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What's New "the right way to pray"

I see Buhari and Tinubu supporters as lost souls. But I pray they will find their way back to the right path. I still love them as they are humans and Nigerians.
Oct-01,2022 17:08
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Adam The Amazing Haze
@phanmanisone I pray for her sure there’s more too the story but everyone deserves prayers I don’t know why she is the way she is but Elon likes her Johnny still has feelings for her even though she’s still doing the same stuff the only thing right to do is pray for her cause the whole wwjd
Oct-01,2022 14:24
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Philicia B.
Normally I would pray for God to take the anger out of me but I can’t right now. When you disrespect my parents, I don’t care how much older you are than me, my mouth is going to hurt your feelings in the most disrespectful way.
Oct-01,2022 12:44
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Nitin insan 🌹🌹
It has been the nature of man to pray to God to face difficult situations like crisis misery, illness calamity in life.Through the 12 episode of #BarnawaDiaries Saint @Gurmeetramrahim ji explains the right way to pray to God and ask for the real thing from him

Oct-01,2022 10:29
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Update on Mom. She is getting a little stronger and things are going in the right direction but we have to make adjustments to her position and equipment every few hours so dad and I are not getting much sleep. Please continue to pray for my family we still have a long way to go.
Oct-01,2022 10:22
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Naim (New Account)
@jrmdzn_ I believe our past can either break us or make us. If you think breaking your future is the right way, that means you haven’t let go of it, if it makes you a better person/mom, then you’ve already healed. Always pray to Allah & seek his guidance. InsyaAllah i doakan utk you ❤️
Oct-01,2022 09:43
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Noctis Draven
@Somid33 @JamsBy90 @twistedblink @FoxNews I pray you're wrong but it's looking that way... who do you support, your own country that you love but know is in the wrong, or the country you know is in tje right but that your country has spent 60 years brainwashing you to hate. I hate them for doing this to us.
Oct-01,2022 06:53
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Mark H.® -- "MarkH_in_NC"
God is good. Always!

From famine to feast...

I now have MULTIPLE job offers on my plate...

THANK YOU to everyone that has helped me in any way on this journey.

Please pray that I would make the RIGHT decision. Not based on me or my priorities. But on His priorities.
Oct-01,2022 05:31
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In my opininon
If you ever hurt me know that I did right by you in the best way I could and I expected you to do the same. I will deal with my pains and emotions, but I pray u never grow a conscience enough to make amends or seek “closure” while I have long moved on and forgiven you.
Oct-01,2022 05:05
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@AiG More whining that other christians don't believe the way that you do. You all read the same book, pray to the same god and yet everyone gets different answers. Why should anyone believe any of you got it right?
Oct-01,2022 04:59
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Rise and shine! Happy International Coffee Day! ☕
Oct-01,2022 06:01
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Eric J M Jensen ✞
The "twtr rules" are an overtly disingenuous way to allow Woke Sensitivities to squash discourse between Right-thinking folks. I was put in 12h jail last night for being overtly pro-life, & pro- death penalty for murderers.

Pray for the perishing twtr wardens, who're w/out hope.
Oct-01,2022 04:39
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...a Long Way.
We might not be wear we wanted yet as a Country.
But the pace in Growth across all the Landmass in the past 150 years has been tremendous.
We Can Only Pray That GOD Guides Our Leaders Right Going Forward and Youths The Truth To Know in Love and Honesty To Grow.
Oct-01,2022 04:37
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Good Enough for Government Work
We eventually started boarding, & I happened to get stopped right next to him at his seat reading a well worn bible, so I asked him, he said yes, told him the group of us was on our way to Baghdad, he told us to take care and he would pray for us. 3/4
Oct-01,2022 04:24
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Larry Gholar
Words cannot do justice to the way I feel right now knowing you are adding another year and carrying two bundles of joy in you at the same time. I pray your day be as perfect as mine was the day God gave you to me as a gift. Happy birthday Britt

Sep-30,2022 23:33
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winter time
then if there is a way to dethrone him aka the pope. it must must be done right now. pray the rosary everyday that will saved the world.
Sep-30,2022 23:19
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🔥Andresha #GeneralStrike #FightFor25 #ClassWar
@donwinslow @LissaMarie630 @BetoORourke @DougBurgum @SenJohnHoeven I pray he wins. No matter which billionaire bootlicker you put in, profit will always be more important than people.
holding their feet to the fire, daily. Protesting outside their offices an mansions, citizens arrests of #CONgressCriminals , will finally move #US the right way
Sep-30,2022 22:44
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@strategywoman I pray your son will be right and may it be very very very soon - that was the best response ever to a madman’s illusions. But honestly, I think it should be the other way around: NATO applying to join the UA army 🫡🌻🇺🇦❤️
Sep-30,2022 22:21
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Disrespectful Typo Queen Daixy 💣 🔥💥
2. Since my district office isn't Legon, I have to drive aaaaaaallll the way to Kwabenya and join another queue to obtain the form above and PRAY a technician is free to come with me right away (not bloody likely)
Sep-30,2022 22:02
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@nnasub7997 Right 😅. Jadi basically we just need to do our best in the right way and pray to God. Dont put your hope and/or trusts on human beings because everyone have an agenda and that is okay, not their fault. And always be careful of our own ego.
Sep-30,2022 19:57
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i won't say that i do want to be your friend, not right now. that wouldn't be the right way to apologize.

