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ABS-CBN Entertainment
Onscreen partners #AndreaBrillantes and #SethFedelin starred in the official music video of Zack Tabudlo's newest single "Binibini." SEE IT HERE:
Apr-16,2021 17:00
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when zack tabudlo said...
Apr-18,2021 04:43
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Jene 🧡
Sigurado by Zack Tabudlo is my moooood rn.
Apr-18,2021 03:27
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minmin ✨💚
vibin' w/ zack tabudlo's songs ft. acads
Apr-18,2021 03:01
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border: carnival 🎪🎠🎭
@ENHYPENbrand @ENHYPEN_ENGENE @ENHYPEN @ENHYPEN_members last thing i listened to: binibini by zack tabudlo

Apr-18,2021 02:04
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THREAD: PAGASA (@dost_pagasa) gives updates on Typhoon #BisingPH
Apr-18,2021 00:15
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 CNN Philippines @cnnphilippines

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imma sleep wt zack tabudlo on repeat tonight, night <33
Apr-18,2021 01:36
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Zack Tabudlo’s Binibini is also messing me up rn—- it’s gives off this vibe that just makes u want to fall in love

damn inner pisces moon b showing 🥲
Apr-18,2021 01:26
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this is love // zack tabudlo
Apr-18,2021 01:13
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Zack Tabudlo's playlist 🤠
Apr-17,2021 23:53
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Its Zack Tabudlo's night Playlist. Add some rex orange country.
Apr-17,2021 23:48
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The Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway Corporation says the crosses are inspired by the cross planted by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in Cebu 500 years ago.
Apr-18,2021 03:37
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ᶜʲ🔗 ia bc 📚
nth day of listening to Zack Tabudlo's Binibini, Sigurado, and Nangangamba and i just suddenly got the urge to be loved and want to feel 'kilig' again.
Apr-17,2021 23:28
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Why Binibini By Zack Tabudlo hurts me?
Apr-17,2021 23:12
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zack tabudlo's playlist! ❤️🥺
Apr-17,2021 23:02
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mashimelloee 🐹 | ia; 📚
if u put mashi vid clips with the song binibini & iyong-iyo by zack tabudlo, that will be the end of me.
Apr-17,2021 22:52
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Julia. check pinned.
Au plot #4
-sabihin mo na-
You can use my plots anytime for au authors out there just lmk
[If same plot, it's coincidental not intentional]
Suggested to listen to 'Nangangamba' by zack tabudlo while reading para masabayan lyrics hehe
Thank you I hope you like it<3

Apr-17,2021 22:46
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binibini by zack tabudlo hits diffident when you’re sad
Apr-17,2021 22:37
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Zack Tabudlo - Binibini [8D Audio]
Please use earphones/headphones. :)

Please support this channel, Like and Subscribe.

Thank you! :)

Apr-17,2021 22:30
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nattarin♡ ᶦˢ ˢᵗᵘᵈʸᶦⁿᵍ
p'mew if u ever feel sad just listen to binibini by zack tabudlo, thank me later! #AskMyMEW
Apr-17,2021 22:21
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j u l i a
zack tabudlo kind of night
Apr-17,2021 22:09
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@iits_mery Currently it's binibini by zack tabudlo
Apr-17,2021 21:44
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zack tabudlo’s songs are like a “iniisip ko yung first love ko” vibe ugh i like
Apr-17,2021 21:32
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Here’s a song for you… Nangangamba by Zack Tabudlo
Apr-17,2021 21:20
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avoid listening to binbini by Zack Tabudlo coz i don’t wanna cry
Apr-17,2021 21:13
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@D10RCV And yas zack tabudlo is 😙👌
Apr-17,2021 20:36
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don't mind me, im just imagining too bad, i like you!dream and george just dancing to binibini by zack tabudlo 🙃
Apr-17,2021 20:22
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@tuffjihoon AAA thank u sha loml ☹️☹️ the title's nangangamba by zack tabudlo ! it's an opm song babe ❤️❤️
Apr-17,2021 19:54
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Can someone explain Zack Tabudlo’s Quiet on the Set. Is he really saying the N word Im confused
Apr-17,2021 19:46
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happy that Zack Tabudlo is getting all the attention
Apr-17,2021 19:27
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𝓹𝓱𝓸𝓮𝓫𝓮's gems 💎👩‍🚀🌌
𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨...

