skin has always been beautiful, what’s going on ? “ I wanted to cry reading that y’all fr lol
Dec-10,2022 01:38
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 reading your heart (Twitter)

Morocco vs Portugal   Mavericks vs Bucks   Jazz vs Timberwolves   Nets vs Hawks   Alchemy of Souls Season 2   Pelicans vs Suns   Money Heist Korean   England vs France   Cavaliers vs Kings   Grant Wahl   
#eaJTypicalStory   #UAAPCDC2022   #MANIFESTO_IN_MANILA   Adamson   TICKETS OUT NOW   #EveryColorFEU   #ZumBark   Go USTe   SMILE WITH KIM SEONHO   Inang   ANJI BUO ANG PIEsko   APOLOGIZE TO NADINE   tzuyu   One Sports   UP Pep Squad   SEE YOU   TICKET SECURED   SEE U   OMG CONGRATS   Congratsss   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KODREA   Zion   ANDREA BRILLANTES   CONGRATS ATE   Invalid   Mavs   Royalty   MOA Arena   VIP SEATED   Luka   Maya