"you need to be better"
i pray you'll be the judge to decide if i've failed in a year.
Sep-30,2022 18:10
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WATCH: This was the reaction of South Korean hip hop queen Jessi after meeting John Prats’ wife, Isabel Oli, after the formers solo concert last night, Sept. 30. | 🎥: John Prats/Instagram
Oct-01,2022 16:35
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And when you pray tonight…pray for materialisation. May whatever you’re working on right now, come to life. If you haven’t started working on something, now is the time. It’s never too late. Something’s gotta give.. one way or another.
Sep-30,2022 17:20
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Your fantasy ☄️😉
@ObaJunior6 That’s your God given self bro and it’s a lovely personality to be endowed with, so don’t change who you are! I only pray God brings the right people your way, who would appreciate and match ur energy. 🫶🏽💙
Sep-30,2022 15:46
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Quotes of Apostle Grace Lubega
*Repentance Is a change of mindset. God is calling upon you to change your mindset and pray the right way. Your prayer should be to the father, through Jesus' Christ..🙏


Sep-30,2022 14:36
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Brandace Robinson
@Kburg305 I pray the right person comes your way, King! I pray the right people come into your life that will add to your life and not take away from you. Much love, King!
Sep-30,2022 13:18
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Ooana Trien ~ Eric Arthur Blair’s mistress
I pray that all of us who experienced first hand the pain of living in a state overrun with the madness of the last two years, somehow find a way to use our experience to help assure it never happens again. Right now I worry that a new mob is forming that will simply treat those
Sep-30,2022 12:39
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When you see a family member, a friend or someone you know make a mistake, correct him, guide him to do what’s right and pray for him. Do this in a gentle manner. Don’t mock and insult him, that is the way to live in peace with each other. Good morning.
Sep-30,2022 11:27
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at this point i don't regret the experience at all, if i had the option to go back in time I'd probably still marry him. bc the way i feel right now, like so free and competent, after being locked in his cage for so long, is so worth it. I'm honestly just gonna pray for him lol
Sep-30,2022 11:26
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We’re in hell right now, gentlemen, believe me. And, we can stay here -- get the snot kicked out of us -- or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb outta hell one inch at a time. Pray to Allah and keep the good fight going on @PTIofficial . #این_آر_او_ٹو_نامنظور
Sep-30,2022 10:19
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@SyedHolySpirit @IHumanRightsC @NazilaGhanea @HRCP87 @LantosFndn @humanrightsasia @CSW_UK 😂😂 find something better to do with you life man what will this lies and hatred bring you. Just pray that Allah show you the right way instead of supporting a massecare.
Sep-30,2022 08:48
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Charlotte (TEAMMATE)
I still don't know why I can't respond the right way?? I follow you?? 😥😥
Not gonna beg for help. My story is like no other. I just wait, pray, and sleep.
I could private message if you want to know my story.
Sep-30,2022 08:14
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Alot of you are on here acting like you know best, but you are no better than the next . HUMBLE YOURSELF . I been through alot and i saw the worst life has to offer. I dont give a FUCK where you are in life right now , I pray you all find a way for yourselves. GOD BLESS
Sep-30,2022 07:56
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I miss you but will never beg you to treat me right and the way I deserve . I pray that the outcome is what you have been hoping for . I also hope you prove me wrong and don’t contact me again as I will be very sad either way but this will be way worse
Sep-30,2022 07:34
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Journeyman 2
Jesus is coming I need y’all to believe and stop the sinning and repent change your way he upset with how his people are right now we have to many non believers I pray for all get right with god cause the world is gonna end join gods teams and live a beautiful life

Sep-30,2022 06:49
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Adekunle Olanipekun
@JohnAlabi I pray the bill states the punishment section too and also give right to employees to seek redress in court. This would be a good way to enforce the law.
Sep-30,2022 06:36
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Guy Rhoads
@staceyabrams Well, if you have children, why don’t you lead the way and do what you say? Quit the money handouts and do what’s right. Children are the future, it’s their world, we’re just living in it ! Teach them to work for-their self, and you create excellence. I will pray!
Sep-30,2022 06:29
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i literally can’t believe people used to tell me “men and women pray differently” saying i was wrong for placing my hands on my navel lol so i was right all along there is no difference the way men & women pray.