🎶 Zack Tabudlo - Binibini 🎶

@SB19Official #SB19
Apr-17,2021 19:00
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rish | followback pls!
im this close 🤏 to stan zack tabudlo xjdhfshf
Apr-17,2021 18:55
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Zack Tabudlo has a lot of accomplishments. Let us all continue to show our support for him and his music! 💙
Apr-17,2021 18:50
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Props to the music production of Binibini by Zack Tabudlo ✨❤️👏
Apr-17,2021 18:40
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karmic rich
Me listening to Zack Tabudlo 😅😊
Apr-17,2021 18:20
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zack tabudlo songs issa mood
Apr-17,2021 18:11
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- fictional
- wrong grammar ahead
- I recommend you to listen to Binibini by Zack Tabudlo/ Fearless by Taylor Swift while reading. Enjoy!
Apr-17,2021 18:10
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libreha ko ninyog hilot pls
imagine crying while listening to Zack Tabudlo's Binibini not because you're happy but because of a failed relationship that u really wanted to work so bad... Imagine 😉
Apr-17,2021 17:49
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me listening zack tabudlo's song;,

Apr-17,2021 17:15
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im so thankful to tiktok. without u, i won't be able to discover a good ass artist like zack tabudlo.
Apr-17,2021 17:12
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This is Love // Zack Tabudlo
Apr-17,2021 16:58
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✨Just Call Me Laine/Hakkekkyū is Alone for a While
So tell me,
What runs through your mind?
If you love me too?

Make me dance,
In the middle of the rain, I love...
In exchange for this, my life...
Everything will be done for you...
I know you love me too...

-Binibini (Miss) by Zack Tabudlo
Apr-17,2021 15:54
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ً ara!
@sohnchrome aaaa tysm !! i think there is an english translation in google you can check it there, binibini by zack tabudlo
Apr-17,2021 15:46
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Jha♡ | deblor:/
Rob Deniel. Zack Tabudlo. Arthur Nery. Mama I'm obsessed.🤧❤️
Apr-17,2021 14:48
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king 👑
Heard his songs circulating in Tiktok. Now we all know the influence of that platform brings and seeing how zack tabudlo @zacktabudlo getting the attention and recognition he deserves just makes me so happy! Been a huge fan since 'Stay Here' 💯
Apr-17,2021 14:21
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Zackifieds Official
another milestone!! congratulations @zacktabudlo for reaching 200k subscribers on Youtube! We are so proud of you 💙

Don’t forget to follow Zack on his official social media accounts:
IG: @zack.tabudlo
Twitter: @zacktabudlo
Youtube: Zack Tabudlo

Apr-17,2021 13:56
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mellow 🌱 LIFE GOES ON~
petition for @Jae_Day6 to cover binibini by zack tabudlo 😭 plis?
Apr-17,2021 13:51
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I'm glad that Zack Tabudlo is getting his recognition ❤️
Apr-17,2021 13:01
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Zack Tabudlo Playlist is on fireeeee 🔥
Apr-17,2021 12:42
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Zack Tabudlo playlist is a mood RN 👌🏼☺️
Apr-17,2021 12:11
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Mary • watching how to get away w/murder
@jjdef__ Deja vu- olivia, Binibini- Zack Tabudlo, Wherever you are- Kodaline, Saturn- Sleeping at lastt
Apr-17,2021 12:06
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zack tabudlo poppin in spotify viral 50 haha
Apr-17,2021 12:02
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 zack tabudlo (Twitter)