Sep-30,2022 04:29
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Daniel Lathrop
@piusjohn_lubowa @Daily__Bible___ God be trusted. There is one the Peace of God. Suicide is a trap....not a way out. You don't have the right to take own life, only God has that right. Others might try to take that. Don't waste your life. Please pray for peace, joy, love and understanding.
Sep-30,2022 04:20
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Lina K
@OdditiesLee Hopefully that's because you are on the path to finding a better way. Don't know your faith (or lack there of) but I pray the Universe finds a way to nudge you in the right direction 🌌💜
Sep-30,2022 04:14
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Blessing Baradzi
@mphophalatse1 With the way things are right now, you need to pray for a miracle to survive this, but I wish you all the best madam Mayor ❤️
Sep-30,2022 03:19
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@PierrePoilievre That's right....Pray your way into the grave folks. End oil & gas paying for pollution that is destroying the earth. End giving those pollution dollars back to the public so they can transition off oil & gas. Lets keep creating pandemics & dying until the rich have killed us all.
Sep-30,2022 01:59
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Adam Brock
@miroslavtok @333JBR777 @ABishopGustavo God bless you Miro, I'll pray you find your way back to the right path.
Sep-30,2022 01:43
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King Monye 👑
People are not seeing the character development in The Rings of Power, the way everything will gradually connect together will be crazy, I pray it’s up to 5 seasons and people see the beautiful thing they’re building.

Right now it’s like the stories are scattered but IYKYK
Sep-30,2022 01:02
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@rolandwingo1 easy to say but hard to find, I pray God bring the right one your way.🙏
Sep-30,2022 00:51
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Some American Guy 🇺🇸
@RonJohnsonWI You are one to talk Senator Johnson. You literally tried to overturn OUR election in 2020. The crown jewel of our democracy. I don’t know too much about Barnes, but I know he didn’t try to shit all over our democracy the way you did. I pray Wisconsinites see right through you.
Sep-29,2022 23:58
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All I do is pray when I’m alone by myself asking god to protect me & mine guild us the right way remove all the negativity out my life & to whoever else out there that need love god be wit you I wish nun but peace for everybody chit is sad out here it’s like it’s no love 😮‍💨
Sep-29,2022 23:06
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Reminder to those wishing to help with Ian: best way to help right now is give, use your voice to pray for those in harms way, and wait before you go anywhere. Give folks on the ground time to discover and articulate their needs—they will let us know what they need in due time.
Sep-29,2022 21:06
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At exactly 7:40PM KST, ENHYPEN's plane departed for their FIRST USA WORLD TOUR! 🥳

Let's pray for the their safety on the way there! Let's also hope that Jay's doing well right now! 🫶


Sep-29,2022 19:50
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@AJ_Alahji @PeterObi @realFFK @officialABAT @OfficialAPCNg I just pray God interfere in Nigeria situation we will face another issue more than Buhari regime cox we don’t put God first we hailing human beings instead of calling on God to through for us .. I don’t against any party
Just that let’s do this I’m the right way GodBlessNigeria
Sep-29,2022 17:51
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Akin the Black dude😎
@milliondabs @AyobamiSugar__ Sometimes life is that way, but we still need to pray and ask God for the right path.
Sep-29,2022 16:28
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I have an old friend, sorta like a rekindled older sis who wants me to teach her to bead. I've spent the last few weeks helpin her get supplies she'll need to complete her project. In a way she's gonna be my guiding light to my way back into beading🥲🥺
I pray I do right by her💛
Sep-29,2022 16:24
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 the right way to pray (Twitter)

Martial law   Eli Manning   Trojan   Antigen test   Adam Levine   Eraserheads   Prince George of Wales   PCOS   Chainsaw Man   Manny Pacquiao   
#NeverForget   #31stBloomingDae   #NeverAgain   SEHUN   #SB19WYATonShowtime   Jongdae   A'TIN RADIO DAY   Adam Levine   jisung   BLAH BLAH BLAH MV OUT NOW   Behati   BRAND NEW TEASER 4   DICON D'FESTA MINI EDITION   SETH CRUSH SI CHIN   Nash   LALISA BEST PERFORMER   Layla   baekhyun   THANK YOU LOONA   The Big Picture   DARLENTINA AGAINST THE ODDS   reading your heart   cheol   Vhong Navarro   dbxmaris shcollab   Elyse   limbo concept photo 1   Lily   Museo   National Bookstore   darlentina is home